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About Jaana...

Moi! Hej! Hi! Hallo!

My name is Jaana (as Yana). I´m 50 years old librarian (Bibliothekarin). I´m interested in other countries and people all over the world. Every card has a story. I like to look stamps, too.
Please, NOT religion topics for me. Leute aus Deutschland: Bitte, schreiben Sie mir auf Deutsch :)

What do you like to show me of your country/ your culture/ the way of life?
I´m very interested in see places or things like these:
- canals, bridge over the river
- city parks, bloomy gardens, fountains
- high hills, hiking path, Nature parks
- view towers, lighthouses
- castles, palaces, old manor houses and villas
- card of Unesco world heritage site
- art card with a view of the village
- bicycles, rickshaw or scooters in the traffic
- people at domestic work or work at streets
- portrait of an author/ writer, painter, composer of your country
- folk dancing/ tango/ flamenco/ salsa
- all festivals/ carnivals
- theatre, people wearing a costume
- art nouveau, art deco
- vintage card 1890-1930 ´s (art or photo)
>>Please, date your card. Please, sign with your name, too :-)

I´m not a fan of multiview tourist cards or self-made cards, sorry. I´m interested in culture in many ways: events, cultural history and traditions.. I like to visit art/ photo exhibitions, theater and museums. I love beautiful details in old buildings; unique windows, doors and gates. Or spend a moment in a beautiful park. I like to travel and explore new places. I challenge myself to look familiar places in new eyes, of a new perspective. Have you tried it?

If you don´t have any ideas what to write, you can give me answer to one of these:
- Tell me about your profession or studies. Do you enjoy it?
- What made you laugh today?
- What has been your most exciting experience in your holidays/ travels?
- Have you read a good novel/book lately?

Happy postcrossing! Viva la Vida!

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