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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

I’ve tried quite a few different cuisines in restaurants, but that’s usually a full meal. Snacks from other countries are a bit harder to come by, and I never know what to try! So… what would you recommend?

In November, write about your favourite snacks.

Personally, the best snack I found in my time living in Belgium was speculoos biscuits! Especially when I could persuade my wife to go to the bakery nice and early on a weekend and get freshly made biscuits for me! Luckily, we have them in the UK too, under the name of Biscoff… but I miss the fresh ones.

When I’m feeling homesick, though, I turn to Welsh cakes. They have a variety of names in Welsh: picau ar y maen, pice bach, cacennau cri or teisennau gradell, according to Wikipedia, and they may also be known as griddle cakes or bakestones within Wales, because they’re traditionally made on a bakestone, a type of griddle. They’re made with butter, flour, eggs and milk, usually contain currants, and are spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

My nanny (my dad’s mother) used to get them for me from the market, liberally dusted with sugar, and always deliciously light. Even better, though, is to eat them warm from the pan… You can try out a recipe here!

What about you? Do you have any favourite snacks? Can you get them in stores, or do you make them yourself? You can share your favourites in the postcards you send this month… but we’d love to hear about them in the comments as well! 😋

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sonataca, United States of America
That sounds delicious! I'm not so big on snacks but I love trying out snacks from around the globe.
tomsaaristo, United States of America
My favorite snack/nosh/nibble is charcuterie. My favorite part of it is that it can vary widely and can be as simple or as elaborate as one desires.
reiselustig, Germany
Well, how to define snack? Sweet or rather spicy? I like so many, e.g. 1. cashews in a pan with some sugar and a bit chili to caramelize... very easy quick and yummy!, 2. waffles with apples or without or savoury waffles with cheese! Well, I don't eat them with cheese anymore, because I live vergan, but they are really good :-) 3. little kidneybean pattiies, 4. spicy filled pancakes e.g. with salmon creme, 5. my daughter loves so called "Russian eggs" = boiled eggs in a half, you pull out the yellow, mix it with spices and mustard, put it back in the white part of the egg as you can see here :
6. I love little sweet yeast dough rolls, when they are coming fresh from oven still warm, best with simple butter or strawberry jam (a bit like scones)
Well, there are soo many great snacks - 7. I also love a simple sandwich with lots of salad, cucumber and tomatoes on a vegan cream cheese... maybe I should stop now, to let others have their go :-)
rossanag, France
In the salty snack category:
in Parma (Italy) you find "torta fritta", a square of thin fried bread dough that is usually filled with raw ham. Typical street food.
In France sausisson sec (dried pork sausage) is popular everywhere at any time
KristineJ, United States of America
Sliced apple with honey:)
ned44440, Ireland
From my childhood - cheese and onion crisp sandwich 😁
dolover, United States of America
I’m new-ish to postcrossing and I have a lot of trouble thinking of topics to write, even with recipient suggestions. Thank you for the topic! And look forward to more month suggestions.
Nique, Canada
Try this - blueberries and pineapple pieces on the bottom, top with your favourite yoghurt, add chia seeds, slices of banana and walnuts. Bon appetite😋
Norway_girl, Norway
@dolover - Have you sen the other blog posts containing writing prompts?
GayeDoreen, United States of America
We have the Biscoff cookies here in the U.S. and that was always a favorite on airline flights. But we can buy them in the grocery stores too. I love them but I bet they are better in Belgium. Otherwise, I love salty snacks like Fritos or nuts like Cashews.
GayeDoreen, United States of America
I am definitely going to try the recipe for cakes!
ezredax, United States of America

I love to cook and have made many snacks over the years. This is one I found on a grocery store bag.
Frozen Pineapple Treat
2 cups frozen pineapple chunks, 1 frozen banana, 3/4 cup coconut milk and 1/4 cup sweetened condensed milk -Almond if available. In a blender pules all ingredients til smooth, put in container, freeze for 3 hours or overnight. Enjoy. Demaris
BethGuerra, Canada
I like to eat mangoes with salt, lemon and hot sauce or cucumbers with hummus, but if I'm craving something sweet maybe some strawberries with chocolate or caramel and pretzels!!! 🥰😋
Nelle_DE, Germany
This is really a great idea... but I would also add a little personal flavor. I have lots of recipe-cards and would also choose some of them to illustrate my favorite snacks. :-) :-) :-)
Verona10, United Kingdom
UK Readers........The next best thing to homemade Welsh Cakes are the "ready made" Welsh Cakes are from Waitrose supermarket.
Shashidar, India
Hey there
I am Shashidar from India .
I highly recommend you to go a indian restaurant and try a few kebabs (basically like chicken wings with spices),samosas (they are like dumplings but with a hard , crispy cover stuffed with potatoes and with a few spices) , allo parathas(flat breads filled with alloos or potatoes), and also have a few chats like masala puri , pani puri , vada pavs etc.

Yours in Gastronomical adventure
B Shashidar Pai
Riinka, Finland
Oatmeal hands down! It's easy to make, healthy, satisfying yet not excessively filling. I like to use organic oats whenever possible and spice it up by adding a sprinkle of the pink Himalayan salt. I sometimes eat it for breakfast too but I've found it works best as a snack.
Talal90Ahmed, Iraq
jezergirl, Italy
Being diabetic I don't eat much snacks. Usually I eat fruit or things like almonds or nuts.
But sometimes I like to bake (and eat) cakes, especially my husband's favourite one: apple cake. That cake doesn't last more than two days. :D
3owls, Italy
My homeland is Sicily and it is known that food whims are a cult here. I would recommend "pane e panelle" (bread stuffed with chickpea flour frittele and lemon), one of the best known street foods. The recipe can be found here: (just translate it with google translator). Ciao a tutti from Italy.
Anto61, Italy
I love a Parmigiano (Only Real Parmigiano Reggiano or Padano ) one cube for snack , great in the morning, the afternoon - evening drink ,very good ;-)))
JOSEMARIE, Netherlands
My all time favorite snack in the Netherlands is ‘bitterballen’
Fried little balls filled with ragout. In pubs and restaurants and in snackbars you order a ‘portie bitterballen’ and than you wil get an portion with about 5 little balls. For me the ultimate Dutch snack!
AliseR, Latvia
I definitely love homemade cinnamon buns and little pies (pīrādziņi), which are very common in Latvia. Bets ones - if you make your own yeast (real yeast, not powdered) pastry and just spend time making pies or cut buns. Our ones do not have any glaze on and they are still very nice. :)
Luziaceleste, Brazil
Your descriptio is more of 'comfort fodd' than anything else. Well, what better than comfort food at the end? Ad I realize that there is a myriad of sub-topics here: sncaks at early morning, snacks for any time, snacks before a meal, snacks for party, oh, how nice is to eat them all!
Juljka, Serbia
I love pancakes. Especially with banana and chocolate! I make them myself :) My family really likes it!
mapcardcollector, United Kingdom
I like trying something new. Salted fish skins from Malaysia taste better than you might imagine!
Freya07, Czech Republic
I love my mum honey cookies but as I snack I like nuts and dried banana slices :-) and cottag cheese with apples and a bit of honey :-))
manencov, Romania
I like cookies and especially those with pumpkin and cinnamon.
Here is the recipe:

Fursecuri cu dovleac (Pumpkin cookies)
275 gr flour
1/2 ts baking powder
1/2 ts baking soda
1 + 1/2 ts cinnamon
1/4 ts salt
200 gr sugar
125 ml oil
1 beaten egg
vanilla essence
115 gr baked pumpkin puree

200 gr cheese (cream)
85 gr butter
2 ts pineapple syrup
1 ts cinnamon
85 gr sugar

Mix the ingredients and obtain soft dough that is placed in the tray with a teaspoon.
It must be baked at 180 С, 20 minutes (it may be less time, possibly more, depending on your oven). The bottom of the cookie should be a nice brown color, it is a sign that the cookie is ready. They must not be over-dried, they must be fine.
The cookies are filled with cream and can be garnished with powdered sugar.
Can be consumed in the morning for a coffee, a glass of milk, or whatever you want.
Good appetite!
turintugba, Türkiye
I compared it more like a pancake.
lolaCobain, France
Crêpes with sugar in France. But now i prefer Pancakes !
farmdau56, United States of America
Looking forward to cooler weather when a favorite snack will be tea and cinnamon toast.
lilamint, United States of America
I remember whenever I'd visit my extended family in Brazil when I was a kid, I would look forward to the Brazilian yogurts made out of tropical fruits, most notably a brand named "Danoninho" which was tailored for little kids with really cute container designs.
lilamint, United States of America
I almost forgot to mention this other really yummy Brazilian snack, the pão de queijo (cheese bread).
Flippie, Canada
I'm Dutch but live in Canada. My favorite snack is chips with paprika flavor. You can find in every supermarket or gas-station in the Netherlands but here in Canada, no way! and I miss it.
I love the stroopwafelen also but I can buy them in a little Dutch store here in Victoria BC.
I like the Nanaimo bar, it's a coffee treat from Nanaimo itself. Nanaimo is a town here on my Vancouver Island. It's so yammie.....
Loli-ts, Spain
Pa amb tomàquet, a Catalan speciality: bread, toast it, rub garlic and soft tomato, olive oil... better with some jamón serrano!
But... what I eat all the time, is darkest chocolate :-p
umpoucovento, Germany
While living in Brazil, my favorite snacks were pastel and pao de queijo !
CardTrekkie, United States of America
I like to have some roasted macadamia nuts seasoned with sea salt, yum!
merryCM, Germany
I’m just saying LA BOQUERIA in Barcelona! Snacks as far as the hungry eye can see. Do you want something delicious, go there. . .(❁´◡`❁), have fun.
merryCM, Germany
Tapas I do prefer
merryCM, Germany
on the Christmas market in Cologne it must be the Falafel, every year
But 2020 will probably be nothing about it . . .😥
sannah82, United States of America
I hadn't had it before moving to the US, but apple slices dipped in almond butter are really good!
PausUngu, Indonesia
i always try to send recipe on my postcard to those who likes cooking. i mean, as someone who also like to cook(especially bake) its fun to try another country's dishes right?
i dont really have fav snack. for me as long as its savory and cheese is amazing. sadly cheeses are expensive here in Indonesia. we usually only sells cheddar cheese at minimarket. zo saai fact. :(
Chuxuan, China
Definitely mung bean cake!!!
Hawkibro123, United States of America
Probably the snack I most enjoy is popcorn. I know microwave popcorn is not the healthiest, but I sure do love it!
NL-Beer, Netherlands
AllieCat, Australia
i like candy
No1Meerkat, United Kingdom
I’m loving this prompt and have used it a couple of times I’m expecting my receivers to need to google my favourites as they’re rather UK specific.
moonlessnite, Canada
Popcorn, roasted Hazelnuts, and almond roca...halva if i can find it.
cri1969, Italy
My grandma super snack: bread, butter and sugar!
In Italian: Pane burro e zucchero 😄
pinkpokadot, United States of America
I love leftsa. It's a Norwegian tortilla made with potatoes. Warm them up, and then spread with butter and cinnamon sugar. Goes great with coffee.
doryfera, Canada
I'm trying to reduce snacking nowadays, so my favourite virtuous snack is slices of crisp apple spread thinly with peanut butter. It sounds weird but it's actually delicious.
Qingshun, China
I especially love luosifen and chocolate walnut bread and, of course, spicy dry tofu
CelesteDolores, United States of America
An apple with peanut butter or another fruit is a typical snack for me.
wildernesscat, Israel
My favorite one is the classic Israeli "Bamba". It cannot be cooked at home, as it's made from peanut butter-flavored puffed maize. It's slightly salty, and goes great with beer :-)

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