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Michele (aka mikebond) comes from Italy, but currently lives in France. He’s a big fan of languages and can speak lots of them, including Portuguese — not an easy feat! Michele is also a big enthusiast of Postcrossing meetups, which is how we’ve met him a few times already. :) Here he is:

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

I have always loved sending and receiving postcards to friends and family members. At high school I started penpalling with people from several countries, but sadly I lost contact with them when I started university and had no time left to write meaningful letters.

So, imagine my excitement when, in 2008, Pinar, a fellow Turkish member of, told me about a website where you could send and receive postcards to and from all over the world. I immediately loved the idea of having my mailbox full of beautiful postcards and messages from strangers. Back in 2008, Finland was the most represented country on Postcrossing, and some people moaned about getting “always Finland!” (later, the recurring moan turned into “always Russia!”), but postal fares were cheaper, waiting times shorter, and it was easier to send to, or receive from rare countries. I received some of my rarest postcards in 2008 or 2009.

What is it your favorite part of the Postcrossing process?

Definitely drawing addresses, with the hope of getting a rare country, or an inspiring profile! Then reading the profiles and finding the appropriate postcard for each recipient.

Of course, opening my mailbox and finding beautiful postcards in it is just as amazing! The first thing I do when I get one is to read the message and look at the decorations and stamps. To me, an outstanding back side makes the ugliest postcard pretty!

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

This is the mailbox where I post my postcards in my Breton village:


We don’t have a real post office here, but only a “post relay”, i.e. a desk inside the mini-market, whose owner also provides postal services. The closest post office is in the nearby town, 5 kms far away, so I rarely go there. I always order my stamps online since La Poste’s online shop ships stamps orders within a couple of days and for free if you spend over 25 euros. Postmen here deliver the mail in yellow vans, between 10am and midday.

I keep most of my official Postcrossing cards in albums like this:


And since space is limited in my albums, I keep postcards from swaps, RAS, etc on piles like these:

Have you been surprised by any place that you have received a postcard from or sent a postcard to?

I was amazed when I received not one but two postcards from Mauritius in 2015, sent by Jordan and Tamera, two young siblings who had drawn my address simultaneously: MU-3168 and MU-3173!

More recently, I was extremely surprised when I drew an address on the Isle of Man. I was so happy to be able to send a postcard to this fellow Celtic land with only 25 postcrossers! And the recipient, Andrea, loved it, too!

Have you met any other members in real life?

I still cannot explain to myself how on Earth I could be a postcrosser for over 9 years without ever attending a Postcrossing meetup! Since I organised, and attended, my first two meetings in Italy in October and November 2017, traveling to such events has become an essential part of my Postcrossing experience. It is so much more fun to write postcards with old and new friends than at home alone!

So far, I have attended 15 meetings in seven different countries (Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria, Norway, Luxembourg and the latest in Belgium).

This photo was taken during my birthday dinner in Lisbon on 7 May 2018, two days after the awesome international meeting I attended there!


I would have never imagined I could have such an international celebration with new friends from Portugal, Belgium and Norway, but Postcrossing made it possible! Since my very first meetup, I have become increasingly convinced that “Postcrossing is real only when shared”, just like happiness.

Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

It is almost impossible to pick ONE favorite postcard out of about 2700, but I will choose this one:

mikebondfav lFAHqrKo

(Back of postcard posted with permission)

I have chosen it because it is the most beautiful Christmas card I have received so far. Christmas time is often a sad time of the year for me, but postcards like this one, wisely chosen, brightly decorated, and with awesome Christmas stamps, made it lighter than usual.

Have you inspired anyone else to join Postcrossing or start collections of their own?

Yes! After my first meetup in 2017, I was interviewed by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, which prompted over 400 Italian readers to join Postcrossing.

Moreover, my stories about postcards and meetings inspired a few (virtual) friends to try Postcrossing, including my Catalan tutor Carol. We even organized a Postcrossing meeting in her Catalan village in October 2018.

Sadly, I have never been able to inspire my family members to join Postcrossing. After more than ten years since I joined it, they still think I am a bit crazy!

Do you have any other interesting hobbies, or things that you’re passionate about?

Unfortunately (?), I have always been too curious about everything, so I have always had such a variety of hobbies that I often lack the time to devote to each of them.

My main hobby has been learning languages since I started studying French and English at junior high school. At high school I picked up Latin and German, then added a language after the other. Today I know a dozen of languages and have some knowledge of twice as many.

My other vital hobby has always been travelling. Since I was 7 years old, my parents and I travelled to a different part of France every summer for several years. When I was 17, I started attending summer school abroad (in England, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, and Slovenia). After that, I started travelling on my own and never stopped. I have travelled to half of the European countries and I aim to visit all of them. My latest visited country was Norway in July.

Another hobby I have nurtured since I was a child is collecting stuff: mostly coins and stamps, but also museum or transport tickets. In spite of this, I have never seen “official” Postcrossing as a way of increasing a collection, as its social aspect has always been more important to me.

More hobbies include reading, taking photos… and I must be forgetting something!

Besides these, I have been interested in Europe’s culture, society, and politics since I was a teenager. I used to volunteer for an Italian political party when I was in my early twenties, but now I no longer belong to any because I find it increasingly difficult to identify with one.

Since I have been living in the Breton countryside without a driving license and with an e-bike as my only autonomous means of transport, I have become increasingly passionate about riding my e-bike (I hadn’t ridden a bike for at least 15 years before buying my first one here in Brittany!) and interested in topics like slow/green mobility and alternative travel styles. I look forward to going on my first bike journey across Europe, hopefully soon!

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NIDUSKA, Finland
Thank you
ned44440, Ireland
😀 Great story. Always very interesting reading about our fellow Postcrossers 👍
cyberpaola, Italy
Thank you Mikebond for sharing your beautiful story and truly enthusiastic passion for Postcrossing!!!
See you soon... hopefully on a Meetup!
tendoriana, United States of America
It was very nice to read your story Michele :) especially that I was lucky and got a postcard from you :D
MelodyLM, United States of America
What a fabulous story, Mikebond! I'm new to Postcrossing and you've really inspired me. Thank you.
Phibatola, Greece
Γεια σου Μιχάλη from Brussels... nice job. I will meet you and our friends from various places in a few hours . I totally agree about the joy of meeting new friends and meetups . I wish Mieke and Jo would have told me sooner about them. :)
CorgiGirl, United States of America
Really enjoyed the interview and learning about Michele.
TerraPax, Czech Republic
Happy to have met you!
islander61, Bahamas
So funny to read this as I just registered a postcard from someone else in Italy :)
mpaulamoraes, Brazil
Thank you for sharing your great history with postcrossing!!
Nana805, France
I’m looking forward to meet Michele at the next Meeting ;)
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Greetings from Kenosha, Wisconsin! Great article!
-Auvergne-Adventure-, Belgium
We were lucky to meet Michele in the Perpignan meeting in 2018. He is a passionate Postcrosser and a very friendly and kind hearted man. We hope we meet again in future !
muskat794, Germany
And we have received a nice card from Michele today (the same day of this posting) :)!
CliffClaven, Luxembourg
Che il vento in poppa ti porti sempre più lontano - travel far, travel safe.
teachwi, United States of America
I recognize that favorite card! Fun! (-:
isagv, Germany
Hi Michele, see you later at the meeting in Brussels. After Oslo last year the second we join together. Very nice interview.
yampadres, Spain
I met Michele twice 😊always in Postcrossing meetings.
Thanks for sharing! Nice interview.
ybur, Czech Republic
I sat with Mikebond at the same table during Vienna Meeting in March 2018, really remarkable guy. Although I also speak/understand several languages, his linguistic portfolio is adorable.
Handrejka, Isle of Man
Thank you for the mention. I did indeed love the card.
myshellyamour, United Kingdom
Thanks for this great post, Michele sounds like a very interesting and lovely person! :)
Sprinkledonut, Canada
Great profile! Thank you for the interview, Michele. Hahaha, who doesn't love an "outstanding backside"? Bottoms up! :P
Chacha58, Belgium
Wouaouw, nice explanation… I'm from Brussels and recognize some people I already met, on your photo, Postcrossing is a big family!
carlafed, Italy
Ciao Michele!
Arrivederci al prossimo meeting
Thank you for your story and see you in the next meeting
Aedo1, Italy
Ciao Michele
ramcomp, India
A very well written blog. I loved the story
TimeZERO, China
That is great!
Cri_ciprea, Italy
Ciao Michele! I met you at the meetup you had organized in Pordenone. Hoping to see you again!
fisherman, Ireland
Great interview - Well done Michele
harrickson, United States of America
Thank you for sharing your Postcrossing story, Michele!
alison41, South Africa
Wonderful to meet Michele - a true Postcrossing enthusiast.
BevV, Zimbabwe
It is always interesting to hear other people's stories.
BlackPanda, Belgium
I was very happy to meet Michele during the last international meetup in Brussels. A very kind and clever guy. I hope to see him again.
WhiteKnight, Germany
Mi bone memoras vian interesan karton, skribite en kelkaj lingvoj, i. a. ankaŭ en Esperanto.
zomertje, Netherlands
Thanks for the story
moni6219, Italy
A very interesting story! Thank you, Michele, ciao
Stasele, Netherlands
Very nice post. I am sure that with all the languages Postcrossers can speak, Postcrossing helps you to maintain your linguistic skills - hurray!
Happy upcoming birthday, Michele!
itzibitzispider, Luxembourg
Ciao Michele
Well written ... was good to meet in Luxembourg ^-^
honeybee, Austria
Hello Michele,
It is so nice to meet you here again after we met already "in real life" at the postcrossing meetings in Austria and Norway. Thank you for your great and interesting story.
HLRaven, United States of America
How wonderful! I just received a postcard from Charity yesterday that was equally as great, so how funny to see that you chose a card from her as your favorite! :D Yay! I love how "small" our world really is!
mikebond, Italy
Many thanks for everybody's kind words! I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed my interview. :-)
PilotOne, Portugal
Congratulations, Michele, for this nice and very interesting interview.
I'm very pleased to know you personally and to have you as part of my friends circle!
Gen24, United States of America
Wow, grats to MikeBond! It is very interesting reading your interview! May you have many postcards ion the future!!!
Auscruiser, Australia
Thank you so much for sharing your story! It was very uplifting, and interesting! I am in Australia, and only been a Postcrosser for a little over 1 year, but am addicted - and love it! I hope one day there will be a Postcrossing meet in Australia!
bukets, Türkiye
Thank you for great wonderful story. Greetings from Turkey!
kalathiadhaval, India
Amazing story and well described...
Extremely thankful to you for sharing ...
cherrytree687, United States of America
One of my favorite postcards was also sent to me by Teachwi! I recognized her decorating style on the postcard! To this day it’s one of my favorite postcards! :D

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