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FUZY8, Austria


(or Daniela) is a member in Austria . She has been a member for over 6 years (2,312 days).
716 sent 721 received

  • Distance sent: 1,562,813 miles
  • Last seen: 20 days ago
  • Website:
  • Languages: german, english, dutch
  • Birthday: 31st July
  • Interested in direct swaps: Yes Click to learn more about direct swaps
  • 84th on most postcards sent from Austria
  • 77th on longest distance sent from Austria
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Lat: 48.82, Lon: 15.28 | Google Maps

About Daniela...


-NOT send self print! DISLIKE!

-AVOID/DISLIKE/ NOT SEND: anne geddes, babys, cute angels, cats,clowns, dolls, soccer, manga, self print ! :(
Keep it for people who like it!

-I'm NO big fan of tourist postcard with boring buildings, but if you only have this, it's ok ;)

-Thx for read this!

♥♥♥ If you speak DUTCH, please write in dutch to me!!

Hello YOU ☺
I'm Daniela but say Fuzy. I'm married. I love laugh, sleep, be lazy, creativ and have fun. I like movies/series(TBBT, 2AAHM,...), drink black tea , drawing, tinker, cinema, muscle cars, good ♫, line dance, pets, nature, collect things (like stamps, LTB, ♥cinema tickets (if you have one, please send it to me with translation of movie name), coins, movie posters, sticker) play PS4, ...

♥♥♫ Elvis Presley ♫♥♥!!
♥♥ Pin up's!!
♥♥ Pixar/Disney
♥ movies/Blockbuster/movie-ad-cards
♥ Quentin Tarantino
♥ Hollywoodstars!!
♥ vintage reprints(esp.50's-60´s style)
♥ Burlesque
♥ Cupcakes/sweets/fruits
♥ Donald Duck
♥ Mickey Mouse
♥ Diddl
♥ comic/cartoon
♥ Mecki
♥ animals (♥esp. zebra, dog, wolf, bat, racoon, rabbit, skunk, kangaroo, penguin, panther, panda, gerbil, guineapig, polar bear, hedgehog, crow, big hairy spiders, moose, duck...)
♥ white or black animals
♥ zebradesign!
♥ Route 66
♥ (old)(muscle)cars (esp.from USA with V8-engine or a Ferrari F40)!!
♥ mushrooms/herbs/spices
♥ stones/minerals/crystals/caves
♥ mystical/mistery/fantasy/dragons/unicorn/leprechauns/dark/witches
♥ holiday/season greetings
♥ handmade (with time and love), no self printed!
♥ bunny suicides
♥ cards from postcrossing meetings
☺ glittering/colourfull/neon/holographic
☺ 3D/metal/unshaped/unusual/CD/DVD
☺ brands (like coca cola, red bull, diesel,...)
☺ Western (cowboys, saloon, whiskey, old style,...)
☺ Rockabilly ♫ Rock'n & Roll
☺ (road)signs
☺ Ireland
☺ Australia
☺ flaggs, beach, sunrise, night views, state name, landmark
☺ funny things
☺ birthday cards in july and august

[SWAP]:ONLY for cards related to my wishlist!
Thats the reason why I got such a big wishlist ^^
my SWAP cards FOR YOU:
special swap: we can work out ☺

I ♥ handwritten cards with pretty stamps.
If the backside is colourfull, with stickers,...i get a extra ☺
If you are nice, you can paint me a little picture on the backside, or put a tea bag/newspaperpart with the card in an envelope. I ♥ that so much!

ideas to write:
♠ date
♠ weather
♠ your car,pets,hobbys, last film in cinema
♠ first 5 words you think about AUSTRIA
@ @

I stopped counting Expired cards :(