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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

Since I joined Postcrossing, I’ve started thinking a lot more about stamps. I always used to have some around from writing to my parents while I was at university, but I didn’t think a lot about them until I started being more aware of the sheer variety available. Other people’s interest in stamps made me take an interest too: seeing requests to receive specific stamps made me look for them wherever possible, and then keep up with what other stamps might be available so I could make sure to use some interesting stamps. So this week’s topic was prompted by John (aka mezzanine2) in the forum!

In February, write about the stamps you’re using. Is there a story behind them, or why you’re choosing them?
A photo of a book of plain British first class stamps, with King Charles III's head

For quite a while, even before I used Postcrossing, I personally liked using the “country definitive” stamp for Wales, with the dragon on it for first class, a leek design for second class, and a daffodil for international stamps. I had to order them online, since I live in England, but for me it was a little way of showing where I come from. The dragon is of course one of Wales’ best-known symbols, and is on our flag. The leek on a second-class stamp is actually a design carved in Welsh sycamore wood, and is another symbol of Wales: one of the stories behind that is supposedly that a 7th century Welshman who was king of Gwynedd, King Cadwaladr, told soldiers to wear leeks on their helmets to help them identify each other during a battle. And finally the daffodil is the national flower of Wales, and often worn by Welsh people on St David’s Day. They probably snuck in because leek is “cennin” in Welsh, while daffodils are “cennin pedr”… and daffodils look prettier pinned to your jacket!

In the UK, it’s also an interesting time as the stamps are in the process of switching from having Queen Elizabeth II’s head to having King Charles III’s profile. Sometimes at the moment I’m using one of each monarch to make it up to the right value!

How about you? Do you choose interesting stamps, or just get whatever the post office have? You can share your thoughts in the comments here, or use this as a prompt for what to write on your postcards this month!

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Regndroppar, Finland

I have a vast collection of different stamps, so I can pretty much choose a stamp to match the recipient's wishes or the card I am sending. :)

Schreibpassion, Germany

Choosing the stamps: I also like to leave it to the post office because it's a nice surprise what you get.

Inspiranta, Ukraine

I would like to learn which stamps are OK for sending letters abroad. It would be easier to find the best ones due to the person's interests. Yeah, I would love to choose them myself.

CorgiGirl, United States of America

I keep my stamp selection simple & purchase either the Global or Postcard stamp (US).

GayeDoreen, United States of America

I try to use stamps that kind of follow the theme of the card I sent or some of the other wishlist items on the person’s profile. It’s all part of the challenge. 😃

jessicaamk, United States of America

I will use multiple stamps to equal up to the value of an international stamp. I know others love seeing different stamps from each country. Right now I have piñata stamps, sail boat, cats/dogs, Uncle Sam and the pear stamps.

ChattyCathy, United States of America

I also try to match the stamp with the theme of the card or the person’s interests. I always put my state stamp on my home state postcard, world postcrossers love that.

convert, Netherlands

mid November in the Netherlands, we can buy special December stamps, they have always nice pictures, they are sold on a sheet of 20. Unfurtunately I didn't sent many Christmas cards this christmas so I am using them for my post crossing cards, I do hope you'll like them.
When they are gone I will try to buy some special edtion ones as I am sure you love to watch the stamps as well as the postcards.

Starfevre, United States of America

Since I started postcrossing, I've bought at least one sheet of every domestic/international first class, extra ounce, 2 ounce, 3 ounce, and all of the small demonimations (usually a big giant roll). So I have a lot to choose from and I try to tailor to the person's interests so long as I don't just cover it up with stamps. I like the writing part too.

grimentzblau, Switzerland

In Switzerland, every year the stamp creators of the Swiss Post are celebrating so many things with these little piece of art, and then, we have the choice on almost all the different topics. Glad, that they will still produce these varieties.

mezzanine2, Canada

Thanks for using my suggestion for the February 2024 writing prompt!

Instead of using one international rate stamp from Canada Post, a postcard mailed from Canada to the rest of the world can have three domestic rate stamps. These stamp are often more interesting as their designs, subject matters and even shapes are often more diverse and colourful.

I think of it as soft diplomacy in the form of a small gallery as it reveals some of the stories of Canada. It's also an opportunity to learn about what other countries consider as subjects for their stamps.

Original post is here:

Rosario_Sannino, Italy

Very interesting!!

SgtTom, United States of America

I try to send stamps that match the card and/or the person's interests also. However the size of the stamps is also a contributing factor. Stamps can take up a lot of room on the back of the card.

Postenkartenfan, Germany

I usually use the latest special stamps from "Deutsche Post." (German Post).......

Tang_China, United Kingdom

I've been using the Queen's head stamps printed directly from the post office, but recently I've been buying a lot of specialty stamps - Harry Potter, Paddington Bear, Tutankhamun and other themes

Bucuresti, Romania

Yes I always try to use attractive postage stamps, if possible matching the addressee’s tastes (today I received a nice “thank you” from Imogen in Australia today that was super nice.. I had used a postage stamp with a picture of a cat, one of her likes).

I appreciate appreciate all postcards but it is and extra bonus when there are one or more beautiful postage stamps.

ZeroOna22, Russia

Usually the recipients are interested in local views or culture, so I try to put a stamp with the Kremlin, one of our local landmarks, on the postcard. Because of the small denomination, I have to glue other stamps. These can be berries, nature, animals, flowers. I don't send many postcards, so I don't have a lot of stamps.
Unfortunately, the post office is not very interested in selling art stamps. I have to look for them in special stores or order them online.

jjmedusa, United States of America

I have been buying postage stamps and sending mail for my entire life. And once the U.S.A. switched to the "Forever" stamp model, I amassed a large collection of "Forever" stamps so I have stamps of almost all subject matters now. I also buy low and high denomination stamps too, such as the 1c Bobcat, 40c Fox, and $1 stamps, amongst others. I love stamps and I try to use as many as I can on the postcards that I send. I also love it when I receive a postcard with lots of stamps on it. For instance, I recently received an official Postcrossing postcard from Belgium that had 6 stamps on it!

Demmi, Romania

I keep my stamp selection simple - whatever the post office has!
Happy Postcrossing!

Shemchuk_nata, Ukraine

Good afternoon everyone. My interest in stamps began in childhood.
Over the course of 23 years, I have accumulated a large collection. When I buy a stamp to send, it must be artistic, not standard.

Aguaroble, France

I always take a looong time to see the small details of the stamps which are on the postcards I receive, and usually around twenty minutes to find the right stamp(s) which would correspond to the receiver's profile, or the postcard.
In my opinion, stamps are real works of art, especially when they are engraved in the traditional way. That' why the stamps I use are always different. I sometimes send First Day Cover, so then it depends on the theme of the newly released French stamps.
However, I am not sure if stamps are that important for other Postcrossers, as they are very rarely noticed in the Hurray messages :)

bunnywithatoolbelt, United States of America

Great prompt! I love using a mix of stamps, and usually tell the recipient their origin if it feels relevant to their interests. I wish more did this because I love seeing so many beautiful stamps from around the world and want to learn about them!

Lies76, Belgium

I bought a mix of stamps for Europa & World, online. Fun to choose the perfect one.

ahardrainfalls, United States of America

It’s all about the stamps for me! I’m the favorite customer at my post office - and the stamps on postcards I receive are half the enjoyment!!

HookedonPostcards, Canada

I didn't 'get' my dad's stamp collecting hobby.
Until I started to travel, and when I bought postcards I actually thought about the kinds of stamps my dad might like to get.
This led me to the habit of trying to buy what I always call "pretty stamps"; not the ones with the flag or the queen or the singular landscape scene, but one of the special issues that do not stay in print long.
That's because I finally get it: every stamp is a work of art and has a unique story / history behind it. And as we know, that little bit of pretty sticky paper takes a message a long way round the world. Including the message of the stamp. That is, why was 'that' design chosen? What meaning does it have?
I try to add stamps on a card that somehow relate to a profile. Not always possible. But, it always makes me - and the receiver - happy when I can.
Thanks for the nice prompt suggestion! You bet I'm going to follow through!

werewegian, United Kingdom

We have new Weather Forecasting stamps in the UK today which I bought and ordered online. I buy most of the new issues. We are lucky that we have more than a dozen each year. I try to combine stamps on cards such as using a 1st class (£1.25) and a £1 stamp. Luckily there were two issues last year that had £1 stamps in the set. Hopefully we'll see more.

cec42410, France

I collect stamps myself and I like to share the beautiful stamps with the people to whom I send cards, as far as possible I try to put stamps corresponding to the cards I send or according to the themes read in the postcrossers profile. When someone collects them I try to find stamps in my collection that might interest them and this in an envelope. For me, stamps are works of art. I regularly buy beautiful stamps to use on my cards for postcrossers

Chocola-t, Canada

I use the stamps that my father collected in the 70’s and also buy vintage stamps and try to match some suggestions on the profile. As I have to use often 4 to 6 stamps to cover the shipping, it is a long processus for me! But when I get a message telling that the stamps are great, it worths the effort to me!

msquared47, United States of America

I collected stamps when I was growing up and still have all of them: US, Canada (they were always so colorful) and the UK because I am a fan of the Royal Family. I'm always buying stamps that "say something" at the post office for my mail and I love seeing the stamps I get from all over the world on my postcards.

PeggyLoh, Singapore

Hi all,
I like to use the latest stamp issue meant for international delivery.....I will buy more if it is an interesting ones like long stamp, big stamp, nature, art etc. A lot of times, I can see that the requestors ask for commemorative I am I am a stamp collector too......cheers

JonathanChua, Singapore

Hi all,
Yes, I am using commemorative stamps for all my "send" cards as this is mostly requested by PostCrossers. As a stamp collector myself, I can easily order from my familiar post officers in the Post Office. They will inform me of any new stamp issues n I will place order for the new stamps for my "send" postcards......interesting postcard should come with interesting stamp/s too......hope all will do the same........cheers.

petrini1, United States of America

I try to buy interesting ones at the post office, and I also use older stamps that I find on eBay. It's fun to mix and match them to make up the right amount of postage.

Granja, United States of America

I am quite new to postcrossing. For me, the stamp is as important as the postcard! I get equally excited about each. I have quite a collection of stamps and try to fit the stamp to the theme or the card, or at least the person's likes. Sometimes I choose color coordination with the envelope. I will often use a more expensive stamp than is necessary if it fits the theme better. I am an official geek.

Ratukas, Lithuania

In our country, any stamp issued is artistic. I buy stamps in the collectors' department.

indianagil, France

As a philatelist, I try to use some nice stamps on the postcards. When possible, according to the interests mentioned in the Postcrosser profile. Using older stamps, which have lower face values, allows to affix more stamps on the card or on the envelope ;-)

EdithK, Netherlands

For me a postcard is a piece of art, including stamps etc. I buy my stamps in the "Collect Club" of PostNL in special shops online.
So I have stamps with different themes to match the wishes of the recepient or the postcard's theme. I love to be creative this way.

Pistenqueen, Liechtenstein

I use stamps issued by Philately Liechtenstein.I try to include as much from Liechtenstein in a postcard that I can, so a nice postcard will also have a matching stamp, if possible.

mapcardcollector, United Kingdom

I have a stock of stamps covering the last 50 years so I mix and match to make up the value. If I can I choose stamps that fit the interests of the recipient of the card.

doryfera, Canada

As Mezzanine2 said above, I try to use 3 domestic (“Permanent”) Canadian stamps on my cards, if space allows. The selection is much broader and more interesting that way.

I’ve seen people do quite interesting things with stamps, e.g. a little speech bubble coming out of a “face” stamp or a stem or vase added to a “flower” stamp. I’d like to do that more!

miklenic, Germany

I think stamps are essential and an integral part of Postcrossing. Great stamps are the icing on the cake!

Carygirl, United States of America

Love to use different stamps. If someone says they like cats, if I have a cat stamp, I put on the PC. It's fun!

Gerda-RD, Netherlands

I'm a stampcollector since I was a young girl and buy now stamps online. There are much more nice stamps to choose. When there are new stamps (mostly a stamppaper with 10 or 6 different stamps) I buy more for the Postcrossing. And I have made a stamp from our youngest cat. There are stamps with a 1 (0-20 gram), a 2 (20-50 gram) and a 1 International. But I don't like that, so I put often 2 stamps with a 1 on the cards or envelopes. It's more expensive but a hobby simply costs money. People, who collect stamps too, I sent mostly double stamps in an envelope.

edrahe, United States of America

Until I joined PostCrossing last October I did not pay attention to stamps on anything. I simply stocked up on our boring international stamps. Then I began noticing stamp requests on profiles and started getting into the stamp game. I've stocked up on all kinds of stamps and have even designed my own set of postcards with an undivided back. The front features one of my pictures and plenty of space for the message. This provides lots of room on the address side to plaster with as many stamps and stickers as possible. I also started to pay more attention to stamps on received cards. I only go stamp crazy if they are specifically requested on the profile.

illuru, Russia

I have been using stamps with the image of the coat of arms of Murmansk since 2022. Because there are things more important than aesthetics.

zifffo, Australia

I send mostly maxi-cards these days so the stamp always matches the subject on the card . the recipients seem to like them . And so do I as it keeps the costs down. And they never expire (thank you Australia Post) so I can use ones going back to the 1980s. I just wish all post office workers knew what a maxi-card is, most don't.

3Trochees, United States of America

I purchase old (US) stamp issues from collectors to use on my Postcrossing cards. I have a large assortment of stamps dating back to the 1940s. For me it's fun to think of my recipients receiving stamps that they wouldn't otherwise find in their mailboxes. If I can match as stamp image to the recipient's wish list, I try to do that. Sometimes the issue date of a stamp or the image can itself be something to write about. An interesting array of stamps that fits on a card and adds up to the correct postage is not always the easiest thing to compose, but I want my recipients to know I took my time to send them something special.

cook_eat_repeat, Germany

I love finding stamps that match the card's theme or another favourite of the recipient. I had that on one of my first received cards and it made me realise that despite not collecting, I love getting beautiful or interesting stamps.
I don't like many of the newer designs German post has issued, and I usually buy my stamps online because the selection is much bigger (even though it was slimmed down quite a bit, along with the number of post offices with extra philately counters).

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands

I mostly use the international stamps you have to order. Not the regular ones. For example : The Europe Stamps. (See other blogs) When the profile asks for more stamps, I usually paste more than one inland stamps. Also : not the regular one with the King (that every shop has) but the special ones from the post-office.

Moorgeist, Germany

I don't collect stamps, but I enjoy beautiful motifs and therefore always have a selection from which I choose the right one for the recipient, if possible. And then I'm even happier when the recipient appreciates it :-)

honeyfritter, United States of America

Stamps are significant. I love the art and choices we would not see in the US if it wasn’t for postcrossers who choose to share interesting stamps! They are breadcrumbs, little hints about people and culture.

Flippie, Canada

I buy my stamps at a big store called "London Drugs". It's very convenient and easy. I got most of the time nice comments about my stamps.

Friz, Italy

Stamps are very important for me. I collect since mid 80's. I love to make the postcard more acctractive so when I go to the post office I use to ask the clerck about special subjects like trains, nature, fauna,flora, ships, cars, castles or churches that are always appreciated. Big size only. I hate small definitives. If you need anything from Italy please ask. Ciao

thepaperglobetrotter, Canada

I love to choose the perfect stamps as much if not more than choosing the perfect postcard! And I'm always excited to receive cards with multiple pretty stamps. I buy stamps from the post office every two or three months and like to get a mix of the latest designs as well as some favourites. I also like to buy older mint stamps on Ebay, I don't use them a lot on International mail because I would need too many, but they are fun for domestic or US mail :)

thstreit, Switzerland

For me, a beautiful Postcrossing postcard consists of 3 parts: the card motif, the stamp(s) and the text.
Stamps are a cultural asset - I'm happy to live in a country that issues 50+ new stamps every year. And that you can still use all stamps since 1964 (some even those from 1938).
The selection of suitable stamps is therefore just as important to me as the selection of the card motif.

tumkrubb, Thailand

Before I joined Postcrossing, I'm an amateur philatelist. So, choosing the stamps is the one of important thing when I send postcards. /And seeing stamps on the postcards is also the one of advantage of Postcrossing for me.

Postal rate for a postcard from Thailand is THB 40 (and it'll be raised to THB 50 from March 1 onwards). I usually use Thai pavilion high-value definitive stamps (THB 15x2 or THB 30) with another THB 10 stamp. THB 10 stamp I like the most to send a postcard is 2019 Coronation series, because it has the picture of HM the King Rama X and the Grand Palace in Bangkok that represents Thailand well. Many postcards were sent to postcrossers who haven't received any postcard from Thailand.

But if I send a postcard near any first day issue of new stamps, I'll send a postcard with newly-issued stamps on the first issue day. I want the receivers get a postcard with the newly-issued stamps.

Mhaya, Germany

A few years after my grandma passed away, I registered with Bit by bit I went through the estate: keeping/sorting out. One day it was the turn of her stamp collection. The albums of old stamps are still in the cellar. But some albums contained valid stamps. After I got the "OK" from my parents, I sorted them out - and I still use them today to make other people happy when they want special stamps.
And if I ever have to buy new ones, I will try to get commemorative stamps^^

Maddymail, United Kingdom

From the UK, I too enjoy using the regional definitives of the four UK nations, I still have a sheet of Northern Ireland Giant's Causeway 2nd class stamps, that I use in conjunction with other commemoratives and definitives of the UK

mhavy, United States of America

I purchase most of my stamps online from USPS, as I live in a rural area and there are not many options for stamps to purchase at the counter. When picking stamps for a recipient, I go off of their interests, whatever holiday is coming up (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Earth Day, etc.), or if I have one that matches the card, or something mentioned in their profile. On average, I affix 3-4 stamps in various denominations to each card.

Starsister, Germany

I prefer charity stamps; so I can support a good cause with writing - perfect: the combination of charity card and stamp 😊
I really enjoy the variety of German stamps: series of lighthouses, wild animals, or children's books/tv heroes ...
Though I don't collect stamps, I appreciate pretty ones on the cards and letters I receive, and I always regard them with interest.

simonse3, United Kingdom

I try to use at least one commemorative, and I have been trying to use more than one if possible. I don't like the new UK barcode stamps, but sadly they appear to be here to stay. I always do my best to have either one really interesting commemorative stamp or two (or more) stamps including at least one commemorative. I think that makes it much more interesting for the recipient. I always have a bit of a heart sink when I see the USA circular worldwide stamps or the Russian definitives ... but most Postcrossers enjoy putting on nice stamps like I do. I think it shows a bit of extra effort, and I feel is a really friendly thing to do.

guyt, Canada

The stamps are just as important to me as the postcard and the sender's written message. I try myself to use a mix of nice stamps especially if the receiver mentions in his/her profile an interest for stamps. Besides, since the beginning of the year, I started scanning both the postcard and the stamps I send (

Nells250, United States of America

I probably shouldn't say this, but I got into Postcrossing FOR THE STAMPS! ;-) With the general decline of snail-mail, postally used commemorative stamps are becoming rather unusual. If I like both the stamps and postcard, I keep the entire card intact. Sometimes I'll soak off the stamps if the card is damage, and I try to pass on stamps that don't fit into my collection to another collector.

cpaige, Canada

I'm a stamp collector, I send a minimum of 3 commemoratives for overseas and for Canada it's a newly issued commememorative or a bunch of older stamps. If I see that there profile says that they collect stamps I send the card via an envelope with numerous stamps on it and extra stamps inside! I believe a post card looks great with a pretty stamp or a multiple number of stamps! If I don't get a fancy stamp , it's OK as it's the post card that matters first !

BakerKay, United States of America

I buy most of my stamps at USPS on line or other mint stamps from another source. I like to keep a wide variety. I try to match a person's profile likes. Sometimes I have family and friends give me stamps that are older that they found in a drawer or someplace. They say to me "Here you take these I can't use them." I tell them they can use them. They insist that I take them. I tell them "Thank you" and consider I just had a good day!

cenizo99, United States of America

I enjoy using a variety of commemorative stamps on my cards and letters. I sometimes buy batches of older commemoratives and use them in combination according to the postage I need.

leaflets, China

I'd do my best to pick stamps for the cards I send.
I just hope the postage of China would not rise again.
Or my cards may be covered with stamps only :P

lisaclown, United States of America

I collected stamps when I was a kid, saving my allowance and riding my bike to the post office to buy the yearly mint stamp books with the commemorative stamps included. I don't collect like that anymore, so now I buy old stamps on eBay. A few years ago I bought some great stamps on eBay and found out I was buying them from a neighbor who lived down the street from me! He hand-delivered them, haha!
I buy whatever my heart desires and think about what kind of postcards people often ask for. I try to match the stamps to Postcrosser's profiles since sometimes I don't have a postcard from their wishlist. I have stamps on every subject--art, history, sports, war, movie stars, comics, teddy bears, Disney, space... you name it! I don't think I've ever used a generic flag stamp.
If they are stamp collectors, I'll fill the entire card with old stamps, leaving just enough room to write the Postcrossing number and a little "Hi". I think collectors like that.
When I receive cards, I like to look up what the stamp they used means to their country. So much history I don't know about!
I'm glad others share and appreciate my love of stamps--and postcards!

pcelias, United States of America

As a stamp collector, I always try to use commemorative stamps on my mail. However, here in the USA, it is really difficult to use nice stamps on postcards due to the international postcard rate, which is presently $1.55 and given that there is only one stamp by the US Postal Service that meets that rate (a "global forever" stamp, which is round), otherwise it is virtually impossible to make the $1.55 rate using other stamps, since it would more stamps than there is room for on a postcard!
One could, for example, try to use 2x [domestic] Forever (68¢) stamps, leaving the 19¢ remaining for some other stamps. There have only been a few 19¢ stamps, and the last ones were in 1991 (which were for the domestic postcard rate at that time). So the 19¢ would then have to be paid via a combination of lower denomination stamps, but there may not be enough room on the card. Of course, one could overpay by 1¢, since 20¢ was a very common rate in the early 1980's, when 20¢ was the domestic 1st class letter rate...
There are of course $1 stamps available, but then there's no such thing as a 55¢ stamp, since after the 45¢ postage rates, all main stamps became "forever" stamps, sold at whatever the current rate was, and are now worth the current forever rate...
Most foreign countries regularly issue different stamps (usually as part of sets) that by themselves can cover their foreign rate. We don't. I guess the majority of Americans have NEVER sent a letter or postcard outside of the USA...

birko64, Germany

I'm always happy about new stamp releases. And l often buy 100 pieces straight away.
Beautiful specimens often sell out quickly.
But with motifs such as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, 100 years of Disney, Spider Man, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Beethoven, lighthouses and the Postcrossing stamp, l couldn't resist. And l'm
pleased by the positive feedback from the recipients. ☺

ceoramalho, Brazil

I used to buy beautiful stamps online at Brazilian Post webiste, however, last year prices more than doubled and since then I've been posting my cards using stamps available at the local Post, which aren't always the most beautiful ones... :(

NollyDonkers, Netherlands

I haven"t been around for long I"ve found out that many people also find the stamps very important I always do stampcode I like always enough postage

Joy_n, India

I love stamps. I use lovely commemorative stamps instead of definitive stamps when sending postcards to people who enjoy collecting stamps. I have some very old postcards with the India Post logo. I use a single, definitive stamp so as not to obscure the beauty of the logo.
Thankfully, there are no self-adhesive stamps in India.

oguzhanaydin, Türkiye

In Turkey, old stamps' value is very low right now due to high raises. If you are going to use an old stamp then you can't write anything on postcard so I usually use latest(max 6 months, maybe a year) stamps. But sometimes I be more picky than that and I mix old and new stamps.

Buffalowinters, United States of America

Here in America, we don't have a broad choice for international stamps so I like to add old US stamps (which still have their value) to my postcards with a current international stamp. I am excited to explain about the old stamps I'm using! I love this writing prompt.

KarlaKC, United States of America

I ADORE stamps! My father got me into collecting with my first stamp album, the 1980 USA stamps. I love snail mail and love decorating envelopes and postcards with a variety of stamps. I prefer not to use a single postcard rate or international rate stamp. I have two notebooks full of stamps of various denominations and topics, old and new issues. I tailor my stamps to the postcard and/or my partner's likes. I always select the stamps first and arrange and apply them BEFORE addressing the postcard or doing any writing. Stamps first. Then address. Then stickers and decorating. Then writing. I love Postcrossing!

Umsalie, Germany

Hi, I buy my stamps online directly from the Deutsche Post mailing centre. There are new stamps every month. I am informed about the new stamps in advance via a Deutsche Post newsletter. I also have a lot of stamps as "birko64" wrote here on 06 February: Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie were one-off special stamps. But I also bought the Postcrossing stamp and the Spider Man, Iron Man, Black Panther and Captain Marvel stamps. Deutsche Post also has another series: Heroes of Childhood. I also order these regularly. Only maximum cards don't work with Deutsche Post. I order them online, for example in the Principality of Liechtenstein, from Swiss Post, from the post office on the British Channel Island of Guernsey or from the post office on the Aland Islands. Although the Aland Islands belong to Finland, they have their own post office with their own stamps.

Langfordlibrarian, United States of America

A stamp and coin shop close by provides me with amazing unused, old stamps. I’m continually amazed at these little artistic snippets of history and how much I learn from them.

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