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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

This month, thanks to Kompis-Ninna's suggestion, we’re asking you all about your favourite day of the year. Do you have a yearly tradition, something you look forward to and always remember fondly?

In August, write about your favourite day of the year.
Playmobil Mail Carrier toys write postcards with a big pencil, while sitting in a sea of little cards

This is a bit out of season, but my favourite day of the year is probably Christmas Day! I always spend October to December trying to think of all the absolute best presents for my immediate family, and I love to spoil them, and Christmas Day is pretty much the culmination of that. Plus, even now I’m an adult, it’s a day to be with my parents and sister in the house I grew up in, and shut out most of the world. I think it’s the only day of the year that’s the same every time.

I do try to make my birthday special as well, of course, and it’s coming up this month, in fact! I usually try to do something nice for my birthday… One year when I lived in Belgium, we ate cake for every meal, starting with my wife making me Welsh cakes (which I ate hot right out of the pan)! But my birthday’s never really the same two years in a row, and sometimes we don’t do anything special and just take the time to relax. So Christmas Day is still my favourite!

What about you? Do you have any family traditions or national holidays that always light up the year, for example? Let us know about your favourite day of the year in the comments—and don’t forget you can use it as a prompt for what to write on your postcards this month!

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AlzOntario, Canada
Lies76, Belgium
The 1st solar heath after wintertime 😍
That first day of summer 😍
Any day that I find a postcard in the letterbox 😍
The day Postcrossing sends me an e-mail congratulating me for another year with them. 😍
etc. etc. etc. 😍
YoungMans, Australia
Hi there all!
There are of course all sorts of days, once a year, that are special to all the many different people, including us PostCrossers.
In Antarctica, and no doubt in the Arctic it's much the same, one such day is when the Sun can be seen for the first time again after it didn't rise at all. For many people that is quite often a special day.
At Davis Station in Antarctica, it happens about three weeks after the 21st of June.
One day it is sure and obvious, that the Sun is there but one can still not see it. The next day, the Sun finally comes up, ever so little above the horizon, just a little slice of it.
It is then a special experience to see the Sun again.
Cheers, YoungMans.
freezeframe03, United States of America
Of course I used to have favorite days of the year, but now that I’ve survived working life and am retired, every single day of retirement is my favorite. I get to turn every day into whatever kind of day I’d like it to be! For me there’s nothing better and I’m thankful for every one of these days.
ruthkepler, United States of America
I live in the southeastern United States, where is gets hot and humid most summer days. It's like a thick, unwanted, soft blanket surrounding your skin. I celebrate the first day, usually in late August, when the air is clear, and I can really enjoy being in the sun again.
Irina_G007, Russia
Hi all. My favorite day is all the holidays of Christmas and New Year. I decorated the Christmas tree twice - in December and the second time in January. It is happiness when the house smells like a Christmas tree, lights are burning on it and glass toys are hanging. And I also love the days when I leave Russia and travel ... When I travel - I live
Maria_Vlasova, Ukraine
My favorite day of the year is December 31, when preparations are in full swing, anticipation of the holiday, joy. Always such a good mood)
lindeclark, United States of America
My Favourite day was when my son was born and recently his son was born, making me a Grandma for the first time.
HeatherNicole, United States of America
My favorite day is Thanksgiving. Originally, its a day to remember the how kind the Indians were to the first American settlers. Now, it's a time when family gathers and have a big feast.
germaju, Brazil
My favorite day is payday. And Christmas too, of course.
Flippie, Canada
I love Christmas. I'm already thinking in the summer where I can set the tree. Our Hallmark store sells Christmas ornaments in July, so that's my favorite store. I love the lights, the music and coziness.
Bookworm72, United States of America
I'd have to say it's neck and neck between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Thanksgiving is great because there are no expectations other then everyone getting together and spending the day in each other's company playing games but Christmas is fantastic too. That's when my husband's family, who are Lithuanian, celebrate. They have many Lithuanian traditions and we also have a white elephant gift exchange. It's loud and boisterous and loads of fun.
dreamfighter, Finland
August 1st, cuz it's my birthday!
zeroday, United States of America
My favorite day of the year is the Winter Solstice symbolic re-birth of the Sun.
Starfevre, United States of America
My birthday, but mostly because of the holiday it falls on: International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yarr...
Alexandra_Shutova, Russia
I love Halloween! And autumn in general - the time of pumpkins, fogs, trees in crimson leaf and detectives =)
AnnJewel_Chyi, China
My favorite day of the year is the Eve of Chinese Lunar New Year. Family are together making dumplings and cooking nice meals and delicious food, waiting to watch the largest show on TV or playing cards and mahjong together. Children will get money in red envelopes with which they can buy stuff they like. Now there's also another day i like very much, which is the anniversary of our wedding day: Nov 11. My husband takes me to fancy restaurant and we send presents to each other every year. The date is also the online shopping festival in China, with many things on discount. I usually have a big list and plan for what to buy weeks before that. Haha...
lokosbeata, Hungary
M favourite day of the year is defenitely the first day of the school's summer holiday. Although I'm not a student, but I have children, so in the summer holiday I can wake up one hour later on weekdays, and I have much more free time. I like to see my children's freedom as well. Rush will cease for three months in our life. We always celebrate the first day of school's summer holiday.
orange_memo, United States of America
September 24th is my favorite day , because simply it's my birthday :-)
Waldo, United Kingdom
I began Postcrossing on 3rd January, 2021. Its anniversary is a special day. Each postcard sent, each received, adds another perspective to the pointillist world of postcrossing, a beguiling paradox of the finished and the unfinished.
Nisansala, Sri Lanka
This month's favorite is kite flying.
This month is very windy.
So flying kites is common.
It is a pleasure that one of our main national festivals, the Kandy Esala Perahera, is held this month.
A splendid procession of cultural elements unique to Sri Lanka and over 80 tamed elephants.
Come and watch the Kandy Esala Perahera.
SophietheValiant, Kazakhstan
Honestly, I do not know anymore. Used to be excited about New Year's celebration but these fireworks are so noisy and they scare me.
wildernesscat, Israel
Here in Israel there's a Jewish holiday most people observe, called Yom Kippur. On this day almost no-one drives a car, there's certainly no public transport, the air becomes clean, and the constant humming of traffic disappears. It becomes very peaceful and quiet. Pedestrians and cyclists can walk on the roads and highways, with very little chance of getting hit by a car. It's magical.
mdmsamm, Canada
I have so many favourites in fact almost every day is one. However if I were to pick one day of 52 weeks, it would most certainly be Mondays, when I was a student for many many decades, I loved Mondays because that meant I would be back in class. In my career it was also Mondays as I loved what I did, I travelled the world, I was a specialist in diseases and was able to teach academics what came so easy to me….since I took an early retirement, you guessed it, it is still Mondays as that day -is when I set goals for the week, I like to think my organization skills allows me to accomplish something every day… all the things I could not do, I am doing now…
moonlessnite, Canada
Halloween is still my all time favorite day. The carved pumpkins, the smell of the cold damp earth, smoke, and kids in colorful costumes having fun outdoors. and the glorious color of the leaves.
Trenker, Germany
I love the "Day of open Monuments" on the 2nd Sunday in September; the largest cultural event in Germany and a contribution to the European Heritage Days since 1993. Even monuments/historic buildings that are usually not open to the puplic can bei visited for free on that day!
lethexiu, China
My favorite day of the year is Aug 4 th,in this day,I received my college acceptance letter and I'm about to become a college student.i am very excited.
thumamina, Germany
My favorite day is the 30 th of august. My birthday and the birthday of my son. He was the greatest gift I got on my birthday.
Kewl, Philippines
Happy birthday, @shanaqui! :-)
Postenkartenfan, Germany
My favorite day in this year is the 1th of September,
because it is the first day of my pension.
WhyNotSki, United States of America
The first snow day of the year is always magical. I'm a skier so. my favorite day is the snowy start of winter.
Lejo, France
Since I retired, every day is my favorite day. I can do whatever I want, all day long. For the rest of my life !
MeggieW, Australia
Christmas Day definitely for me. It is when my small family of 3 spend time together. Church then opening presents then my daughter makes a 4 course meal which lasts all day. Lots of eating and laughter.
rockgoogle, China
The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, is a unique festival in China, a day when people get together. On that day, people eat moon cakes, admire the moon, and tell various stories related to the moon.
AnnaHimenko, Georgia
I cannot specify a single favourite day because I love summer too much to appreciate one day only! That's why, I love every summer day full of bird songs, sun, warmth and fruits. But if I need to point out only one favourite day, it would be probably the 17th of December or any day after it. This is the St. Barbara's Day in Georgia when they start selling "chichilaki" - a typical New Year / Christmas tree, which is mainly made from nut trees in Guria, the Georgian province. This is the sign of the upcoming New Year. Also, the first warm and sunny day after a long, cold and rainy winter in Western Georgia is my favourite day.
shalmalidalvi, India
11 May was the day I went on a trip to the mountains all by my own. It will always be favourite day.
JessieUy, Malaysia
Malaysia's population is a multi-racial consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races. My favorite day of the year is the 4 major festivals (Chinese Lunar New Year, "Hari Raya" Aidilfitri Festival among Muslims, Diwali or Deepavali Festival of Lights among Hindus and Christmas Season among Christians in Malaysia are being celebrated with grand style in shopping centers where I can snap a lot of photographs then upload them in the social media for my friends worldwide to see. The family get-together and reunion with exchange of gifts and "ang pow" pockets given to children during Chinese New Year. These are small red envelopes with colorful designs containing money. It is up for the relative giving the red pockets how much money is inside. It depends on how financially well you are and how fat your bank account is to give these red envelopes as a gift to unmarried relatives and youngsters, as well as to employees of your household as a bonus year end gift for a job well done from them.
From JessieUy
ceoramalho, Brazil
I love the rain... it makes my soul happier... so any rainy day along the year, living in an extremelly sunny area is perfect for me!!!!
Rain + a book + a cup of coffee + a nice song = Perfection!
GabrieleEdith, Germany
My favorite day every year is the day when the first green pumpkins are harvested.
-Tomoko-, Japan
I like New Year's Day the best.
In order to ring in the New Year, I clean the whole house.
I clean the windows, wipe the lights, and clean the ventilation fan, something I don't do very often.
On New Year’s Eve, I make the traditional New Year’s special food, Osechi.I enjoy eating this traditional food with my family on New Year’s Day.
It is customary for the Japanese to go to a shrine on that day. I make a habit of visiting one every year and I delight in getting an omikuji, which is a paper slip that predicts our near future.
For me, New Year's Day is a great day to make a new start!
Schwobi, Germany
My favorite day this year will be September 1st, the first day of my retirement.
squirrelygirl, United States of America
August 13 (2014) was the day I was given a second chance to live. I suffered a cardiac arrest, and I dropped dead. Because my husband did CPR I was revived, and I am living happily ever after! Every day is truly a gift!
joshelton, United States of America
I really don't have a favorite day, but if I had to choose, I would choose September 22 because it's my birthday and I got my electric guitar that day and I love it dearly.
simonevision, United States of America
I have more than one favorite day of the year. First, my American birthday: I grew up in dictatorship in Brazil so they day I became American I felt like I finally had a voice and I understood for the first time what citizenship really mean. Every year I celebrate my American birthday.
I also love the last day of the year. My husband and I like to be home and we have a tradition to write our goals fo the new year and make a small meal with champagne, pears, cheeses and tapas. We love it.
Sumieko, Japan
Work for the month ends on the third Friday of each month.
I'm excited to think about how I'm going to spend the end of the month.
PaiviM, Finland
Until now my favourite day has been Friday because I have the whole weekend in front of me with all doings and not-doings. In 3 weeks I'll retired from a teacher's carrier of 35 years and it is still to be seen what kind of rhytm life will have then. I suppose quite same kind because these last years I have not been very stressed because of the work and my children are grownups. It happened that at the same time, I am in a situation where my parents (close to 100...) need more care and I also heard that I will be grandmother in January 23 :)
pupalupa, Russia
I don't have a favourite day, but i have a favourite type) i like rainy and cold days, it gives me some kind of inspiration
AbbyDiamond, United States of America
I live in the Pacific Northwest (Southern Oregon), where we get a mixture of weather and temperatures. So I enjoy the first good rainy day the later part of autumn
gazel, Russia
Of course my favourite day is my birthday- 17 junuary :)
Gerda-RD, Netherlands
27 April: Kingsday in the Netherlands. The evening before going to a musicfestival with friends. On his birthday, the king celebrates his birthday with his family in the morning somewhere in the country. In the afternoon by bike to the flea market and then to the church square where a band and a DJ can be heard and seen. And chatting with friends and many others. After that, quietly on the bike home after a few glasses of wine.
wifetoalineman, United States of America
My favorite day is coming home after work. My dogs are excited to see me, chat with my husband and take a nap an hour or two. Waking up from a nap, take the dogs out around the pond, feed the fish,
make dinner and watch TV with my husband and fall asleep while watching TV 😁
Wendy87, Netherlands
Hi all!

My favorite day is the day that autumn is here! I love autumn 🍁. The leaves, the colors, the rain and wind, candles, blankets, it's so cozy 🥰.
Hai all
Nameste from India ,🇮🇳
The most important , favourite & memorable day for all of us in India is *15thAugust* , it's the day we cherish and celebrate in great vigor.
It's the day when we got our freedom and this year it's our 75 th Independence Day .
"Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav " is a campaign that is based on five broad themes
🇮🇳 Freedom Struggle,
🇮🇳 Idea@75,
And we are going to celebrate this feast till
15 th August 2023 with various theme based activities and our country achievements.
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