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You might be wondering where the Little Mail Carriers went after their magical cruise in the Bermudas last year! The little guys jumped over the water to Mexico city, where exciting adventures awaited them… but then the pandemic hit and everyone big and small had to shelter and keep safe. When things reopened though, they donned their tiny homemade masks, and went out to explore a very special place in the capital city of Mexico: the Palacio Postal, or Postal Palace. Here’s what they wrote back:

The Little Mail Carriers stand atop an old safe
The Post Master’s office had an original safe, with the name of the office: Correos de México.

Hola everyone! 👋 Postcrosser Rose (aka Rousita) is our host for what was supposed to be a short stop in Mexico city earlier last year, but ended up being a long adventure! When she invited us over, she mentioned a “palace for all postal services”, and we were immediately intrigued and eager to check it out… wouldn’t you be?

Palacio Postal's facade
The main facade of the building.

The history of this place goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when there was an important increase of demand of all postal services in the country. The President of Mexico was Porfirio Diaz, who was inclined towards European style architecture, so in 1900 his government decided to build a large building, close to the main plaza of the city, called Zócalo.

Palacio Postal's very fancy staircase
The elegant staircase, made in Italy.

He appointed Adamo Boari, an Italian engineer, as the head designer and the first stone was set in 1902. As part of the crew was also Gonzalo Garita, Mexican engineer, who oversaw the design of the metal structure that sustains the building. It was inaugurated on February 17, 1907, just three years before the Revolution war started in Mexico.

Palacio Postal's very fancy staircase

The building was designed to be functional, but at the same time, very beautiful. The architectural style is Spanish Gothic Revival (Plateresco), with a lot of other styles mixed in, in a wonderfully eclectic mixture. One of the most beautiful sites is the main staircase, made of steel. It was crafted in Florence, Italy by Fonderia Pignone and assembled all in site. All public activities take place on the first floor and the postmaster’s office is on the second floor.

Old typewriter on the postmaster's desk
From the postmaster’s desk, he could see through the window when the train arrived from Veracruz and brought all the mail to be distributed daily.
Library and antique postal scales
The library was really beautiful, and we even got the chance to play on the scales!

We were surprised about the height and elegance of halls and offices, the library and the postmaster’s office. It’s really impressive that this building has continued to work as a post office, after a century. Probably one of the most beautiful post offices in the world, and it has even been featured in several postcards and stamps over the years!

A selection of themed postcards about the Palacio Postal

Now that Mexico Post has resumed operations, it’s time for us to jump to our next destination. Stay tuned for more adventures coming soon!

Thank you Rose for giving the little guys a tour of this majestic post office, and to her partner, Dr. Martin Checa-Artasu, for taking such nice photos and letting us use them in the post! 😍

If your post office is especially neat, or you’d like to host the Little Mail Carriers and show them around your town, let us know in the comments below. We’re always looking for new hosts and interesting things to see — bonus points if they’re postal-themed!

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Artem_Reznikov, Russia


Valiolet, Italy

Palacio Postal is really beautiful! Thank you for showing it to us!

rockycip, United States of America

I am glad the Little Postal Carriers stopped at the Palacio Postal in Mexico City! Reading this Blog Post, and viewing these beautiful pictures, is a great way to start the day..
Thank you

ned44440, Ireland

Interesting story and great pictures. A lovely virtual holiday when we can't travel ourselves. 😀 Thank you for sharing your journey.

BobRe, Czech Republic

Very nice
Safe traveling.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing your photo 😉

Loli-ts, Spain

You and Paulo already known the majestic Central Post Office in Barcelona... turning door, wood, stained glass ceiling, paintings... still working as a post office, with the Philatelic Service, but not for a long time, it shall host other services for the town. I invite you all to see it if you come to my town!

Loli-ts, Spain

... of course I'd love to host the Mail Carriers and show them that place ;-) and my favourite ones related to postcards and Postcrossing in Barcelona.

manencov, Romania

I present to you the former Post Office Palace (Bucharest Romania)

The Post Office Palace is a monumental construction located in the old Historical Center of Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei no. 12, currently being the headquarters of the National Museum of History of Romania. In 1892, the law was drafted for the construction of the Post Office Palace. At the time, the post office belonged to the Ministry of the Interior, which was tasked with allocating a substantial amount. The law specifies: "A credit of 3,000,000 lei gold is opened at the expense of the Ministry of Interior, which will be covered by a rent issue or by any other means the government will find more appropriate."

At the same time, the architect Alexandru Săvulescu, appointed to make the plans for the new building, was sent to visit several European capitals and study the post offices there, together with the then post director, Ernest Sturza. They welded the post palaces of Paris, Vienna, Turin, Milan, Venice, Budapest, Zurich and Geneva. On his return, a plan was drawn up and submitted to the Ministry of the Interior. It was inspired and modeled by the post office building in Geneva.

The mayors of Bucharest decided to erect the Post Office Palace on a plot of land on which, in the 17th century, were the houses of the great aga Constantin Bălăceanu, on whose place the ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu built a large inn named after him ("Hanul Constantin Vodă "). The fire of 1847, which covered much of the city, destroyed the inn, the ruins of which were demolished until 1862. The land was on the other side of the street, facing the one on which the C.E.C. Palace was built at the same time. The actual construction works of the palace began in 1894, at the laying of the foundation stone being present, during a ceremony, King Carol I of Romania, Prime Minister Lascăr Catargiu, cabinet ministers, prefect of police and mayor of the capital.

The plans of the Post and Palace Telegraph were made by the architect Alexandru Săvulescu in neoclassical style, reminiscent of the architecture of the post office palace in Geneva. The main façade has steps along its entire length and a portico supported by 10 Doric columns. The extremities, consisting of two prominent volumes, are raised and covered by a dome.

The palace was inaugurated in 1900, for its initial beneficiary, the Romanian Post.
The city's central post office functioned in this palace until 1970, when work began on renovating the building and arranging the National Museum of History , inaugurated in 1972.

manencov, Romania

But the current headquarters of the Romanian Post Company S.A. is (Romanian Post) is the national operator of postal and courier services in Romania, the only provider of universal service throughout the country, at rates accessible to all users and high quality standards.
The Romanian Post is owned by the Romanian State, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society and Fondul Proprietatea.
Poşta Română is the largest profile operator in Romania and has a territorial network of over 5,500 post offices, distributing over 10 million postal items weekly .

The Romanian Post has as object of activity:

A. Postal services:

I. Basic postal services;

II. Postal services other than basic.

B. Editing, printing, marketing and storage of stamps and postal effects in the stamp conservatory;

C. Other services related to the above and any other activities in accordance with the legislation in force.
Romanian Post is also the sole shareholder in Romfilatelia - the company specialized in publishing and marketing Romanian postage stamps. Romanian Post is organized in 41 county post offices and two branches, respectively: Stamp Factory and Express Services Branch. There are seven regional transit centers across the country.

Marcia49, United States of America

Wow what a beautiful building with such detail. They certainly don't make buildings like that anymore. Thank you for sharing this magnificent structure.

samquito, United States of America

the palacio postal is a must to visit when in cdmx. my last meet-up (before the pandemic) was held in january 2020 at this place. sadly, we did not get a tour of the whole building due to time restrictions. i am sure all the postcrossers who attended had a great time.
the first postage stamp of 2021 for méxico is the staircase at the palacio postal ( but sadly, méxico's has change the format of stamps to self-adhesive thus difficult to remove the stamp from the envelope. it will save time on my next trip to mexico to address the tons of postcards - at least my tongue will be happy from drying up.
enjoy reading about the palacio postal and rose's story of the little mail carriers.

lyosaurusrex, Mexico

You're very welcome dear Little mail carriers, thanks for showing our magnificent Postal Palace and its history, and thanks to our host too. 😄

ezredax, United States of America

Awe inspiring! Great place to visit.

Flippie, Canada

Hi Little mail carriers, I love your travels & stories. Keep going, you make my day.

luvwhidbeyisland, United States of America

What a gorgeous building!

Lex222, United States of America

This lobby is even more beautiful and gilded than the pictures can do justice. Thank you, Rose, for introducing this amazing post office to the rest of the world. If you visit Mexico City, you must buy stamps here and experience the grandeur of the architecture yourself!

MagpieWarbler, Australia

Incredible building! And those postcards. (imagine loveheart emoji.)

meylinhares, Brazil

I went to Palacio Postal when I traveled to Mexico City in 2018. The building is really beautiful. Only bad thing is the postal worker was quite rude to me when I tried to buy stamps. =/

miriamsnailmail, Mexico

So happy to see the little mail carriers in ¨Palacio Postal"!
Hope to visit it soon, once everyting gets better :)

Gracias Rosa & Martin, saludos :)

HM, Netherlands

Nice to see you visit Mexico DF!! I bet you loved the delicious food. I visited Mexico and if only for the food I would return today.

Maybe a good post-covid destination.

I hope this blog is promoted in Mexico so we might see many new users from Mexico!!

alison41, South Africa

what a magnificent building. I enjoyed seeing it. Our modern Post Offices are drab and utilitarian.

Finetta, Germany
mikel101, United States of America

i'm visiting mexico in a few months and palacio postal is on my places to visit. can't wait to see this place in person.

triplightly, United States of America

A totally delightful post! Thank you so much for the enjoyable read and information. The photos are beautiful.

Shawnnita, Australia

This is a lovely story! Thank you for sharing. I hope to travel again someday just like the little post people. :)

alatorre, United States of America

Indeed, it is such a beautiful building and I have the privilege to have my workplace just 3 blocks from there.

bandcrab, United States of America

I was elated to visit el palacio last year when I was in CDMX! It was so gorgeous and delightful. Thanks for expanding on its history.

postcardville, Canada

This is my first time reading about the adventures of the Little Mail Carriers - how absolutely fabulous! I loved reading about this beautiful building and seeing the photos. I can't wait to read more abut these fun travels! Thank you so much.

sonataca, United States of America

The little masks!!! 😍😍😍😍

Vlada_Katrych, United Kingdom

It's great!

DuaneThePhilatelist, United States of America

Let me know if the Little Mail Carriers would like to visit the Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri, USA. I would love to host them. Duane

UnicornCarnival, Mexico

I attended to the Postcrossing Meet up there and it was awesome!

thstreit, Switzerland

I invite the Little Mail Carriers to visit the highest Post Office 🏤 of Europe here in Switzerland 🇨🇭! The post office is at the highest railway station of Europe on Top of Europe Jungfraujoch (3454m)!
More infos here:
With all the best wishes from the Swiss🇨🇭mountains 🏔, Thomas

rousita, Mexico

Thank you for all the lovely comments I am reading here! It was an honor to host the Little Mail Carriers and to keep them safe and sound during the pandemic. The Palacio Postal is definitely a great place to visit if you come to Mexico City. And if you love all postal things, that is the right place to go! :: I am also happy that the 3rd. Mexico Meet Up took place there, on January 2020.The Postal Palace officials were kind enough to let us host the Meet Up there, a memorable meeting!!

NIDUSKA, Finland

Thank You

orange_memo, United States of America

Interesting story and great pictures. 😀 Thank you for sharing your journey and hope to visit it soon.

marjap17, United States of America

Wow! What a beautiful building. Next time I am in Mexico City I will make sure to visit it.
It puts my city's post office to shame because it is a ugly place.

Escilas, Mexico

I had to do a double take when I saw my country's name at the front page! What a pleasant surprise :)

Sylviachak, Hong Kong

I have been here when travel at 2019 and send a postcard to me and my family. It is a very beautiful post office.


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