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Happy New Year, everyone!

We’re starting the year with excellent news: Belpochta (the Postal Operator of Belarus) has launched a second Postcrossing-themed stamp on January 3rd — almost exactly three years after their previous stamp launched. Here’s what it looks like:

Postcrossing stamp from Belarus

The design, by Marina Vitkovskaya, mixes traditional Belarusian elements (like the folk embroidery and the blue cornflower) with a Happy Postcrossing message.

Victor (aka victorzenin), Evgenij (aka the_52cond), Maria (aka Ukurka) and Marina (aka Nelie) sent us some photos of the meetup that took place yesterday, to commemorate the stamp launch in Minsk:

Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup Postcrossing stamp from Belarus meetup

Looks like everyone was busy writing dozens of postcards and maxicards… hopefully they’ll soon brighten many mailboxes around the world! 😊


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Hurray! The Belarusian Postcrossing stamp was officially launched and is now out and about! While we haven’t set our eyes on a real specimen yet, postcrossers of all ages met at Minsk’s post office yesterday to use the first stamps and maxicards. Victor sent us some photos of the event:

Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch Belarus stamp launch

Brilliant! Victor tells us hundreds of cards were signed and sent, and lots of mailboxes all around the world will be happy soon! :)

Happy Postcrossing!

PS – If you’re curious, you can see many more photos here.


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Good news, everyone! On January 2nd, Belpochta (the Postal Operator of Belarus), will launch a new Postcrossing stamp! Talk about starting the New Year with a bang! :)

Here’s what it will look like:

Postcrossing stamp belarus

Isn’t it bright and cheerful? Each individual stamp measures 28×30mm and was designed by Inga Turlo.

The Belarusian Postcrossing community will be hosting a meetup on the launch day, which will take place in Minsk’s main post office. Stamps will be bought, and lots of cards will be signed and stamped with the special first day of issue cancellation mark… so if you’re in the area, do join them! :)

We’ve said a couple of times before, but it bears repeating: it’s an incredible distinction for Postcrossing to be featured on a postage stamp. Our heartfelt thank you to Belpochta for deeming the project worthy of such an honor – and of course, to all the postcrossers in Belarus. This stamp wouldn’t be possible without your enthusiasm! :)

Happy holidays everyone… and happy Postcrossing!


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