is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 33,580,650 habitants. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.
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1. TA, Uzbekistan TA
2,013 postcards sent
2. Vesnyana, Uzbekistan Vesnyana
743 postcards sent
3. aliya44, Uzbekistan aliya44
739 postcards sent
4. Yuna-Lian, Uzbekistan Yuna-Lian
518 postcards sent
5. TARMAK, Uzbekistan TARMAK
457 postcards sent
6. vitandval, Uzbekistan vitandval
457 postcards sent
7. Felicity_, Uzbekistan Felicity_
452 postcards sent
8. silkway, Uzbekistan silkway
322 postcards sent
9. CrazyYuna, Uzbekistan CrazyYuna
275 postcards sent
10. Hellish_Socks, Uzbekistan Hellish_Socks
249 postcards sent

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Tigor, Uzbekistan Asalinka, Uzbekistan AVA_MOWEL, Uzbekistan Anora-Bamby, Uzbekistan Pakula, Uzbekistan Shovkat, Uzbekistan Karina23, Uzbekistan TARMAK, Uzbekistan Samina333, Uzbekistan Felicity_, Uzbekistan TA, Uzbekistan Zem, Uzbekistan Vesnyana, Uzbekistan Dinara_S, Uzbekistan uzbek, Uzbekistan Khisamova, Uzbekistan silkway, Uzbekistan
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