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Writing prompt The writing prompts are an ongoing experiment that invites postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

August at last! Longer school breaks in the northern hemisphere typically happen in these hotter months, with families traveling together for their holidays… Which got us thinking about a suggestion from Norway_girl on the forum:

In August, write about a place in your city or area that you would show as a tourist guide.

Sounds easy enough, and it could be anything: a favorite attraction or viewpoint, or perhaps your preferred café? If you live in a big city, don’t be afraid to point out more unusual places, or something out of the beaten path.

So I’ll go first: if you ever visit Tavira, I would take you to see one of the oldest olive trees in Europe. It’s over 2000 years old, and still carries on bearing fruit, making shade, and putting our tiny human lives into perspective. 😊

What about you? What is special or unique about your hometown? Let others know on the postcards you send out this month!



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makeuplover, United States of America
Interesting! Will be doing this :)

ned44440, Ireland
For the first week in August the Galway Races 🐴 is the place to be for all the family. 😀 Plenty of excitement for all the family with fairground rides, stalls, horse racing, betting (only bet what you can afford to lose - set a budget and stick to it is the best advice) and lots of food. Enjoy❗

JuliaFrancisco, Belarus
If you ever visit Kobrin, I would take you to see the oldest park of A.V.Suvorov. one of the most beautiful places is the lake.It attracts both fans of the picturesque nature, and simple inhabitants of persons interested to drive in spring the-year period on catamarans. In the same place the new pier is constructed. The artificial embankment at the lake is arranged well, on it the snow-white rotunda is built.
Also in the park there are 18 attractions. They are for children and adults.
Also there are more than 70 species of trees. There is a fresh air.
You can walk on a long lane and visit aquapark where you can spend a time with your family and friends.
Happy postcrossing!

AmitxSahoo, India
If someone ever visit Bhubaneswar (The capital city of Orissa) I would highly recommend "Museum of Tribal Arts & Artifacts". This museum is one of the most authentic Tribal Museum. The collection of tribal artifacts are real and Artists doing live artwork and you can also buy it and overall it's a beautiful museum and it worth visiting in case you are in Bhubaneswar and I will also recommend Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves.


RalfH, Germany
<--- This cathedral is the place to be here in Aachen! It is more than 1200 years old and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since the UNESCO World Heritage List exists.
I write about it quite often, not only in August 2018.

mounten, Italy
I live in a area where a lot of tourists come to spend there holiday but there are a lot of nice quiet places to go to.The first week end in August ther will be the first Holi Color Festival I guess it might be very funny. A lot of DJ's from Italy and Austria will rock the village.

Navoda, Sri Lanka
I invite everyone from all around the world to visit Srilanka. It is amazing.

Glenbir, New Zealand
If people came to visit Christchurch, New Zealand I would show you our big cardboard cathedral which was erected following the earthquake that we had in 2011. It is mage up of many very large reinforced cardboard tubes

Mosshumla, Sweden
Stockholm has much to see and do for tourists. If there's only time for one thing, the absolute MUST-SEE is the Vasa Museum. I always tell people that, if they ask me (and even if they don't ask ;) ).

Flippie, Canada
If you visit Victoria BC on Vancouver Island (Canada) where I live than You have visit the BC-museum and Butchard Gardens for sure but, there is soooooo much explore! So be Welcome in our city and Island. - Yeah-

TheBattlefront2, United States of America
Cool! I have my own writing prompt on my profile

athinaral, Greece
If you ever come to Greece one of the places you have to visit is the Cycladic Museum of Art . It's really beautiful !

morgana66, Spain
What to say about my city, Seville, a union of several cultures and represented in its corners with vestiges of the peoples that have passed through it..... Iberians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs....Bathed by the Guadalquivir, separating it into two Seville and Triana. Marian City, stay of Kings, cradle of great Emperors and Kings, inspiration for writers and painters,....From our Giralda, identity sign of our city, palaces and Alcazar, streets full of legends in every corner and that cool in the heat of the summer, place of good food and tasting good wines and great infrastructure to visit the rest of the country.
What to say about my city....Come and fall in love with it.

Demmi, Romania
Great idea!
I will try something!
Some details about my home town are on my profile too!
Enjoy reading & watching!

RachelYin, China
Fantastic idea!
If you are in Guilin, you must love the way to Guilin Ronghu Library. There is a lake in the left of the road. The lake water is very clear, you can see floor of the lake through it. There are some greeneries beside the road. In autumn, you can pick different beautiful leaves here. The cicadas sing the songs which wrote by themselves ♪. The air is fresh all the time. And some lovers hand in hand walk here, with bright sweet smile. Everyone is happy here:)

Italienverliebt, Austria
If you ever come to Salzburg/Austria WALK up the hill with the fortress on. Just walk around and enjoy the different points of views down to the city. Even many people living here in town love to do this on the weekend. And don't be afraid if you come down on another place than walking up. Salzburg center is small and you can ask nearly everybody to show you the way back. Best start is behind the cathedral. Enjoy my home-town!

TheBattlefront2, United States of America
If you ever come to Gig Harbor the Harbor general store is great, it has pastries, postcards and a great look. Make sure to go downtown and see the harbor view, most postcards from here are that.

Florence0210, Canada
Sounds so fun!!
I'm a Taiwanese girl who working holiday in Canada. I live in a small town named Revelstoke!! It's in southeastern British Columbia. Four hours by driving to Banff and Lake Louise.
We are just next to the Columbia River and around of mountains, so many people rafting and doing kayak in the river during summer time. I strongly recommend go hiking in Glacier National Park as well!! We have many trails and good spots for camping!!
I only been here two months, but I really love this place, I tried rafting, kayak, fishing, hiking, camping, and enjoyed to swim in the river of course!! Everywhere is amazing!!

Janinelily, United States of America
Columbus Ohio has something wonderful to offer in every season. In summer the roadsides bloom with wildflowers and there are many festivals including the Ohio State Fair. In fall, find a sports bar and cheer on the Buckeye Football team with chicken wings and peanut butter/chocolate candy. In winter try some of the many ethnic restaurants Mexican, Vietnamese, and African. In spring, celebrate St Patrick’s Day with the Irish and new wildflowers!

nm_rockhound, United States of America
Here in Albuquerque, New Mexico you can do all the "touristy" stuff in just one day. Then we'll tell you to get out of town....most people prefer Santa Fe and Taos. I would recommend White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and Shiprock.

alison41, South Africa
I live in Cape Town, and at this time of year I'd drive you out into the veldt up the West Coast, because our beautiful Spring flowers are coming out early this year - we're still in our winter period, but not according to the flowers which covers big areas of the countryside.

hulottati, Germany
'If you ever comme to Bremen, I'll show you the Historical center of Bremen and invite you for a coffee on the Marketplace' - that's what I wrote to Hélène in Canada when I registered her postcard. And a week ago this suggestion became reality: she was in Hamburg with her husband for a German language course and they made a day-trip to Bremen. Amazing meeting!

Heepy, United States of America
My suburb was home to the first McDonalds restaurant in the world. Sadly, they tore it down in the 1980s. They did build a museum in its spot, but it was closed when I moved here (almost 6 years ago) because of flooding. For years, it sat there closed. Now they're talking about tearing that down too. You would think with all the money the corporation has, they would have flood insurance or work around that problem.

Anyway, there's nothing really to look at here. I do live close to O'Hare airport (less than a mile), but that's not in "my" city. Everything I would tell people to visit is not in my suburb. I just write the McDonalds story on cards a lot though.

FatimaIgnacio, Brazil
I live in Navegantes, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Our greatest tourist potential is the beaches. No pollution and proper for bathing and surfing. I identify with my city and the tranquility of it is all good.

Hello every one! I live on the beautiful Island Terschelling! Many people dont, know that the Netherlands also have islands! and one of them is Terschelling. On my profile you see the lighthouse Brandaris

Dandyman, Switzerland
Hello to you all! I live in the lovely city of Lausanne on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva facing the Alps. I am retired and I keep myself busy by giving guided tours ( in 4 languages: English, French, German and Russian). There is a very interesting 13th Gothic cathedral in the old town. I must also mention the beautiful lake shore from where one can take a trip on one of the old style paddle-steamers.

PeterCrombach, Netherlands
To be honest: I have been a tourist guide for some years (long time ago), telling about this interesting area and showing beautiful and unexpected spots. So it's my pleasure to tell about Zuid-Limburg (Netherlands) once again. Unlike the northern part of The Netherlands, which is flat and even situated below sea-level partly, this souternmost region has rolling hills, lush meadows and picturesque villages. The Zuid-Limburg region borders on Germany in the east and on Belgium in the south and west. And although the distance from 'east to west' is only some 25 kms, there is so much to be discovered: romantic castles, half-timbered houses, caves in Valkenburg, monumental buildings in Maastricht (hometown of Andre Rieu). Experience the warm hospitality and the extraordinary natural beauty of this area, truly deserving the 'small is beautiful' motto.

Sidolix, Germany
Good idea ! I´m living in Bavaria, Germany. If you visit LANDSHUT, the capital of Lower Bavaria, you can see two big sights, on the hill the castle TRAUSNITZ. Both, castle and town, were built AD 1204. In the middle of the town is the parish church ST. MARTIN, which has the highest brick tower in the world ( 131 m ) ! You´re welcome !

ljming0518, China
First, give a warm welcome to all friends to wuhan.
Located in the middle of China ,Wuhan is a good place for tourists.It is a pleasant city with beautiful lakes,many parks and modern malls which are worth visiting.They all are waiting for you.
Hubei province is called“A province with thousands of lakes”.The East Lake in Wuhan, much bigger than the West Lake in Hangzhou is as beautiful as the West Lake. The best way to experience the East Lake is to take a boat tour. It must be memorable.
Walking along the Chang jiang River is perfect . While walking on the bridge, you can get a view of three parts of Wuhan .It is really a feast for the eyes.
Hankou is Wuhan’s commercial heart.There are many modern skysckyscrapers there. It’s a shopper’s paradise. The famous business street is called Jianghan Road.Yon can enjoy the local special food and explore the lively nightlife.
Despite its size and modern look, Wuhan has still kept its old traditions and culture. Yellow Grane Tower has a long history.Many poets wrote pretty poems for it. Some temples,such as Guiyuan Temple,represent archaic religion.If you are interested in history, Hubei Museum is a good choice.You can learn about the art ,history and culture of city.
There is no such thing as a bad time to go to Wuhan.Each season has its characteristic. Whenever you come, there are plenty of activities to choose from.Wuhan is a friendly destination that welcomes tourists of all ages. A trip to Wuhan will give you a glimpse of the happy lifestyle of the people of Wuhan---who are known for their big hearts and friendliness.You are sure to have a good time in Wuhan.

Juliayana, Russia
Greetings from Yekaterinburg, the fourth largest Russian city! Due to the fact that some international events (including the FIFA World Cup) took place here, the city is becoming a popular tourist destination. For example, if you travel by Transsiberian railway, you won't miss it.
I've recently become a tour guide, enjoy it greatly and can tell you about the main sights in Yekaterinburg which are worth visiting.
The city’s unique location will give you a splendid opportunity to visit the monument on the border of Europe and Asia, make a wish, take photos and even stand with one foot in Asia and the other in Europe.
The most ancient wooden sculpture in the world, the Big Shigir Idol (approximately 9,500 years old), is displayed in our Regional History and Geography Museum. If you want to see a man-made creation twice older that Egyptian pyramids, come to Yekaterinburg.
Yekaterinburg is a city with rich cultural heritage including lots of architectural monuments. In one district you can see merchants' mansions of the 19th century, Constructivist Soviet-era buildings and hi-tech skyscrapers. Visiting the Vysotsky skyscraper for a bird’s-eye view of the city is a must!.
There are lots of unusual monuments which can interest you in Yekaterinburg. The monuments to the Invisible Man and to the Keyboard are among them.
The mineral wealth of the Urals is famous all over the world. Items made from our minerals are the best souvenirs from Yekaterinburg. You can choose something to your taste in local souvenir shops.
And of course, you should try authentic food of the Urals, because where else if not here? You can start with the most famous dish of our region – pelmeni. Pashtet – a cozy restaurant in Ekaterinburg city center – makes a classic version of this dish with different types of meat. Also you can try EkaterinBURGER at Steak House, that is a burger made in Ekaterinburg with all local ingredients. So, technically, Ekaterinburg is the only place where you can try it.
The city has much more wonders for you to discover. So come here and see everything with your own eyes.

justicepirate, United States of America
I look forward to this!! I feel I do this often enough already, but now I'll go more extensively. I hope I get a few of these prompts sent to me too because that is my favorite!

justicepirate, United States of America
In my hometown where I grew up there is a dinosaur fossil that was found and they built a library around it on display for all to see! I can't remember which type of dinosaur though. I guess it is time I go see it again to freshen up my memory!

Juju_Djabate, Russia
I like Lisbon. I can recommend to visit Maruto bar. Rua Cais de Santarem 30. It is nice place to drink or eat))) hot chocolate. It is amazing. Moreover you can walk in Alfama that is very close to this bar. Lisbon is love🌝

BrnoBuddy, Czech Republic
I'd recommend Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. You can experience it in a number of different ways and it has a great mix of historical and modern architecture to take in. There isn't one specific tourist attraction that stands above others in Brno, but the city has a "vibe" to it and has taken on something of a reputation as a place to go for food toursits visiting the country over the last half decade or so.

butterflycard, Malaysia
I recommend the Bicycle Island, also called Pulau Ketam and /or crab island.I have been twice to this island.There is a bank, a school , a police station and even a fire brigade.There are no buses and cars.There are only bicycles and mopeds to get around.This island is near the capital city Kuala Lumpur.There are excellent hotels due to the high number of tourists.

Vossie, Netherlands
My town Zaandam in the Netherlands is a nice mixture of old wooden houses, modern buildings and old industrial warehouses but for me the real treasure is the Czaar Peterhuisje. This is a small museum and it contains a wooden house where Tsar Peter of Russia has stayed in 1697 when he was in my town te learn the profession of building ships. In 1895 an stone house was built around it to protect the little house.
From Amsterdam it is easy to visit Zaandam, 10 minutes by train.

ozmags, Australia
If you ever visit Hobart in Tasmania, the first thing we would do is drive to the top of Mount Wellington which overlooks the city. A stunning view on a clear day, I would also take you there for sunrise. From there, we would drive down to the Huon Valley for lunch at Franklin, home of the best reflections that you will ever see. Come back to Hobart via the road that takes you through Cygnet, and around the southern coast of Tasmania back via Woodbridge. It is a lovely outing, and lots of photos to be had. Enjoy

Burnster, Netherlands
If you visit the Netherlands I would also recommend the region Zuid Limburg. Like Peter Crombach suggested. I would make a stop in the middle of Limburg and check the floating houses in Marina Oolderhuuske (Roermond) and enjoy the scenery. Best way is to rent a bike on a sunny day.

brenda_ramirez, United States of America
I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. There really isn't much on a tourist level to do . We have a few museums and the Hard Rock has a casino here. The bar scene is growing downtown and it has a few hip places to grab a bite and a beer. In the summer I like to hang at Blue Hole. It is a natural spring of cold water. My friends and I like to grab a picnic basket and some lawn chairs and laze out in the water to cool off.

Lolita_Minako, United States of America
I live in the tourist hub of the southern US...Central Florida. Close your eyes and pick a spot, we have everything from kitschy traps to the Almighty of Tourist sights: Disney World, and everything in between.

Crystalinne, United States of America
I live in the NorthWest part of Florida, called the Panhandle. It's literally a different time zone than Disney, Miami, or even the state capital, but it is a gem of a place with gorgeous white sandy beaches. I tell everyone who comes to try McGuire's Irish Pub. It's so much more than a bar! It's a restaurant with different themed rooms, over a million dollars hanging from the ceiling, and awesome food served in huge portions, good for sharing. Oh, we also have FudPucker's which has many live alligators to watch safely from up on the porch. You may even choose to have your picture taken with a baby one with his mouth safely taped closed.

sariela, Czech Republic
Do you like surprises?♥
I'm from Moravia -Czech republic
the way to the adventure expedition, will delight

farheen_shaikh, India
Hello, I am from India, I live in very small town Haliyal , District: Uttar Kannada,State:Karnataka. My this small town is surrounded by forest and a river. :) I just love this nature. Due to rainy season its so cold here. Around this town there are many Sacred and religious places like Murdeshwar, Gokarna, Karwar many more. Even you can find nature and wild life areas. The famous one is 'Kali Tiger Reserve' , 'Dandeli Wild Life Sanctuary, and many more. also you can visit many Water Falls and Beaches :) so if you want to enjoy the beauty and silent Nature or Forest then you can visit Dandeli :) And from Haliyal it just take 30 mins to reach Dandeli. The best place i suggest .
The nearer airport is Goa, Banglore , Manglore.

cathysmith, United States of America
I live in Stillwater, Minnesota and the Boundary Water Canoe Area (BWCA) is where I would take a tourist. It is incredible!!! There is a whole culture up there in the North!

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