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Since many of us are stuck at home, we thought this would be a good time to focus on things you can do at home with postcards… like decorating! We roamed the forum and asked for help on our Facebook page, and dozens of you kindly shared your walls, doors and other parts of your house with us. Below are a few inspiring glimpses into your homes and offices.

AMDGIHS2019's wall of postcards
Michael (aka AMDGIHS2019) in the USA displays his cards by placing them on the door to the study using removable poster tape, and changes the cards quarterly. He says it’s a blast of interesting color that everyone can appreciate every time they walk into that room.
barbie3000's wall of postcards
Barbra (aka barbie3000) from Canada found these card displays on Amazon and got a few. She keeps them in the walls of her home office.
artemisgreeneye's wall of postcards
Shelby (aka artemisgreeneye) in the USA wrote that she built a 54" × 40" wooden shadowbox to display her cards. She usually displays them in themes and changes things up once in a while.
TheBeaverFamily's wall of postcards
TheBeaverFamily in the USA reserved a whole wall to display their postcards, and noticed afterwards that the random arrangement of the twine mimics the trajectory of the postcards, coming from all over. So beautiful!
alexalevitas' wall of postcards
Alexandra (aka alexalevitas) in the UK says she has moved around quite a lot and a new “postcard wall” is what makes her feel at home. 💛
Lulu1998's wall of postcards
Lucie (aka Lulu1998) from France shared her bedroom wall with us. She used triangular scrapbook stickers to hold the postcards to the wall, so that they don’t get damaged. Smart!
CathyFay's wall of postcards
Cathy (aka CathyFay) in the USA has this display hanging above her computer desk and changes the theme monthly. Can you guess April’s theme?
SorayaTineBelgium's wall of postcards
Soraya (aka SorayaTineBelgium) has several walls on her house filled with postcards, and also keeps some organized in clear boxes.
room31's wall of postcards
TJ (aka room31) in the USA shared his map-themed living room, and it really makes us want to travel!
mojokin's wall of postcards
Patricia (aka mojokin) in Canada says she scooped this multi-armed photo holder at a thrift store, and repurposed it as a postcard holder. It looks like a burst of color!

You can see more examples and also add a photo of your own wall on this forum thread or Facebook post — we’d love to see it and be inspired! 😊


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55 comments so far

lostresviajeros, Austria
All of them look very very nice! My compliments!

STANS, Russia
Beautiful presentations! Thanks a lot for sharing!

sarisincap, Turkey

ned44440, Ireland
Fabulous. What great ideas and inspiration.

Geminiscp, Portugal
Nice ideas to keep busy while the quarantine period! Be creative! :)

mysweetlife63, United States of America
Thank you!

jonnyblair, United Kingdom
Great idea. I keep mine in a box!

Yevheni, Ukraine
Inspires me to make my own postcards wall

Agentin23, Germany
very pretty! i have only 9 postcards and they are still hanging over my desk.

RRT, United States of America
I'm starting my wall today!!!

alison41, South Africa
Some wonderful ideas. I enjoyed seeing the displays.

alexisl, Canada
All of these collections are so lovely. Thank you to everyone for sharing them.

Griffica, Bermuda
Very good and well done all!

saikat_das, India

Kareninmaine, United States of America
Love this idea -- thank you so much for suggesting it!

mounten, Italy
Great idea, my cards are hanging in a wooden frame before I storege them in Photoalbums so the frame changed very often.

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq

Gen24, United States of America
These are all so awesome! Love all the maps with pins!

Nakendorf, Finland
Great examples of creativity, I knew postcrossers are very inventive :)
Cathy, I love how you arranged the postcards near your desk (the seashells are so pretty too), April's theme is definitely Easter! Happy Easter!

reiselustig, Germany
Hello Ana, thanks for this great question - a pity that I missed it! I think I sent you some photos one or two years ago, showing my staircase decorated with postcards - using vertical metal lines with mini-magnets. Unfortunately I am not using the forum (couldn't even register right now) , so I cannot upload and participate with the staircase impression - but I can tell here :-)
There are hanging about 500 postcards - divided in two sections One shows the cards which have answered my question, what happiness means to them - because of the magnets it is possible to turn every card if you like to read some answers. The other part shows the postcards, who did not answer that specific question, but still sent beautiful postcards :-) Since I have more than 500 postcards I have to choose and change when I received new cards - sometimes not easy!
All the displays you showed here look really great as well :-)
Happy Easter and stay healthy to all postcrossers!

danielle110305, United States of America
Love these!

Kristi-D, United States of America
I'm going to look for that last multi-photo holder, since I'm out of wall space!

Flippie, Canada
I work as a recreation therapist in a senior home for people with memory loss. What I do with my themed cards, like the hummingbirds ones, I put them on a big board to display them for the residents. Like for April/Spring i just put those up. It bright there day specially now! in this difficult time.
-Stay healthy - keep smiling - keep writing -
PS I love the displays above. XO

Flippie, Canada
If you feel up too to write a card to the residents where I work, pleas do, you make them happy and I will display them, promise.
Write under my name;
Anneke Wijkstra , recreation dep.
Beacon Hill Villa
635 Superior Street
Victoria BC
Canada V8V 1V1

Miguel-Isaias, Portugal
Very inspiring!
Thanks for sharing.

Giansa, Italy
Good idea to use postcard!!!

Charlin-young, China
so interesting. these postcards means that we connect together.

wifetoalineman, United States of America
These are so nice and very cool. I enjoyed reading and looking at those beautiful postcards.

lilacs-and-figs, United Kingdom
These are all wonderful! 🤩 Thank you to everyone for sharing the images of your displays and cheering us all up.

artemisgreeneye - have you considered building more of these postcard shadow boxes to sell to your fellow Postcrossers? I think you would have a market for them. :)

babytreese, United States of America
I think out of all the blog posts, this is my favorite!! Great displays guys! You've given me some ideas!!

Cemee, Finland
These are so awesome ❤️

betslets, United States of America
One way I have displayed some of my postcards is on my avatar which I have also had made into a postcard I often send to "new" postcrossers. The picture gives an idea of the many :books" where I've kept postcards over the one time, I could buy albums that specifically read: "Postcard Album" and were created for regular or large sized.

Because I share my home with my son, I have been very nice not to take over ALL the wall space; however, I have one wall, along a hallway off our kitchen, where I have multi-slot frames filled with various favorite postcards that I might rotate every once in awhile.

The most recent postcards I receive adorn our refrigerator! Love seeing all the different displays! Thanks, Postcrossers.

jlynch9923, United States of America
Many fabulous displays. I also just redid one postcard wall in our guest bedroom.

leaflets, China
I really need a world map to show where my cards come from...

Ekmel, Serbia
Great ideas! I am still wrking a flexible idea...

4ke, Belgium
This is really nice to look at. I am looking forward to having more cards (I just started with PC) and to do something creative with them too! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures and congratulations to the persons who made them!

iphoto, Australia

sharifah, Brunei
what a great idea...i think im gonna start one soon...hehe

Rowergirl23, United States of America
so cool!...
wish I had the space for that

Liudmila0304, Ukraine
Hello everybody!!! What good ideas for storing postcards, it looks beautiful, and many received postcards can be admired every day. How nice to send a card to such lovers of cards. But five of my sent postcards have now gone in expired. Mail in the current situation works intermittently. And I have to temporarily suspend my postcrossing. I am so sorry. I wish you all good health and many happy moments! I love Postcrossing, see you soon.

Palani, Ukraine
thanks for the great idea!!! so beautiful!!!
I keep my postcards in a box, give them freedom and let the world see them)))

sacdalton, United States of America
Thanks for sharing all the great ideas!

Cassisia, Germany
Very inspiring, thanks for showing these great displays to us! 😃 I wish I had a free wall to put up a postcard exhibition...

triplightly, United States of America
Our community is so creative! Thank you for sharing and brightening our day.

notenoughpostcards, United States of America
So fun to see all the creative ways people have displayed their cards!

depechemode73, Italy
Beautiful works! 😃

CaptainColin, United Kingdom
So inspiring, makes me want to stick some of our postcards on the wall, we usually put postcards on the mantlepiece, and change them every few days.

RainWang, China
I didn't find my sent card in any of the picture, Defininetly I haven't sent out enough by all means. @_@

PtiSchti, Netherlands
Whoopee! I found my handmade card NL-4423133
"there's a WHALE, there's a way" on AMDGIHS2019 's door.
Thnx Michael!

pigletinchen, Germany
I like all the different displays. Thank you for sharing your ideas. And thank you Michael for putting my postcard on your door. All my postcard treasures are in some postcard albums and I love to look at them many times. The postcards are so lovely and beautiful.

Olia-lia, Ukraine
It's so cool. I have a little postcard display on the wall too. It's really a great idea!!!

mymax, Australia
Wow wee. These are fantastic images. All these lovely people are so clever and creative. I have been inactive for well over a year and this has inspired me to begin again.

RickyCai, China
wow,so good

Skegla67, Germany
Wonderful..i collect them and the postal cards i received i stuck them at our fridge ir in the home office place where we can see them. After a while they will be replaced and come in our postal crossing box..and we are nit so happy we look into this box and our grand child play puzzle with them...wonderful

BellSmallburrow, United States of America
Those are great! Thanks for sharing!

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