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About Andrea...

Watched 1000 journals on TV & thought could I collect 1000 postcards? Found this website - I have the nice box to put them in, now I need the postcards to start coming. I may never get to St Petersburg, Iceland or the Galapagos Islands, but I may get a postcards from there, and that would be pretty cool!

I'm from Tassie incidentally, that's Tasmania on the map for you non locals! And we are the island at the end of the world, the island state of Australia.

Interests: Photography, lapidary, travel, reading and I LOVE MAIL (except those nasty window faced ones - they are yucky)

Postcard types, anything really, I don't mind if you want to send me your own photographs as a card, that's cool. Or show me your home town.

Plants and gardens, especially Cacti - I've been growing them for 30 years and I love them!

Rocks, Minerals & fossils, Dinosaurs & Amber

Waterfalls, Icebergs (& Auroras) , Reflections, Mountains, Volcanoes, Sunsets, Sunrises, Beaches. Skyscrapers & Castles, Churches / Mosques / Cathedrals / Temples

Lighthouses - they don't have to be by Jean Guichard, but if you have his photos, they would be greatly appreciated!

Black and White - Ansel Adams YES PLEASE

Clocks & locks & old street lamps & wrought iron fences (it's weird I know) and wooden gates too

Trains - especially old steam trains
Sailing Ships - tall ships rather than yachts!
Zeppelins & Hot Air Balloons - Go ballooning if you can, it's sooooo peaceful & great photos to be had....and I don't like heights.

Paintings by Van Gogh (damn you Dr Who)

Frogs, Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Tortoise
Birds - Puffins, Albatross, Birds of Prey & Owls, Gannets & Blue-Footed Boobies,
Bears, Wolves & Foxes,
Big Cats (and their little cousins too)
Dogs (Snoopy is my favourite cartoon dog)
The Muppets
The blue cat, I need the blue cat

ABSOLUTELY NO SPIDERS............If it's got more legs than thee and me combined don't send it! Or Nudes thanks very much!

I'm interested in direct swaps, so if you are contact me or put your address on the card you are sending me (I will always send you a reply). If you favourite my cards, & you have yes to interested in direct swaps, I will contact you. If you have no, you need to contact me. Feel free to write hello & goodbye in your native tongue rather than English if you like. I've started a website of postcards for private swaps, have a look, if you don't find anything you like send me a message, I always have others that aren't shown there.

I hope you enjoy the cards I send, as much as I enjoy sending them (i love receiving yours).



PS: Postcards and fountain pens what a great combination.😍
1000 postcards...achieved and still going

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