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Sometime ago, I noticed people posting photos of their cute postboxes on Twitter, under the hashtag #PostboxSaturday, and I immediately wanted in too! :D Saturday is my favourite postcard-writing day, and a visit to the postbox is part of the weekend ritual. Turns out Dinah, from the wonderful Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, started the whole #PostboxSaturday movement with this tweet:

Postbox Saturday inaugural tweet Dinah in her red postbox

She says she almost deleted it at the time, but we’re really glad she didn’t, because on Saturday our social feeds are now overflowing with postbox loveliness. 😍 Surely, there isn’t a better way to start the weekend!

She later wrote on her website:

“I’ve always loved the romance of a postbox but a postbox in a rural or remote or picturesque setting really does pull on my heart strings. Perhaps it’s the result of reading Rosamund Pilcher novels, or years spent on trips to the mountains, or working in the outdoors, and of course the backdrop of always writing letters that collided to make #PostboxSaturday, but it’s just the loveliest feeling being transported off to a little red postbox some place else. Maybe even more so these days.”

So your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to take a photo of your postbox and share it with others on social media this Saturday, using the hashtag #PostboxSaturday! Bonus points if you’re mailing some postcards too. 📮

Let’s spread some postal charm around, and make sure that postboxes from all around the world are featured in this nice initiative!

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Sandristica, Spain

Lovely idea. I will try.

ned44440, Ireland


MonMatcha, Canada

J'en suis!!

brijoudu93, France

jolie idée, je vais participer

Nique, Canada

Can't wait to do this 📮

kojep, Indonesia

its a rare thing in my country. Maybe only can find in a museum

Demmi, Romania

Nice idea! I will try, too :)
Postally yours:
:) :D

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq


Dimble, United Kingdom

On it! 😄

Waldo, United Kingdom

11.07 Off to snap my nearest box, though mostly use the main Post Office letterbox because of more frequent and later collection times.

Luziaceleste, Brazil

What amazing postal boxes and sooo much fun! Love it!

Gen24, United States of America

This is so cool :D

Heartlover1717, United States of America

I'm not on Twitter or Instagram, but I have posted my snap on Flickr, which you can see here:

orange_memo, United States of America

Amazing! I'm gonna do this too :-)

mar872, Canada

I love this idea. I have posted post boxes, and now will do so more often with the hashtag. :)

Anibal, Spain

Qué bonito..lo haremos,muchísimas gracias.

hivizliz, United Kingdom

I love this and do my best to take part every Saturday - it's led me to nearby villages I'd never been to before, and whenever I travel I'm now on the lookout for postboxes to photograph! #postboxSaturday

I'd love to see more from around the world.

I'm also a proud member of the Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society!

flo45, France

thank you very much for this project, 16 years old!!! We share postcards but also exchanges, sunshine, support and many other feelings .... Happy birthday and thank you, thank you