is a country in the continent of Asia with a population of 32,955,400 habitants. The capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.
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1. TA, Uzbekistan TA
2,282 postcards sent
2. Vesnyana, Uzbekistan Vesnyana
757 postcards sent
3. aliya44, Uzbekistan aliya44
739 postcards sent
4. Yuna-Lian, Uzbekistan Yuna-Lian
518 postcards sent
5. Felicity_, Uzbekistan Felicity_
467 postcards sent
6. TARMAK, Uzbekistan TARMAK
457 postcards sent
7. vitandval, Uzbekistan vitandval
457 postcards sent
8. silkway, Uzbekistan silkway
325 postcards sent
9. CrazyYuna, Uzbekistan CrazyYuna
275 postcards sent
10. Hellish_Socks, Uzbekistan Hellish_Socks
249 postcards sent

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