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About Petra...

Dear friends,

Hold on, it will pass!


Hoi Hoi!
How are you doing ('hoe gaat het' in Dutch) ?
I'm Petra, 52 yo and I live in North-Holland, one of the twelve provences of the Netherlands in the regio West-Frisian.
I live in the middle of those beautiful coloured fields full of tulips with which I grew up (so you don't have to send me tulipcards, I see enough of those 😁).
I'm a hardworking grandmother and I have a LAT relation with my dear man.
I like to be creative, to decorate the cards I send
and to make my work- art- journal.


Please, write me something about
the creative folk art or folklore that yóu create, why do you like it so much?
Or tell me some facts about what is on the front of your postcard,
why is it interesting? Do you have any stories about it? Do you have a connection with this particular picture? 

I'm looking forward to recieve your cozy card!!

I'm collecting:
- Creative Folk Art cards
- Famous Paintings from your land
- Recipe or food cards (or make one yourself? It's fun!)
Please look at my Flickr account for doubles
- Recipe or food stamps
- Paintings about food
- The cardboard packaging of your favorite food
- EditionTausendschön, CHRONIKKARTE, BuyWowPup, USA states

My collection:
I ordered the recipes on land so it's easy for you looking for doubles.

Handmade cards are very welcome! But not printed.

* From China: Year of the Monkey θ«‹ I'm proud to be a Monkey, my son is a Monkey, too!
* From Russia: Baba Yaga поТалуйста
* From Spain: the architecture of Gaudí por favor
* Nederland: de gratis postkaarten met bijpassende postzegel van PostNL zou geweldig zijn!

Please no 🚫 coffee cards (as I'm a greedy tea drinker) and
no multiview cards (I've reach the reading-glass age),
send them to those who will appriciate them more .


Populair send cards:

I drew them myself ☺
For these and more beautiful postcards: or
They ship worldwide.

Have a fine day and thank you for reading.
Talk to you soon.

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