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Sometimes people ask why don’t we organize meetups in their area, or why don’t we spread the word so that Postcrossing can have more members in country X… and we would really love to coordinate all the things in all the places… but until they invent 100-hour days (or perhaps a way to multiply ourselves!), I’m afraid our tiny team can only do so much. 😅

So we’re always glad when members reach out to ask what can they do to help. Sometimes they do so by becoming Postcrossing supporters, and other times, by doing things for the community in their own towns or countries. The most organized group of members doing this is from Finland 🇫🇮, where they got together to create an association of “Postcrossing friends”.

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association
Photo by Marko Kulmala

So what does the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association do? Mainly, they organize big events in Finland that bring the community together, so that everyone can meet to talk, exchange postcards and be friends. For instance, every year, they go to the Åland Islands, where they participate in meetup activities including visiting the local sorting center or meeting well-known illustrators.

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association - Anne Ahola
Photo by Anne Ahola

As an association, they also participate in other events, like stamp exhibitions or postcard fairs, handing out fliers about Postcrossing to spread the word. Last year, they even had their very own little booth on the Finlandia 2017 exhibition…

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association

… and put together a postcard fair for all postcard lovers to enjoy!

Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association

They also talk about all-things postcards and stamps on their website, and sometimes even get articles published in magazines or newspapers that help spread the word about Postcrossing in their country.

All of these activities are brilliant, but we would not be able to put them in place ourselves, as they require a local knowledge of the country’s culture, as well as people on the ground to take care of contacts and logistics, for which the association is a perfect match. Since the early days of their group, they have also been in close contact with the Postcrossing team, keeping us posted on their activities and exchanging ideas and feedback, which has been very helpful.

Check their website for more information about their activities and about the association itself.

PS – Have you done something that has helped Postcrossing grow in your country? If so, share it in the comments, so that you can inspire others into action! 😊


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Geminiscp, Portugal
Thank you to all members for the awesome reception in last year's meeting and for all they have done for Postcrossing. <3
kojep, Indonesia
Please come to Indonesia. We will make a Postcrossing Exhibition at Jakarta on 11-16 July 2018. Only official postcard will be displayed. And we will have about 100 frames
Organized by Komunitas Postcrossing Indonesia (KPI)
radiohead92, Austria
I have visited the meeting in Tampere last year. It was such a great event and the program very awesome, I have met many postcrossers from different countries, with some of them I stay in contact since this meet-up.
This is the reason why I participate Jyväskylä this year.
I can't wait for the big reunion :-)
Kiitos suomen postcrossingyhdistys!
Flippie, Canada
Thank to all Postcrossers to organize all those famous good meetings. I wish that it was around my corner to visit. Keep going, I love to read all the news.. Anneke
EmmaJansen, Netherlands
I don't want to downplay the rest of the letters I got (because Germany always sends nice cards too) but I think most of the beautiful and friendly cards I've recieved come from Finland.
I don't know, somehow pretty much all the cards from Finland have handdrawn pictures on them and stickers and all kinds of nice wishes, they stand out with that.
Mosshumla, Sweden
I missed this year's meet-up in Åland again; hope to be able to attend next year's.
figtrees, United Kingdom
Fantastic to read about so much commitment to the idea of Postcrossing!
fisherman, Ireland
Irish Postcrossers have a small but growing active community and we meet regularly to exchange cards and tips - you can see our meeting thread here :
skandar, Italy
It is so nice when people share a common interest and create such an interesting initiative!! In Italy we are only about 4000 postcrossers, and our postal service does everything to discourage us. It's a pity, but we still resist 😊💪
clotildemariagois, Portugal
How good would it be to join Portuguese postcrossers!
Clotilde Gois
GoCindy, United States of America
Very neat! I would love to see those beautiful postcards in the last picture!
lostresviajeros, Austria
Well done! So nice to read that there is such an active community in this country. I wish there would be something similar in Austria.
SnailXPRS, Finland
@EmmaJansen It is true... We Finns have a huge need to please EVERYONE, even if they hate us or perhaps even harder if they hate us! xD Saying something nice or adding a sticker isn't difficult tho, I wish there were more ppl doing so.
NIDUSKA, Finland
RanjitShrestha, Nepal
betslets, United States of America
All of this news encourages me to plan other trips to Europe (or anywhere in the world). Years ago, when I travelled more, even within my own country, it would have been wonderful to connect with people who shared my interest in postcards. Sadly, however, POSTCROSSING did not exist at the time. And, like so many people, I currently have logistical challenges that hinder long distance travels. For now, I plan to do my wee part -- meeting fellow postcard enthusiasts, one postcard at a time.
P.S. This blog is very timely.
mounten, Italy
Congratulation to all Finnish Postcrosser it's a great thing you do, go on!! I love all your nice postcards you've send in my direction in the past, ciao.
Chenoah, Germany
This is so awesome!
I'm surprised to stumble across this post right now, as I've got a card on the way to the Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association at the moment and checked their website, when I got the adress and found their work and the commitment really cool.
greatoaksstudents, Taiwan
We just got a card from the meet up of this year. Love it. What a great activity!😍
harrickson, United States of America
Kudos, Finnish Postcrossing Friends Association!
nofrodelius, United States of America
This is fantastic! I started the Puget Sound Postcrossing Group, but we're nowhere near as organized. Maybe someday! :)
alison41, South Africa
What a brilliant idea! This has set me thinking about our South African Postcrossers potential. Regrettably I can 100% empathise with the comment from Alemnk in Italy about their small community and less than ideal Post Office. But never mind, the obstacles; maybe next year ? Any interest from other SA Postcrossers?
anemone1, Finland
Yes, we are very active here in Finland. We meet locally in many places around our beautiful country and the society arranges a few big meetups yearly. We contact through the forum and Facebook. Mosshumla, do you want me to remind you about that big Åland meetup next year?
vlada_123, Russia
It is so nice that in this country, Finland, such active people! I think these meetings are wonderful!
Varsha, India
Hope one day I will participate this event .........
bombusfranklini, United States of America
Hooray! I just got a card from the Åland meetup! Many thanks and greetings to all! :)
anicolai, United States of America
I noticed that in my little group of 10 addresses there were 3 from Finland! And they win for sure in the numbers of cards I've received as well. In don't know how many folks in Houston are PostCrossers... is there a way to find out?

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