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Who’s ready for the biggest day of the year, next Friday? 🙋‍♀️ We’ve ordered some postcards, restocked our stamp supplies, refilled our fountain pens and made a quick list of people we’d like to send postcards to on this special day, so we’re super ready to spend October 1st spreading the joy of happy mail!

World Postcard Day logo

Join us in mailing a postcard to a friend or a relative, to someone who needs a bit of cheering up, a thank you postcard to a person who had a positive impact in your life this year or help a little one send their first postcards! These are some of the ways in which you can celebrate the day and spread some mail joy.

You can also send postcards to other postcrossers, and like last year, if you request an address through Postcrossing on World Postcard Day, you’ll get your a special badge on your profile (or a little something extra on your current World Postcard Day badge, if you already have one). Last year, we made things a bit confusing with timezones (they’re so complicated 😱!), so this year we decided to simplify: if you send a postcard during October 1st in the timezone of your account’s location, it’ll be counted for the badge. That should make it easier: just draw addresses during your October 1st, and when one of those postcards arrives, the badge will show up on your profile!

And last but not least, there are a number of events organised around the world to celebrate the day — from exhibitions and seminars, to children activities, special cancellation marks and even some meetings of enthusiastic postcrossers taking place. Check out the Events page for more details and to join an event near you!

Even if there’s nothing happening in your area, you can still join an online event — like this seminar by Barry Stagg (Chairman of the British Thematic Association) on the various ways in which to collect, store and display picture postcards. Or, you can participate via Instagram Live on a postcard-writing event organised by “From Me to You”, a UK charity that will be writing postcards for people in hospitals. We’ll be online too, quietly writing postcards most of the day on Postcrossing’s Discord server voice channel — you’re welcome to join us there, if you’d like.

Let us know in the comments how you’re planning to spend this special day… and let the countdown begin!

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KalleSvenson, Germany
I will send a postcard to my twin sister for sure and of course I'm planning to send some postcrossing postcards on October 1st. It's hard not to send some cards now but I wanna make sure that I have left cards to send on Friday.
tassiepenny, Australia
I am so happy that Postcrossing is in my life. My WPD postcards are printed and ready for writing - looking forward to bringing a smile to the receivers. Happy Postcrossing everyone ❤️🇦🇺
Pixiedustlady, United States of America
So happy to send these out on World Postcard Day!! Fantastic artwork!! ❤️❤️❤️ Postcrossing since 2008 🎉
MishaMellow70, United States of America
Can't wait, I feel like I did as a kid when I would wake up on a Holiday morning!
KongYuanru, China
This is the first time I know about this activity.I have been ordering all kinds of nice postcards, and I hope this day will come.
mysweetlife63, United States of America
I'm ready & anxious to participate!
Let the fun begin - well 10-1 in your timezone!
Borboleta, France
I hope some of my 5 travelling postcard will be received in the next days because I would love to send one on October 1rst 😊🤞🤞
ChattyCathy, United States of America
I’m a fairly new postcrosser and so looking forward to mailing cards to friends and family for the second time. I even had a World Postcard Day ink stamp made to use on all my cards😊
Corseuil, Brazil
Anxious and hoping against the clock to receive new addresses in time to post my cards on the big day!🙏✈📮#WPD
indra, India
I send almost 30 of the special postcards to my fellow postcrossers and friends... They started receiving it too... Will be sending more on Oct 1st too
HookedonPostcards, Canada
I'm excited and ready! Made my own cards and ordered matching postage stamps from Canada Post's personal stamps service, as well as ordered some official Postcrossing cards. Cards for family and friends are ready to mail; meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting October 1st to request Postcrossing addresses.
Happy World Postcard Day!
Ramya, United States of America
I’ve been writing pc’s to other snail mailers I’ve met here and to snail mailers/pc’ers I’ve come to know through other avenues. On my postcard I thank them for contributing to my love of the hobby. There’s nothing better about Postcrossing than connecting us all. Life is a beautiful experience and Postcrossing is part of my experience!
seagurl, United States of America
I participated in World postcard day last year and sent out 111 cards, this year I'm out to beat that number of cards being sent with the help of my family joining in on the fun.
Regndroppar, Finland
I am planning to send about 6-7 cards and my WPD cards arrived last week, so I am ready! 😊📯📮
Flippie, Canada
Dear Postcrossers you're very dear for me because I love sending and receiving real postcards. I did send on the World postcard day last year cards to some of the members, unfortunately didn't get the badge. So I hope for the best for this year. I'm ready, stocked up and can't wait.
Success everyone!
werewegian, United Kingdom
I plan to write 25 on the day. I love the official design and have them ready. I'm keeping my travelling count at 75 just to be sure I can get all those addresses when I need them! 😍
The profile icon is great. I'm ready for world postcard day!
betslets, United States of America
This year, I plan to participate "big time" (because last year I was afraid I would put a STOP in the system (by adding to all the requests going in to send a postcard) -- just as websites for concert tickets, etc. seem to CRASH when everyone signs in at the same time. Having us send cards during our own October 1 Time Zones should really help. (I'm also renewing my "Supporter" badge)
orange_memo, United States of America
I participated in World postcard day last year and sent out 11 cards, this year I didn't buy any :( I feel so bad
honzuki, French Polynesia
If I send when it is 1st October on Postcrossing but not yet in my time zone, will that count ?
runokuono, Finland
of course I will do some postcards on World Postcard´s Day <3<3<3
Attyla_Hun, Poland
I missed it last year, but this year I definitely won't miss it! I plan to send about 20 cards to my pen pals and via Postcrossing.
MerlinM, Germany
My fountain pen is ready to start. I ordered many official cards WPD and already received them. Also I already send some cards to friends so they can join. I am glad I can renew my WPD badge. The stamps are waiting for a fast ride. :-)
meiadeleite, Portugal
@honzuki Yes! Either your timezone or Postcrossing's timezone (which is UTC) will work! :)
christelvonderpost, United States of America
can’t wait. I send many cards and love contributing to World Postcard Day. and a spare ink pen since I don’t have a printer🙁
MailingLlama, Canada
Wishing a card arrives on time before the dy as I am at my maxiumum currently. Cross fingers!
Axolotl_, Germany
Can't wait! 😍😍 The Bonn meetup will be so amazing! And thank you for making our lives easier with less timezone confusion this year. ❤️
muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
I've printed my own postcards and I'm ready. 💌
Happily waiting for October 1st. 🌈
Nan1900, China
a sad WPD this year.
mikebond, Italy
Sadly, I couldn't buy any WPD postcards this year, but I hope I will receive one (or more). I will request some addresses on 1 October and hopefully send some postcards on that day, or in the following days!
Raelene, Australia
It's brilliant to see people getting involved.
Remember too, there's World Post Day on October 9.
Tinkatutu, Australia
Yay! My first travelling postcard has just been received. Now I have a free slot for WPD!! I’m so excited ❤️❤️❤️.
ManonGarden, Belgium
A wonderful day that reminds us of the kindness among people around the world! and never forget tolerance ;-)
reiselustig, Germany
I ordered a stack of WPD postcards and deicided to send half of them to friends and also to people i lost contact to... I will write and send these days so hopefully they will have the postcard in their mailbox right at world postcard day. On the day itself I have to work quite a bit, but of course I will try to write as many postcards as I can to postcrossers - officially and to some forum members :-) - I am looking forward to it!
beesknees, United States of America
writing postcards of course!
-Indigo-, United States of America
I'm so ready! I have a pile of the official ones to go out on the 1st!
meiadeleite, Portugal
@Racingwheelchair Yes and no — there will not be another opportunity to send a postcard on October 1st unless one of her traveling postcards arrives until friday... but as we plan to continue celebrating the World Postcard Day for many years to come, there will more opportunities to do so in the coming years! :)
Gerard, Germany
This is my first time here and I'm looking forward to it.
Greetings to all Postcrosser friends
VivB, United States of America
Can you request an address if you’re at the allotted number of traveling postcards?
rnits123, India
I request the admin to enhance the limit by one postcard on 1st October. This will enable postcrossers to celebrate WPD even if their current limit of 10 postcards is exhausted.
I am ready to send the postcards.I want to send it to my friends.
meiadeleite, Portugal
I'm afraid we won't be opening extra slots on World Postcard Day. Hopefully one of your postcards will arrive until Friday... but if not, there's always next year, as we plan to keep celebrating the day for many years to come!
hivizliz, United Kingdom
I'll be joining the lovely team From Me To You at London's Postal Museum on 1 October and we've had some very special postcards designed! Wishing everyone a lovely World Postcard Day and thank you everyone who sends cards and letters - they can change lives!
BlueMoon007, United States of America
Oh no! All my slots are already "traveling" and I'm afraid won't arrive before Oct 1. Any chance extra slots will be added just for that day?
GeertS, Netherlands
Great idea! I haven't send cards for a week, so I saved adresses, now I can send about 40 cards on Oct. 1.
regawassa, Germany
Ich bin in diesem Jahr das erste Mal dabei und finde die Idee einfach toll.Ich habe eine Zwillingsschwester, die mich nach meinem kürzlich verstorbenen Mann sehr unterstützt. Sie bekommt an diesem Tag eine Postkarte . Natürlich schreibe ich auch an einige Postcrossing-Mitglieder
mu-fei, Taiwan
good day October 1st !
I'm ready to send postcard to my uncle who lives far way me 200km~
so looking forward^^
greeting to everyone
Siti_Aisyah, Indonesia
I have printed WPD 2021 postcards and ready to be sent to other postcrossers when I get their address on 1st October, and I would like also to send some postcards to my family and friends to surprise them and to make them aware about WPD.
Cemee, Finland
All my cards are traveling, but there is a good chance some of them would arrive within next 24 hours or so... Or, I at least hope that happens!
figi555, Russia
I will be happy to send postcards tomorrow not only on Postcrossing, but also to people who need it. Because with the help of a postcard and a kind word, you can help those who find themselves in a difficult life situation. And you can also share your kindness and your warmth of soul, because a kind word is the best support!
Sadovod, Russia
Hora-a-ay! Happy Postcrossing evryone!
quichelady, Japan
I got some ID and address on October 1st in my timezone.
After that I check the “traveling postcar's” page, and
all sending dates are September 30th.
Does it work??? I wish I will get a badge. :-)
Monika2019, Germany
@Meiadeleite I am also quite sad 😥😥😥, I have just drawn in my time zone the First card on 1 October 00.04 clock, now the second and my last slot at 00.32 clock on 1 October. Both of them say 30.September under travel.
herotrice, Netherlands
How does a badge like that work? I've never seen one. Where is it displayed?
Walking_Bun, Russia
I live in Russia and pulled out the addresses on October 1 at 2.20 am. But the date of sending on the site is September 30. Nothing was fixed. I missed the opportunity to get the badge.
doryfera, Canada
Thank you for explaining the process for the badge.
One question: where on the account does it show up? And for how long does the badge stay there?
(OK, that's two questions... ;-)

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