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Good news, everyone! We’ve been biting our tongues and holding our breaths, but now we can finally share the news with you all: there are 3 new Postcrossing-themed stamps coming in the next few months, and they’re all great! 😍

First up, Guernsey! The three colourful stamps feature animal species that can be found on the Bailiwick: the Golden Guernsey Goat, the Chancre Crab and the Herm Puffin, all mailing postcards around the islands on Guernsey’s blue mailboxes. Such a clever way to mix Postcrossing with their own national living treasures!

Guernsey Postcrossing stamps

These will come out on June 10th, and feature a cool easter egg… if you look really closely, you’ll see they’re being mailed to some of us at the Postcrossing team: the UK stamp is heading out to Nicky (aka shanaqui), the European one is coming to Paulo and me, and the Rest of the World goes out to Vicki (aka mundoo) in Australia. Those are fictional addresses, by the way.

They’re coming out on June 10th, ahead of Postcrossing’s birthday, and they’ll be available for pre-order from Guernsey’s online shop from May 27th, along with maxicards and other fun philatelic collectibles.

Next up, Belarus is issuing this fun Happy Postcrossing stamp! Coincidentally, this is another stamp featuring animals mailing postcards around the world, and it will be issued on July 10th.

Belarus Postcrossing stamp

Belpochta doesn’t have an (international) online shop, but if you’re interested in the stamp you can get in touch with them following the instructions on this page. Turns out, Belpochta does have an international online shop, where they sell stamps and other products — you can find it here. Thank you Lunushka and Capricorn_Belarus for letting us know!

And last but not least, Austria is issuing a Postcrossing-themed stamp in July as well. They chose a more abstract approach to the theme, which aims to represent how the postcard exchanges happen in Postcrossing:

Postcrossing Austrian stamp

The Austrian stamp will be launched on July 14th, which is Postcrossing’s birthday, but should be available for pre-order on their online shop from July 2nd onwards.

And that’s all the good news for today! We look forward to seeing all these playful stamps in many postcards traveling all around the world, filling their recipients’ mailboxes with color and spreading the word about our beloved hobby. 📮

57 comments so far

sonataca, United States of America
The Guernsey set is outstanding!
Fraggle27, Germany
I just LOVE the Guernsey ones!
Brommers, United Kingdom
Lovethe Guernsey stamps - will be purchasing some of these for the lucky recipents!
kojep, Indonesia
love these stamps
J-Francis, United Kingdom
Like the Guernsey ones but won’t be able to get them as I’m from UK
Indreni, United States of America
So awesome! I especially love the Belarus one.
-Cool-, Philippines
Wow! What a great nod to Paulo and Ana tjat Guernsey postage stamps are!
Maddymail, United Kingdom
What a lovely personal touch by Guernsey, will be definitely be ordering a few sheets
Robert_2022, Slovenia
Long Live The Guernsey Post!

I wish Guernsey had 30,000 Postcrossing members.😁
ned44440, Ireland
Great stamps. Hopefully I will receive them on on official postcards over time 🤞🤞🤞
Trans_Niqabi, United States of America
These are all super cool......hopefully I will get all three arriving in my mailbox.
Valiolet, Italy
They are so beautiful!
NetteNetti, Germany
💝💝💝💝🍀🍀🍀🍀 Wonderful
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Oh my gosh!
dobebeth13, United States of America
They are so wonderful!
knally13, United States of America
I love all of these!! I hope to receive them all, in time :)
smolsharkemoji, United States of America
GayeDoreen, United States of America
I love them! Fantastic!
EggsTheBest, Canada
Guernsey stamps are adorable!
Cheryll, Suriname
🥰 lovely Guernsey stamps!! I hope someone is willing to exchange a maxicard with me 🥰
reiselustig, Germany
Well, I also love the Guernsey ones best - simply great and very special with the personal touch!
I must admit, I am a bit "jealous" for these beautiful stamps - because Germany takes its time before a postcrossing stamp will be issues - but at least we know now, that one is planned... :-)
joshelton, United States of America
They are so cool!! Awesome!
ezredax, United States of America
Look great. Wish I could talk the US postal service into making one.
Regndroppar, Finland
I'd love to have any of those stamps! Especially Guernsey stamps are gorgeous! It's so amazing that such a small country/territory is so active in issuing Postcrossing themed stamps. :)
FUZY8, Austria
We have also a 80cent postcrossing stamp. But i try to get some of the new ones and will send this one :)
-Alter3ch0-, Finland
Really, really cool! I really hope one day to see a Postcrossing themed stamp from Portugal, its birth country. :D
AnnewithE, United States of America
Wouldn’t it be nice if every Postcrossing (place) country would have a Postcrossing stamp or two. These all are wonderful! Thank you for telling us about these stamps.
Waldo, United Kingdom
I hope there will be postcards printed of these stamps, as is sometimes the case. Austria's I fancy as poster.
susandg, Philippines
April_ka, Russia
I really hope that I can order stamps and MK or get it from the official mail to replenish my collection.
IndonesiaRaya, Indonesia
i'm so excited.. hope i can get them all 🎉🎊
honeyfritter, United States of America
Wow, these are amazing!
MrsBabl, United States of America
They are so beautiful! I sent a letter to the USPS stamp committee, suggesting a stamp for Postcrossing. Sadly they declined the idea. Maybe if more Postcrossers from the U.S. keep asking, one day we’ll have one!
Lunushka, Belarus
Great stamps! I like sending cards with "Happy Postcrossing!" stamps - I returned from meetup in Minsk with 2 sets of previous issues of "Happy Postcrossing" stamps
Actually, in Belarus we have and stamps are sold there, and it works properly for customers in Belarus, but there is no pre-order.
Nique, Canada
How wonderful of these countries to issue POSTCROSSING STAMPS!!
Shirley-Ning, China
How envious! I hope China post can also issue stamps with the theme of postcrossing!
Capricorn_Belarus, Belarus
The online shop delivers goods throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus and to foreign countries
Pacomole, France
This is a theme that is beginning to be successful.
At present, my list may not be complete, 15 countries have issued one or more stamps on this subject.
With colourful, abstract or figurative visuals that make people want to share images and words around the world.
It is a real promotional support for Postcrossing.
HookedonPostcards, Canada
All so unique and special!
Congratulations to Postcrossing members who lobbied for these beautiful postal jewels!
PaisleyEclipse, United States of America
They are all great. I would be delighted to get the one from Belarus.
kroete68, Germany
Awe, I love them all, but especially the stamps from Guernsey.
Flippie, Canada
I love them all. I hope to find one off those on my cards.....
idus, Germany
Wow, such good news! 🙂
Hope to collect them all. 🥰😍
Nisey, United States of America
Too bad that there isn't any being issued in the USA. I'd love to get some to send to you all. Hoping to get lucky enough to have one sent to me.
Penpal, United States of America
Ahhh so gorgeous! I'm so excited
Pullen, Netherlands
They are beautiful👍
Dame_Rime, Finland
Wow, all look great and unique! I must say Guernsey’s stamps are really cute :x I´m happy that we have postcrossing themed stamps available!
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Very nice new Postcrossing Stamps.. 😍
Rochusmeg, Germany
Every super. But Germany - no postcrossing stamps. Stupid!!
mounten, Italy
Every stamp is unique love them all!
marshabo, United States of America
I agree with AnnewithE. It would be wonderful if each country issued a POSTCROSSING stamp. We are all unique individuals, coming together to share and care for one another. One world. MarshaBo
orange_memo, United States of America
beautiful stamps. Hopefully, I will receive any of them on one official postcard over time, I think the Guernsey ones are the most beautiful that issues since a long time ago.
merylyndy, Spain
hola! they re all faboulous!!! In Spain we do not have stamps related to postcrossing!!! ggggrrr.. and only a few about illustrations!!!.. they are usually boring!.. . I thing Correos doesnt know a thing about us!!.
its a pity, my Pc friends.
Demmi, Romania
Love them!
I hope to find one-off those on my cards!
Great job:
Guernsey & Belarus & Austria!
:) :D
Robin67, Austria
I would love to have the Guernsey stamps (on snailmail), sadly that is so unlikely. :-(

But, at least, I should have no problem to get the Austrian one! ;-)
Pulmu, Finland
Hope to receive a card with one of these lovely stamps.

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