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About Vicki...

I like to receive postcards of any type and topic and enjoy hand-made ones as well as store-bought.

I am happy to receive holiday postcards. 🎁🎄

My name is Vicki. I live on Hindmarsh Island in the estuary of the Murray River (longest river in Australia) where it exits to the Southern Ocean. I live in an area that is part of the Ramsar environmental area and live on the waterfront. I have 4 grand-children.

I visited other Postcrossers in Germany and Netherlands and Belgium in November and December 2011. I had a great time. 🌍

I have several interests and they include Postcrossing (of course). I am an armchair traveller 💺 and like to see the world as well as showcasing Australia through the medium of postcards.

With the advent of the digital camera I have found that I love taking photos. I display my photos on flickr and have many spectacular (well I think so) sunrise and sunset pics. I also like recording the world around me through pics.

My other interests are the environment, I do live in the middle of the Coorong National Park so it isn't hard to be interested in the habitat around me, I am a member of the Hindmarsh Island Landcare Group. I was a board member on the Goolwa to Wellington Local Action Planning Board but retired from that position.

I like knitting and have been busy knitting for my newest grand-child.

Have a look at my photo's at
especially my sunrise and sunset pics. Majority of those are taken from my front door step. 🌅

My Faves are a mix of ones I have received as well as ones I like on other member's walls.

I like to receive postcards of any type and topic and enjoy hand-made ones as well as store-bought. 💖