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About Julia...

Hello from Yekaterinburg!
I am Julia, an English teacher and a tour guide.
My avatar is a card showing FIFA World Cup volunteers, I was one of them in summer of 2018 working at our new stadium.
I used to collect postcards when I was a child, when I found out about Postcrossing I got hooked. The best thing about Postcrossing for me is choosing a suitable card for a particular person. I love the idea of making people you will never meet smile.

Dear postcrossers, I use the cards in my lessons of English (describing, comparing, making stories, discussing quotations, etc), so don't send multiple images or ad cards, please. It would be great if you wrote about your interests, the most popular sights in your area, traditional dishes, customs, etc.

You will make my day if you send me one of the following:

Christmas and NY cards in December
People (especially kids, people dressed in national costumes and royal families) These cards are the best for my classes!
'Greetings from...' by Postallove
"Happy Postcrossing" series by Papersisters
Map cards
The most well-known sights of your own town or country
Anything related to the English language and UK
The USA state maps with symbols and main sights (You can see which postcards I have got below)
Facts, quotations, idioms in English
'Keep calm'
Harry Potter
Teddy bears
Blue Cats by Irina Zenyuk
Funny animals
Inge Löök’s Merry Aunties
Chocolate, cakes, tea, coffee
Humorous or colourful cards
Cartoons of your country
Where is Wally now?
Серия Города России

If you don't have any of these themes, just send a card you would be happy to get. Any card will be cherished.

I may tick your card as a favourite one, but in a while I delete it because in the list of favourites I have the images of the postcards I would love to get.

I love beautiful stamps. No envelopes, please. Can you please put a date on the card and write your name? I always leave a thank you note under the image of your card.

Juliayana means two names - Julia (me) and Yana (my daughter). She is also interested in Postcrossing. Her hobbies are reading (she is a real bookworm), writing poems, watching fantasy films, learning Chinese and riding a bike. You can send a card concerning one of Yana's interests, it will make her happy.

My 6-year-old son Denny who adores LEGO and cartoons said the other day that he was dreaming of getting his personal card.

Postcrossers from the USA, I'd like to gather a collection of state maps. If you have such cards, can you do direct swap with me? I have got Pennsylvania, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana,Texas, California, Alaska. Through direct swap I have got New York, Iowa, New Jersey, West Virginia, Delaware, South Dakota, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Ohio, Oregon, Wisconsin.

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