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Oooooof… World Postcard Day was such a rush! Everywhere we looked, people were posting and tweeting about their postal adventures, showing the pretty cards they were mailing, or giving the world a peak into their happy mailboxes. So many things happened that it took us a while to recover from all the excitement… but here we are now to tell you all about it!

First things first: remember the Stampex Talk we mentioned? It went brilliantly! We had a nice time chatting with Isobel Klempka from Stampex, postcrosser & philatelist Constanze, ABPS chairman Graham Winters, actor and postcrosser Sam West… as well as quite a few of you, who jumped in at the end to show your treasures! We oooh’d and aaah’d at all your stories and special postcards, and had a really good time. If you weren’t at the event, you can enjoy a recording of it below:

A lot more talks about stamps and collecting happened at Stampex between 1–3 October, and you can see an archive of those on the Auditorium of the event.

Singapore Philatelic Museum's event with schools Meanwhile, lots of museums geared up to participate on World Postcard Day! Some showcased the postcards on their collections on social media, others helped spread the word, a few organized workshops or school actions. With the help of the Singapore Philatelic Museum, students in 40 primary schools throughout the country wrote messages of love and appreciation on postcards, to their friends, family and healthcare professionals. For many, this was the first time writing postcards!

World Postcard Day events in Croatian schools

Simultaneously in Croatia, Hrvatska Pošta helped 17,000 students in 500 primary schools throughout the country learn more about mail and postcards with the help of an educational video featuring their mascot, Marko Markica. The students were offered postcards, which they wrote during the class.

Lithuanian World Postcard Day events

And still on the topic of schools, we lost count of the number of times the lesson plan was downloaded! Postcrosser Dovilė (aka VaDovi) challenged her former primary school teacher to participate in the event, which she promptly accepted. They used the lesson plan, postcards were printed, more classes joined and when the day came, 150 students at the Mažeikių Kalnėnų Progimnazija participated in the event, learning about mail, how and what to write on a postcard, where to stick the stamps, etc. Hurray!

The Postcardist logo

Frank Roche (aka Postcardist) put together a special episode of his Postcardist podcast, where we hear about people’s plans for World Postcard Day all around the world. A few postcrossers chimed in to share their plans, and we especially enjoyed hearing about BonnieJeanne’s (aka postmuse) plans to make ravioli for dinner, because they’re often shaped like postage stamps — what a neat idea to celebrate a postal-themed day!

And last but not least, some of you have already started to receive your World Postcard Day badges on your profiles, as the postcards you sent on October 1st slowly arrive to their destinations. A grand total of 45453 postcards were sent on Postcrossing that day — one of the best days ever in the project!

By the time October 1st came to an end, we were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for all the enthusiasm with which the Postcrossing community embraced the launch of the World Postcard Day. Thank you for spreading the word, sending postcards and helping put this day on the calendar! 💙 It was such a lovely highlight in this gloomy year.

We’re already buzzing with ideas for 2021… but we would love to hear your thoughts too! Got any cool suggestions or plans for next year’s World Postcard Day? Let us know in the comments!

38 comments so far

veke250, Belgium

Wow, more then 45000 cards on World Postcard Day! 🥳
I don't have an idea how much we send on a 'normal' day. You can see it for the last hour but I never follow it 24h/day... Can somebody tell us what the numbers are during the week and in the weekend?
For next year on World Postcard Day I hope we can have meetings IRL again because that's so much more fun + it means that the corona pandemic is better/over/under controle.
Second thing : that our postal system also will have a special cancellation but I guess that stays a dream just like a Postcrossing stamp...

rococoabean, Australia

A postcard podcast - how exciting! Thanks Paulo, Ana and team, and yes - looking forward to in-person events next year... :-)

letterstotheo, United States of America

Wow!!! Congratulations on an amazing project well-done, after so much planning and preparation!!!!

mysweetlife63, United States of America

Thank you for all your hard work! You are appreciated!

MagpieWarbler, Australia

Incredible! Here's hoping a new generation of young people will continue with their postcard sending, after having so much fun writing postcards as a school activity. Let's keep it growing!

kojep, Indonesia

Postcrossing Award ( like Grammy award ) with some category to appreciate postcrosser more active and spread the world about Postcrossing

Appreciate for this year event

ezredax, United States of America

HI All,

I just finished watching the video. What a great time I had. I was able to see Ana and Pablo in person. Also, saw my long time meetup postcard trading pal, Michele Bondesan. Nice to see what you look like. :)

It was wonderful to see all those showing their favorite postcards.
May you mailbox be filled with postcards.
Enjoy the day and stay safe,
Texas, USA

nisnoopy3, Malaysia

Congratulations to everyone for a successful celebration on World Postcard Day! It is fun to learn the activities going around the world during the one day event. Thank you all for sharing your wonderful time with me! :D

I couldn't send a single postcard out since 1 August 2020. So I send them back to my own address. Planning to get 1 October postmark but when the cards returned, they received 5 October postmark. Oh well! It's a nice tried! :)

Hopefully the postal service will resume back in service before next year celebration! XD XD XD

See you guys around! Postcrossing is beautiful! :D

mariellitacanepa, United States of America

I enjoyed the replay - learned so much! from leather postcards to silk postcards to paper plate postcards. It is fun to see the world thru postcards and learn so much from them. Just makes me want to get on a plane an go!!!! I have many favorite postcards but one type that stands out are the 3 dimensional - i.e. Spain dancers, the skirt is actual material and it pops out!

greenskull, Russia

I ❤❤❤ Postcrossing!

Mosshumla, Sweden

I'm so happy to hear that the World Postcard Day was such a great success, and am already looking forward to next year's event. I visited the shop of the Postal Museum in Stockholm, where they sold postcards for halv their price. I bought a lot of them, and sent a few the same day. Have already received my badge :) .
Now I'll go and watch the Stampex Talk.

Geminiscp, Portugal

Almost 45500 cards on such a difficult year, next year we'll reach 50000! :D

Amazing, congratulations to everyone!

Tjoks, South Africa

Oh wonderful! This makes me so happy reading of all the people who did something special, especially reaching out to children.

Pacomole, France

Thanks to Postcrossing for this worldwide success.
A good idea at the beginning and the whole planet is on fire.
For 2021 Postcrossing could land at the poles, at the extreme postal agencies (the highest (Nepal?), the lowest (submarine) etc.).
And if our French astronaut Thomas Pesquet became a Postcrossing ambassador for the International Space Station?

betslets, United States of America

Thank you for the great recording (always enjoy seeing Ana & Paulo) and for a report on WORLD POSTCARD DAY.
I sent more cards, than my usual, to celebrate the occasion, but avoided actually requesting addresses ON October 1 for fear of popping the Postcrossing site into a breakdown. (Is there ever a chance of overload?) Congratulations to all on an amazing already looking forward to next year.

Flippie, Canada

Thank you all, Poscrossers over the world to make it happen; "A Real Postcard Day"! ...YEAH....
Thank you for sharing the video and others notes and keep going.....

Gen24, United States of America

Thanks for sharing these great things with us. So lucky to have Postcrossing!

jjmedusa, United States of America

What a great day! Thank you to everyone who made it a success! And a special thank you to Ana and Paolo for Postcrossing itself, which brings joy to so many people, myself included. :)

floosieQ, United Kingdom

What a joyous video! I was feeling a bit low today, and seeing this video has really cheered me up. Thank you Ana and Paulo for this amazing thing!

postmuse, United States of America

Thank you for all your hard work! I really hope that next year we will see the postcard number double (at least) and we will have an internationally inspired feast, with ravioli as main course :-)

NIDUSKA, Finland

Thank you

BeckyS, United States of America

That was fun! Let's do it again next year. :) Happy Postcrossing, everyone! <3

megarber, United States of America

Thank you! I'm already looking forward to next year's Postcard Day!

HSennaN, China

45453 postcards !? That's crazy!! Hope some of them will appear in my mailbox!

TattooMom, Netherlands

You might not believe this, but so far I received 99 cards all written on October 1! Of which 42 from Germany btw. After 3 months of Travelmode I put my account back to active on the 29th of September and since I was over 120 cards behind, my mailbox just got filled every single day with so many cards from World Postcard Day. I wasn't able to send cards myself due to the move back home, but wow, did I enjoy this celebration!

ned44440, Ireland

I got it late to the meeting and am delighted to have the chance to catch up with was I missed here. It was wonderful and I agree with BeckyS - let's do it again next year. Congratulations👏👏👏 to everyone involved. It can't have been too easy to organise.

Kushboo, Netherlands

Hello all! I really enjoyed WPD and even had a little time to show my favourite cards on the Stampex talk (Anke).

I thought maybe it's nice to make the WPD badge on the profile another colour once you again in another year send a postcard on WPD.
For example first year send a postcard on oct 1st = red WPD badge, second year = green WPD badge, third year = yellow WPD badge etc. (replace the old one with the new colour, not that you have 3 badges) Then it's a real nice challenge to get that special colour badge on your profile.

Ok bye bye, Happy postcrossing!

cpaige, Canada

Great zoom cast. My wife was wondering what I was listening too for such a long time!!!!! 1 1/4hr is too short. I will be looking forward future pod casts/other events. I even got some ideas for the post cards to send. My favorite post card is from South Georgia Islands a friend sent to me on his way to the Antarctic. The one I received from Germany had a saying A post card a day keeps the Doctor away. Two 60ish couple in the photo. Well my wife is a retired doctor and we are 60ish. Great hobby!!!!!

beesknees, United States of America

Fantastic, congratulations

duncanpjames, United Kingdom

Sorry to be late, but what, maybe, future, in the future, well done all Crossposting members and all the management and those strange creatures that wonder the world free of charge.
Well done everyone.

Lejo, France

Thank you for posting this. It is always nice to hear people talk with passion about our shared hobby.

sharifah, Brunei

was glad to be able to join the talk during Stampex, even if it means i need to stay up as it was midnight here :-)

for next year, another talk and live was fun

tassiepenny, Australia

Hello from Tasmania Australia. I was so delighted to be able to send two postcards on the 1st of October, and had printed out the official postcard to send celebrating the actual day. The post office cancellation said 01.10.20, and I requested my Postcrossing addresses on 01.10.20, but because I live way down here in Australia the Postcrossing site registered my cards as the 30.09.20.....I was hoping to get one of the Postcrossing badges (sigh) hoping there is some way of adjusting my time zone moment on your site? Many thanks.

Nique, Canada

Such a wonderful thing this is! Sending and receiving postcards. Who knew something so simple, that takes but a few minutes could bring such immense joy to SO many! Honoured to be among you all!!

foysalratul, Bangladesh

Oh WOW! I am quite happy to see that on World postcard day quite a lot of event took place in many countries amidst this Pandemic. I, personally, sent out 16 of my official postcards on October 1 and wrote 50+ postcards(swaps) and sent them on first October. I wrote all my postcards the day before so That I could post them on October 1st and sadly for this reason, I didn't get my special badge :( I hope the moderators will take a look at my sent cards and confirm it. Anyways, happy to be a small part of this special day. Happy Postcrossing Everyone! Write postcards and share the love.

Nemesis11, Czech Republic

I love postcrossing since i discovered ... in the age of facebook is so amazing to find this way of nice old and normal kind of conversation ...thanks a lot❤

Mewquat, United States of America

Do we know the number of Postcrossing IDs that were generated on WPD? I'd love to know how many members sent out how many postcards.

meiadeleite, Portugal

@Mewquat It's right there on the post — 45453 postcards.


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