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Friends… it was a grand party, wasn’t it? 🎉 On World Postcard Day last week, postcards were written, friends were met, and a bit all around the world, the joy of knowing we’re sharing a happy day with so many people like us was just contagious. So much buzzing energy, both online and offline… it was the best World Postcard Day yet! There’s too much to cover, so here’s a quick highlight of a few things that took place on that magical day.

Marjorie at the Crewkerne Library

First off, schools! Marjorie (aka Marjie) from Rainbows Penpal Club was busy connecting together 552 children in 17 schools and 9 different countries so that they could all exchange postcards! On the day itself, she even had time to run events on a few different libraries — how cool is that? Other schools in the UK also joined in the day, and we are so, so proud of all these teachers and educators who are raising a new generation of postcard writers!

Mailart workshops and exhibitions took place in different countries as well (like the ones in Bangalore, or in Tampere), and there were special postmarks in Portugal and Malta, at least. Besides making a handstamp available for the day, Malta Postal Museum also created a unique postcard to celebrate the World Postcard Day — as did the Faroe Post!

A group of people sit down in tables in a central atrium of a grandiose building

We cannot possibly write about all the Postcrossing meetups that took place on the day… but it warms our heart to know people got together, from Indonesia to Spain, China to the USA, India, UK or Portugal… Have a peek at the events list — there were over 100 of them!

Allow us to highlight just a couple. For instance, postcrossers and Correos de Mexico organized a postcard-making workshop to celebrate the day. It took place at the beautiful Palacio Postal (which the Little Mail Carriers visited before) and had lots of participants!

The photo shows a large room, with many people sitting in tables, writing postcards

In Tallinn, a big meetup took place to celebrate both the World Postcard Day and the new Postcrossing stamp that Estonia launched on that day! A lot of the participants travelled to this meeting from Finland by boat with the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association, who organized the meetup and took the photo on the left. Illustrators, designers and publishers were also invited to participate.

A hand passes a sheet of pasta through a pasta maker, while on the side lays a tray of handmade ravioli Some postcrossers cooked ravioli (remember that they are shaped like postage stamps?) on the day, and Adrienne (aka adriennefriend) and her partner made this delicious looking vegan ravioli from scratch. The filling is made of tofu-cashew cheese and fresh herbs, and even the sauce was homemade! We didn’t have much time on our hands that day, so we stuck with stamp-shaped cookies, which were also delicious.

The day happened to land on a Saturday, which made it perfect for #postboxsaturday — and so many of you joined in and posted photos of postcards alongside your country’s postboxes on social media! 😍 We loved seeing them, in all their diverse and colorful glory!

Some postcrossers have already started seeing the updated badges on your profile pages, as the postcards sent on the day start to arrive to their destinations. Over 90,000 of them were sent in the timespan that counts as World Postcard Day (in all timezones), which is massive… about 7 times more than an average day in Postcrossing. We’re relieved that the website was more or less stable throughout the whole day, as it really was not made for this kind of peaks. But everything was fine in the end! 😊 We hope these are just a few of the postcards sent on that day though, and that many more have been sent out to your friends, family, and others out there. The world’s mailboxes should be very happy indeed.

Thank you everyone, for making this such a wonderful day. It’s definitely been the highlight of the year for us, and we hope you had a nice day as well!

World Post Day banner, featuring a green globe and the hashtag #Postforplanet

By the way, today is World Post Day — the day postal services are celebrated around the world, and also the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union. On the occasion, the secretary general of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres, said:

“The theme of this year’s World Post Day – “Post for Planet” – recognizes the many ways in which postal services are finding cleaner, greener means to reach our doorsteps day in, day out. “Post for Planet” is also a call to action for the postal sector to use its position as a connector between governments, businesses, and people to take a leading role in our fight against climate change.”

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Sandristica, Spain
Nekotek, Belgium
Cool! :)
Unknown_know, Brazil
❤❤ :)
SalishSea, United States of America happy to have gotten 7 wonderful postcardee-addresses w/ nary a glitch. thanks to the folk who made it happen!
mdmsamm, Canada
As my first one ever, and already noted I have a BADGE, this was one to celebrate for the masses. 90,000 cards in one day and that is not counting all the ones we sent to friends...I would go as far to say, that peace has certainly been part of my world grateful that I turned down a huge opportunity, this one no doubt makes me happier..
Ramya, United States of America
It makes me happy to know of all of the many ways people find joy in postcard-ing and all of snail mailing! We are so much the same yet different. In writing to one another we connect- discovering the similarities and differences! Let us all continue to reach out though writing and mailing!
sacdalton, United States of America
Thank you so much for all you do to bring us together across the globe! I love seeing all the various ways folks celebrated the connections that postcrossing brings to each of us.
Jacque53, United States of America
I hope everybody had a wonderful World Postcard Day!! I told my husband that I only wanted to send postcards and I did not want to do anything else for that day (it was a Saturday after all, lol!). Some of my postcards I sent that day have already been registered, so I have my badge for this year…..yeah! Now I am already looking forward to World Postcard Day 2023!
toes5108, United States of America
It’s exciting to see that friends around the world commemorated the day together.
mysweetlife63, United States of America
What great events!
Thank you Postcrossing team for making it easy for all of us!
Y'all are appreciated!
tautiptoe, Germany
Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to connect with the world and find fun in our mailboxes!
adriennefriend, United States of America
Thank you so much for including me and my partner in your wonderful wrap-up post! Postcrossing is such a special part of my life, so I am very honored to be included. We had a great time. Already looking forward to the next one!
AbbyDiamond, United States of America
I was able to send out three card to other postcrossers aside from other cards sent
zahara_rasheeda_, Sri Lanka
Thank you Postcrossing team for making it easy for all of us!
Rajath, India
Great day it was.. we had a wonderful meetup in namma Bengaluru
ladymelody, France
Thanks a lot for this amazing post.
Postcrossing brings me so much joy.
It was a busy day, but so fun to write.
And I'm happy, since today I have the WPD 2022 badge!
Better late than never, it's wonderful experience for me to connect with world, am happy for that, thanks postcrossing.
jabuka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
BH Pošta shared the same World Post Day card in Sarajevo with additional gifts on last Saturday. Very unique and nice happening.
beesknees, United States of America
Congratulations postcrossing team, your project has brought a lot of happiness to many people. Housework can wait - im writing postcards!
memo_baghdad, Iraq
Congratulations, what an amazing event! ❤❤❤❤
Poste, United States of America
This does add more fun and a great opportunity to let more people in on the joy of postcards. I sent two as official postcrossing mail, one private swap to my friend in Belgium and one to a new friend moving from Lynden, Washington, USA to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which may be their first mail to be received at their new home. Next year I will send more on October First and also try to have a couple received on October first. Happy World Postcard Day!
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Great fun. 😁
rainerle, Germany
I love it
Flippie, Canada
Is it Fantastic that a "simple old fashioned" Postcard, so much can do with people around us? A hand written message on it + a nice post-stamp, can not be better.
I'm happy with you all and the rest of the world how missed out to become a post-crosser....hihi
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
HookedonPostcards, Canada
Wonderful! Any data on statistics for the day? Cards sent? Etc?
Marjie, United Kingdom
I thought I had taken on too much when I decided to link schools together to send postcards and run some postcard workshops in libraries, but oh the fun of communicating with teachers all over the world and the surprise and joy with young children in libraries who didn't know what a postcard was, that you could physically send it with a stamp across the world! Future Postcrossers all of them! And now I find that some schools want to continue the journey and send cards regularly - fantastic! Thank you Paulo and the team for the inspiration! Roll on next year!
BeckyS, United States of America
My husband and I celebrated WPD by attending a meet up at the library in Renton, WA, USA. The library bridges the Cedar River, so we were able to see the Salmon returning to the river to Spawn. For dinner, we ate at a local Italian restaurant where we, you guessed it, ordered ravioli. It was the best of times. I look forward to doing it all again next year. :)
wifetoalineman, United States of America
World Postcard Day is always ahhhmazing day to send postcards all over the world.
smiling2020, United States of America
so fun!
Kot12, Russia
Very interesting. A wonderful meeting.
rousita, Mexico
I love that there's so much enthusiasm for postcards around the world! We love to meet and have fun, it's a lovely hobby and opens the mind to creativity and joy to learn new knowledge! Greetings from Mexico City... We had a great time with the Do your own Postcard Workshop :)
clbrown, United States of America
Can you tell us how many post cards were sent through Postcrossing on Oct 1st?
AnnJewel_Chyi, China
This is so cool!
Cassisia, Germany
Thank you very much for the overview of all the great events and things that happened on WPD! 90.000 cards sent on one day, that's amazing. 🥳
Kaan_Duman, Türkiye
I love Postcrossing
islander61, Bahamas
Sent four postcards out in honour of WORLD POSTCARD DAY. Be on the lookout Finland, Germany, Japan and the USA!
islander61, Bahamas
P.S. Sending out two for World Post Day later today. By the way, the article was good to read . Thank-you!
hjbcats, United States of America
I got my first world postcard day badge! I’m hoping to receive many more in the years to come! This is so fun and exciting! 😊
-Cool-, Philippines
Congratulations, everyone! Happy postcrossing!
Demmi, Romania
Postcrossing is so cool! <3
Captain-Colin, United Kingdom
This was a most enjoyable day!

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