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Today is the day the new Postcrossing-themed stamp from Luxembourg makes its debut, in all its philatelic glory! Don’t their printed stamp sheets look pretty?

Several sheets of Postcrossing stamps from Luxembourg.

Ah… I wish teleportation existed already, so we could quickly buzz ourselves there to send a few postcards! 😍

On the September issue of PhilatéLux (the philatelic magazine from Post Luxembourg's), designer Stina Fisch gave a short interview, sharing a little bit about herself and her work on the Postcrossing stamp. Here is an excerpt of the page dedicated to the Postcrossing stamp:

The cover of the Philatelux magazine, featuring a picture of the Royal Family, and the Postcrossing stamp
This is not the first postage stamp you have designed. What did you find particularly challenging, and how did you overcome that?

One particular challenge was the extremely small format and the need to ensure that it would still be legible. I really wanted to get across the idea of the handwritten message and to express the serendipity of the Postcrossing project — that is, discovering something new and surprising without looking for it.

Do you write and send postcards yourself?

Yes, I love sending postcards because I love to receive them. I keep all my postcards, use them as bookmarks, and leave the postcard in the book when I‘ve finished it. I love coming across them years later. Is writing postcards still a thing? Sure, a text message does the same thing… but a handwritten note means a lot to me… the short walk to the postbox… and then the recipient’s delight at getting a personal message amid bills and flyers.

Congratulations to all Luxembourg postcrossers, and a big thank you to Post Luxembourg, for deeming the Postcrossing community worthy of this honor. The stamp is now available on their webshop, and we look forward to seeing it in postcards flying around the world. If you’re in Luxembourg, do send us some photos of the stamp — we’d love to see these in the hands of postcrossers, or close to one of your yellow postboxes!

50 comments so far

luky-luke, Germany

Supi. 1a :-)

Kewl, Philippines

I wish Philippine postal service (Phlpost) will also issue a beautiful postcrossing postage stamp!

sienemien, Belgium

Cards, hands and pens, all together for postcrossing!

Bille, Germany

Yeah 😍 I just bought some stamps in Luxembourg.
They are sooo nice.

ned44440, Ireland

Beautiful stamp 😍
Hope to get one on an official sometime 🤞

ennov-y, Germany

Already ordered this morning 🤩

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Another lovely piece for postcards. Congrats to everyone that put effort to get this.

diffitt, United States of America

Love these! The USA is slacking!!!!

Demmi, Romania

Beautiful! Well done!

memo_baghdad, Iraq

What beautiful stamps! Congratulation Luxembourg!

orange_memo, United States of America

Super cute stamps, wish to receive a postcard from Luxembourg with these stamps on it.

NIDUSKA, Finland

Really nice stamp

gharbeia, Germany

Only 307 Luxemburger members!!
What are my chances to get one on a card!

cspt, United States of America

Interesting that there are so many dark skinned hands on the stamp. In my many years of postcrossing, sad to say it’s very rare to have a correspondent from a nation where dark skin is common.

Schwarzwaldalex, Germany

Now I have a reason to visit Luxembourg again and send some postcards from there :-)

KristinaGisela, United States of America

It's so lively and captures the spirit of Postcrossing beautifully! Lucky Luxembourgers who now have this stamp! Kudos and thanks to Stina Fisch for a beautiful design!

Carygirl, United States of America

Nice, get with it US!

cjf3848, United States of America

This is great. I would love to have a commemorative stamp for postcards for PostCrossing in the US. How does one petition the postal service to create a new stamp?

LagutaMargarita, Russia


Mamiielariie, Belgium

lovely one!

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands

Great news. Nice Stamp.

Flippie, Canada

What a year for some countries, with there new Stamps!

annibaer, Luxembourg

Bought 850 stamps this morning for our meeting on Satruday ;)

ave, United States of America

Wow, the list of countries with Postcrossing stamps is impressive! I love the design and the message of connection -- very true to the spirit of Postcrossers!

Mingfei7, United States of America

I hope China Post and USPS will also release a postcrossing stamp someday.

1Suzanne, United Kingdom

The stamp is so well designed. It is clear that the postcards are handwritten.

mounten, Italy

Lovely stamp!

doryfera, Canada

The stamp is exquisite. Thank you for sharing it. I hope that we are successful in persuading Canada Post to issue a special Postcrossing stamp someday soon!

pommiegal, New Zealand

Beautiful stamp wish New Zealand would design postcrossing stamp. Thanks for sharing 😁

leemmo, Germany

Is there anyone who's in Luxembourg could swap cards with this stamps with me? Thanks!!!

Mullerjansen, Luxembourg

I live in Luxemburg, will buy some stamps soon....!!

Frutz, Luxembourg

I am from Luxembourg and I will try to use this stamp as often as possible with all my postcrossing cards.

Toome2, Netherlands

Great things! hurray postpeople Luxembourg.
I hope to get one someday....

Hats-Off-2U, United States of America

Wonderful! How I wish the United States would create a Postcrossing stamp. When, oh, when, will it happen?

idus, Germany

Congratulations to Luxemburg! 🥳🎉🎊
I am looking forward to receiving this nice special stamp. 🥰😍👍

beesknees, United States of America

very nice, congratulations

Thandapani, India

Cute.. Congratulations Luxembourg

Kot12, Russia


iphoto, Australia

G’day 🖐 from ‘Down🌏Under’ advising that I’ve placed my order online tonight - it took less than 5 minutes 👏👏👏 followed the link that Ana provided ... thanks 😉

alterego, Canada

Wow, it's beautiful! Congratulations!

Cassisia, Germany

Very nice stamp. 😍 Congratulations to all Postcrossers from Luxembourg! 🥳 I hope I'll recieve it one day!

yurakana, Japan

Congratulations on the issuance of the post-crossing stamp 🎉
It's a wonderful design.
I hope the card travels from Luxembourg to reach me 😊

pommiegal, New Zealand

Wow awesome design I hope I get a card from Luxembourg with this stamp ,🙂

onecleverkid, United States of America


EdisonWen, Taiwan

I wish someone could send a postcard to me with these stamps
I like it!

betslets, United States of America

Ok - Luxembourg has 307 members. If each one were to send about 2700 postcards, with these stamps attached, maybe a good percentage of Postcrossers around the world would indeed be the lucky recipients. (I can only dream, for now. . .here's hoping I will be among those that receives mail from a Luxembourg Postcrosser) Great Stamp!

Lejo, France

Lucky me. I just received a card with the new Postcrossing stamp. With matching view side. Thank you, Jo.

tjblevi, Canada

Beautiful!! I hope to receive one. 😊

Luxi, Luxembourg

I bought some allready and I am sending cards with this stamp..our postoffice was all surprised..they did not even heard about postcrossing before..but apparently many people asked for those stamps..I got the last 21 ;-) But they will get new one's. On my card I was happy to mention that this is the first card that I am sending with the new stamp...unfortunatly no feedback :-)

kithin, China

wooow!!it's awesome and so sweet to get such support from postal!!wish i may have chance to get one hah!


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