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The World Postcard Day (aka, the “postcardiest” day of the year) is next week already, but there’s still a little bit of time to get ready to celebrate the best day of the year! October 1st is the perfect day to spread smiles in the form of postcards, and if you need some inspiration, we do have a few tips to help you get ready and enjoy the day.

A hand holds a little fan of World Postcard Day postcards against a orangish wall

Naturally, the best activity for World Postcard Day is to send postcards, so you should make sure you have a nice little stash of both postcards and stamps. Is your favorite pen ready and writing smoothly? And have you made sure your address book is up-to-date? Now is a good time to check!

If you’re like us, you would like to make a list of whom you’re planning to send a postcard to. Think about the friends or relatives you treasure, your nice neighbors, the teachers that stoked your curiosity… Maybe you want to go over the contacts on your phone, and think of the people you haven’t seen in a while and who you could surprise with a postcard! Or perhaps there are local institutions that could use some cheering, like the firefighters in your area who faced fires or floods this year… If you have other good suggestions, write them down in the comments — we’d love to hear who you’ll be sending your postcards to.

By the way, remember last year, when Postcrossing’s website had the hiccups on World Postcard Day when everyone tried to send lots of postcards at the same time…? 😅 The project was not made for these peaks of activity, and it has trouble finding recipients when soooo many people are trying to send postcards at the same time. There are a couple of things you can do to help, though! First, if your account is currently set to inactive, consider setting it to active on the day to give the algorithm a few more addresses to chose from. And secondly, remember that in order to receive the World Postcard Day badge on your profile, you only need one postcard sent on October 1st to arrive to its destination… so if you notice the website is getting a little sluggish and you’ve already sent a handful of postcards, say a little prayer for the database and maybe write a postcard to a friend or relative instead. They’ll be happy you’re thinking of them on this special day, and the team here will be thankful you’re thinking of us too!

By the way, if you have little cousins or nephews, or maybe small children in your street or building, consider gathering them around for a mini-workshop on how to write their first postcard! You can all talk about how mail works, decorate and write postcards, and then take a little stroll to the mailbox together. Imagine how happy will they be when the postcards arrive! If you do this, please take pictures to share with us, award yourself five points and then pat yourself on the back with pride — you’re helping to raise a new generation of postcard writers! :)

This year, the World Postcard Day lands on a Saturday, which is brilliant as many of us have more free time on the weekends. I know many postcrossers are planning to attend local meetups (and there are quite a few taking place!), and I’m sure it’ll be special to celebrate this day with like-minded folks who love postcards as much as we do. 😊 There are also other events taking place, like museum workshops and special cancellation marks — check the World Postcard Day events page for the full list.

World Postcard Day logo

If you’re a little antsy to start celebrating the day and have a few postcards to spare, why not sending a one or two to your local media outlets, to let them know the World Postcard Day is coming on October 1st? Maybe they’ll pick up on the news, and mention the day on an article or video piece… wouldn’t that be brilliant?

And last but not least, remember that the “traditional” meal for the World Postcard Day (as suggested by postcrosser Bonnie Jeanne aka postmuse) is ravioli, because they look like small postage stamps!

We hope you have a lovely World Postcard Day next week… and until then, don’t forget to do some wrist exercises to build up strength! 💪

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GracielaC-V, United States of America
I am new to PostCrossing, so I can't send that many postcards... At this time I'm allowed six (6) and five of them are still travelling... I'm hoping they reach their destination prior to October 1, 2022 so I can send a total of 6 postcards. I had ten (10) postcards printed with the World Postcard, so I'm ready!!!
Happy PostCrossing to ALL!
Luziaceleste, Brazil
So great to see this date becoming a special occasion for us to share our joy sending postcard with everyone.
Another excuse to send postcards! <3
sealed4ever, United States of America
Can't wait. My "inventory is ready. I send so much love and thanks to you, Ana and Paulo. IMHO this is the absolute best form of social media.
Ich_bin_Berliner, Germany
I can barely wait for it....
germaju, Brazil
This is going to be my second World Postal Day that I'm going to participate in.
artdavinci, United States of America
I sketched 6 Hollywood California cards so I am hoping to pull 6 names for this years mailing!!!
Stampminer, United States of America
I love this hobby, but postage costs are getting so high for us on limited budgets. It's now $1.40 each plus the cost of the card. And my cards to China, Indonesia, Russia and Latvia never arrived. The war is messing with everything!
borntoorganize, United States of America
This sounds like a lot of fun!
mysweetlife63, United States of America
I have my cards & special washi tape - I'm ready! Thanks for all the ideas - love them.
Tinkatutu, Australia
Thank you for the great tips and all the best in the lead up to WPD! I can't wait to participate in the Postcardiest day of the year!! ✍️💌📫🥳🥰
RalfH, Germany
I put my accout to inactive untilOctober 1st, so I will be owed some cards then and I hope to ease the lack of addresses a bit that way.
I think, I'll write just one or two officials plus a few to family and friends.
cspt, United States of America
Tell us where to get the gorgeous postcard shown on the blog post, please!
luky-luke, Germany
I will open a beer (Oktoberfest) and then I will send some cards. :-)
DeeJade, United States of America
All of my 7 postcards are still traveling, I hope it reaches it’s destination before Oct. 1st, so I can officially send some out. But I do plan to send some to families and friends. ^^
ezredax, United States of America

Will be combining World Postcard Day with a Meetup in Houston, TX. Have my postcards ready to send. Lots of names this year.

Enjoy the Day!
nm_rockhound, United States of America
Sooo ready

Da_gu, China
Oct 1 will be my first WPD! Can't wait to write postcards!
Happy postcrossing!
tjblevi, United States of America
This will also be my first WPD!! 💙 I hope I get to send at least one. Thank you for the tips. 😊
valdavid, United States of America
@cspt There's not really a store, per se. The design is available for you to send to a print shop:
leaflets, China
Missed all the WPD because Oct. 1 is the National Day of us.
And I always went out for a trip on this day...
Well, must catch up this time!
Alinchen1996, Germany
I'm looking forward to it and can't wait. I will only write a few maps so as not to overload the site. Happy Postcrossing to all.
shirley64, United Kingdom
I have made some wooden postcards for Oct.1, can't wait for the day to arrive., and post them.
Muze_Kumbaram, Türkiye
We are ready for World Postcard Day. Meeet up Ankara.
Also we have some little exhibition from our collection piggybank or moneyboxes themed postboxex and received of Müze Kumbaram postcards.
salomeja, Lithuania
Can't wait! Postcards, stickers, pens and stamps are ready!
mdmsamm, Canada
Wonderful tips so we just need to send one, and perhaps another for a back up? I am ready for my very 1st WPD with you all.
SophietheValiant, Kazakhstan
No, I am not because I am not sending anything out. :)
FataMorgana, Netherlands
My WPD-postcard order is delivered so I am ready to start writing. Ready - set - write :-)
Ratchet, United Kingdom
I got some Postcrossing themed cards from Guernsey to send out on the day! :) <3 Looking forward to it!
tetsu70, Japan
On Saturdays there may not be post offices open to process mail. Postmarks might be a bit hit or miss.
mikebond, Italy
I have just received the 50 WPD postcards I had ordered! And I have already written the first of them.
I have also set my account to inactive for the coming days, so I will hopefully be due some postcards on October 1. :)
figtrees, United Kingdom
Wow, I didn't know we had an excuse to eat ravioli! Excellent (and delicious) news, I'll definitely be including that in my World Postcard Day. :D
IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia
I just start to write 40 WPD cards this night ! i'm quite sure it will grow on the D day, haha ...
so excited with our upcoming meet up at one of instagramable art center in Jakarta 😊
adventures_with_liz, United States of America
I have my official WPD postcards ready for the event & meet up in Charlotte, North Carolina (See Meetup for details). It will be my first WPD and hosting the event in my area. I'm looking forward to sharing my love of snail mail and introducing Postcrossing as it helps connect people across the miles!
Waldo, United Kingdom
In the morning will research ravioli on menus. Could be at the Café Concerto near The Jersey Boys. Wherever.
tozorunt, United States of America
Thank you for clarifying that we only need one post card registered, that we ask for the "send a postcard" for. So, people save up sending cards because they're afraid just asking for ONE to send may not get registered? I'll leave it to fate, and I like what one postcrosser wrote, "I'm not into badges." It is just fun to send and receive:)
tozorunt, United States of America
I am a bit confused about the inactive/active bit. Some comments here people state he/she is setting account to inactive now and active on Oct. 1? Is that necessary?
Anjelikka, United States of America
I am ready as always. I am so glad I found postcrossing, it is so much fun.
Dee_SK, Slovakia
I cannot wait! It's my first WPD I'm participating in 🥰🥰
honeyveri10, South Africa
I can't for this!! This will be my first time sending on WPD as I've never done it before
Looking forward to this 😆
tkaminski, Poland
Oct 1 will be my first WPD and I cant wait to send these beautiful postcards. Since 2 weeks I have stopped sending postcards because I was worried that they won’t be delivered before 1 Oct. I think it was a good decision due to the fact that one of postcard I’ve sent is travelling for 17 days…
Phibatola, Greece
I thought I answered is that a rhetorical question *wink* but apparently not. Of course we are ready ....and the Greeks will be there bright eyed and bushy tailed . If any of you are still on vacation in Athens feel free to join in. :)
Teufel07, Germany
We are perpared for the World Postcard day and enjoy ist.
We save Special Postcards for this day and hope we can send one to Nwe Zeland.....

Happy Postcrossing
wifetoalineman, United States of America
I can't wait for the World Postcard Day, bring on the beautiful postcards from all over the world 🥰
Pupuakka, Finland
Ican't wait for it! Since I started postcrossing on February this year it'll be my 1st World Postcard Day as a postcrosser🥳🥳
Flippie, Canada
I'm ready and can't wait to start. I bought a special new pen for the day....
HM, Netherlands
Ordered stamps arrived! Postpigeon and posthedgehog. Shaped stamps.
Stamp - postzegel in Dutch
Hedgehog - egel in Dutch ( Z is left out on the stamp)
polarfahrer, Switzerland
I currently have one card open to send. But I'll probably use it on Monday to show a newspaper lady who finds the idea of postcrossing and October 1st as a postcard day interesting how it works. However, I hope that another card will arrive so that I have one free to send by October 1st.
Barbie, Germany
Can‘t wait for it :-)

I already send some Celebrating Cards, and I hope those cards will arrive on 1. OCT.

Now I‘m waiting
Gaiasduhter, Germany
Another suggestion is to send postcards to old people's homes. There are lot of old people who don't have any relatives to visit them. I'm sure they would love to get postcards and would be happy to know that someone is thinking of them.
Sandristica, Spain
I love this day!
positivelypostal, United Kingdom
I've had some Positively Postal postcards specifically produced for World Postcard Day (and also some for World Post Day on October 9th) so keep an eye on your mailbox. I'm planning on sending them throughout the weeks ahead and on the actual days! :)
river96, United States of America
I think it would be nice to open up a temporary free slot for everyone on World Postcard day, since nobody has control over when their sent cards arrive.
Nique, Canada
Whoohoo! Counting down the days...
greatlakers, United States of America
Looking forward to it! I've marked my calendar!
doryfera, Canada
I just had a fun idea! I am going to send a stamped WPD postcard to all the staff at my local sub-post office (located in a pharmacy). They do so much work but of course they don’t receive any personal mail there. I’ll use the card to thank them for being my doorway to the world (especially during the terrifying early days of COVID), and also to let them know about Postcrossing 😉
TravelerGirl1201, Germany
This will be my first WPD...looking forward to it :-) Pen, stamps and postcards are ready :-) Happy Postcrossing!
HappyLoo, United States of America
My postcards and postage stamps are ready for WPD. This will be my 3rd year participating in the World Postcard Day mailing. I get excited every year it comes around. I look forward to receiving a few WPD postcards too. Happy postcrossing everyone!
terry336, Canada
I am excited, this is my first WPD so here's to everyone here planning on participating. BTW my son is getting married that day, so I am going to write the postcards ahead of time and mail them on the 1st. So far all my cards are traveling except for 1. But I have a least one sway and some friends to mail to.
Happy postcrossing around the world
ceoramalho, Brazil
I am looking forward to this day!!!
quichelady, Japan
I made an original WPD special card for unknown postcrosser. Hope he/she accepts handmade card. I have to check time difference!
cmp, Australia
I'm sooooo excited. This is my second year and this time I'm really ready to go. Happy Postcrossing to all.
ManonGarden, Belgium
To celebrate it, I decided to choose a postcard that specially touched me this year in 10 different countries and send one back.... but I didn't realize how difficult this choice was going to be because each card is unique in its own way :-) But now they have all been sent and almost all received :-)
kithin, China
the first year to register in warm to hear different interesting ideas around the world and experience such a meaningful day!
arunobelix, India
waiting for my first Postcard day
Gagarin, Russia
This year I am using special postcards for the first time!!!
Pezimaniac, United States of America
I have 12 empty slots, so I'll send a few official cards. I'm also launching a Kickstarter campaign to start publishing postcards. I figured #WPD was a great day to start!
Stellarkat, United Kingdom
I'm ready. Its my 1st Postcard Day and I have 6 slots Yay! But I hate ravioli! Pelmeni + Smetana is the Best! :)
dengko, China
Huan Du Guo Qing!
Unknown_know, Brazil
It's going to be beautiful! :) ❤📮
orange_memo, United States of America
It's going to be an amazing day, I'm participating in SoCal meetup after a long sabbatical and can't wait to send out postcard on that day!
silvy, Netherlands
I write some WPD cards already and sent some surprise card too.
I must work t this weekend but I here on the website in the evening to get new addresses and enjoy me.
My 1 st WPD with you ,everyone !!!😀🗺❤🧡📜🖊📫
MelsPostcrossing, Germany
It's such a beautyful idea :9 I just orderd 10 cards for printing with this lovely designd theme. I hope my travelling postcards will arrive in time so I can send some more!
aardvarkemi, United States of America
my first world postcard day since joining!! i'm sending a few outside of the website as well just to share! :)
wwwera, Israel
Would be nice to get 1 extra postcard slot specially on this day, as a gift for everyone :)
TA, Uzbekistan
I'm ready :)
Can't wait :))))
matspc, United Kingdom
It's very sad - Royal Mail have a strike on 1st October so even if I put the postcard in the box on that date it won't be collected until Monday. So, no cancellation showing the 1st. It won't stop me post crossing!
jennnnnnnnifer, United States of America
Yes! I have 8 spots open (and have 25 postcards ready!)
RydersNana, United States of America
I love World Postcrossing Day! It is also my birthday!!
elehtola, Finland
World Postcard Day, October 1, I will send 5 cards with warm thoughts...
The colorful autumn will soon be over
and Lapland will already have its first snow..
put on a warm sweater must go through the dark kamos time..
stay healthy, stay safe, be happy, be well !
Friendly greetings, Eve
LaraR, Russia
That moment where I'm not sure if my country bans every outside connection after the president's speech tomorrow... Well, hoping it won't happen, but who knows anymore.
aylaabrynn15, United States of America
I am super excited for this!!! A question though, and I apologize if this has already been asked, but will we be getting a "freebie" address if that makes sense? Like even if we're not able to send a postcard that day because they're all sending, will we get an address so we can send a postcard on this special day? Thanks in advance for any answers :)
WiscoFamily, United States of America
I'm excited for world postcard day #3 for me! I recently got back to postcrossing and have been in inactive mode and sent 10 cards. I plan to switch to active later today once it's October 1 in more time zones in hope of receiving some WPD themed cards and put some addresses into the system.
raichiaki, Japan
It’s already WPD in Japan! I am so exciting and I took 2 addresses for the day:) looking forward to sending this.
xtlera, Germany
I am already a bit excited because it will be my first WPD Postcrossing meet-up ever after so many years of postcrossing.
I hope everyone is going to have a great day and a lot of fun.
chelsangelo, United States of America
I don’t have any open slots — I got a bit carried away yesterday and sent three when I should have waited. I hope everyone is given one freebie to pull tomorrow!
ktbela, New Zealand
Anyone else requested addresses on October 1st and discovered that the website has recorded them as Sept. 30th? :( Hopefully the system is just having a hiccup and they will still count for WPD.
stonyblue, Germany
Yes, my adresses are also dated to the 30.09.22. I am really sad about that!
meiadeleite, Portugal
Don't worry about it! If you requested the addresses during October 1st in your timezone, it'll still count for the badge. The site uses UTC time, but we'll make the math to make it work. :)
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