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About a month ago, we’ve enlisted the help of the Postcrossing community for the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of postcards. The plan is to take over a wall at the Universal Postal Union's headquarters in Bern 🇨🇭 and fill it with messages showing the world’s enthusiasm for postcards.

Since then, we’ve received dozens of postcards from you guys, and we’re feeling quite overwhelmed by this avalanche of mail. Your kind words and all the memories you’ve been sharing with us about postcards are just incredible! All the stories, poems, drawings and carefully crafted pieces of mail art make our hearts melt.

Over the past few weeks we’ve uploaded a few of the postcards we’ve received on the gallery… but we thought perhaps a video would be a better way to showcase more of them. So without further ado, here it is:

We hope you liked it! Please don’t be sad if you don’t see your postcard on this video though, as this is just a small selection. Many more have arrived in our PO box, and we treasure every single one of them. 😊

If you haven’t sent in yours yet, what are you waiting for? Send us a postcard telling us what makes postcards special to you, and join us in this worldwide celebration!

49 comments so far

ejcain, United States of America
Now that I have seen those Harry, Ron, and Hermione cards, nothing else matters in my life.
CindyMc, United States of America
That video was wonderful! Thank you for creating and sharing it. You wonderful Postcrossing organizers and managers have given all of us Postcrossers such joy!
Maxi85, Germany
Awwww, that's so great to see and soooo heartwarming <3 I really love our postcrossing community <3 <3 <3
CorgiGirl, United States of America
Love the video and seeing the postcards. Thanks!
Luziaceleste, Brazil
Miguel-Isaias, Portugal
Increadible and wonderful video. Thank you for sharing it!
it's great
Thamesider, United Kingdom
How lovely to see this. Thank you!
DonnaM, Canada
Loved all the postcards you received and glad to see mine made it there too!!!
ezredax, United States of America
We are planning a meetop for Oct 1, 2019 and a postcard for the celebration. Will be mailing it at that time.
Loved the video.
Enjoy the day!
Rio Grande Valley Group of Texas, USA
Reginabaena, United States of America
Loved the video, thanks
minori_sug, Thailand
Love this. However, my one has not arrived yet *cry*
Jenzeestyle, United States of America
THIS was adorable love love love it
mysweetlife63, United States of America
Loved the video! Thanks for putting that together. I hope mine arrived!
AnnaKyoyama, China
How Amazing!
Hope to see our Taiyuan postcrossing meetup cards will be there someday!
Flippie, Canada
Many thanks for sharing the video with us. It's inspiring. I hope you guys like my cards too.... who I send! (I cross my fingers)
Crystalinne, United States of America
I loved watching and seeing the different cards. Thank you for that!
Verunslv, Russia
My giraffe is here :)
vardhan, India
Oh I missed it. Will be sending out my cards soon. Hopefully my card will be featured in the next video
serebrianka, Belarus
Great cards. Hope you'll receive my card too🤗
Talal90Ahmed, Iraq
so so coooool
cinema-forever, Tunisia
I love watching :)
JaneJarve, Ireland
So many WONDERFUL postcards - they are ALL just FABULOUS - everyone put such thought & effort into what they sent. AMAZING - it brings a big smile to the eyes! WELL DONE one & all!
la_luna_pusa, Philippines
Cool! A postcard from my country made it to the video! (It's the postcard of the girl dropping postcards in a red postbox at 2:23 by Mabuhay Philippines!
Weisserose, Germany
How wonderful! :-)

I still have to send mine though. Ooops! Sorry about that.

Have a nice day, everyone!
Demmi, Romania
Great work with the video! So Nice!
Thanks for sharing xoxo

Greetings from Brasov
:) :D
PS.: I'm ashamed that I haven't sent it yet.... :(
But today is the day!
MarcuBastos, Brazil
Thank you for this opportunity to communicate with the world in such a beautiful way.
Avani, India
such a beautiful video!
betslets, United States of America
Loved the always, it was so creative. Postcrossing cards and stories could fill entire DVDs and be seen with great interest over and over again. (Taking over a wall at the Universal Postal Union HQ? Postcrossing may need an entire room.)
QAYBERT, Malaysia
I hope my postcard will be arrive soon to postcrossing po box 😭
konfuzedwithaK, United States of America
Wisconsin kringle made the cut haha love it
AutismMom, United States of America
I saw my card (Wisconsin kringle)🤩! So many amazing cards! Thank you for sharing them with us. Postcrossing is the best!
Cassisia, Germany
Great video and choice of cards! 😃
Looking forward to a follow-up... 😘
suradarm, Thailand
Thank you for sharing video!! One is mine ^_^
PatteHen, United States of America
So excited - I saw my postcard in the video! Thanks for sharing and for letting me know it arrived. What a great selection of postcards!
Amelie7, Russia
Great video! Thank you!
WernerLoerrach, Germany
Very nice, thank you,
but the movie is running too fast for me.
Knerq, United States of America
Love the update! Can't wait to see them all. Hopefully you will receive at least 150 but more would be even better!
ThePOSTCARDPerfect, United States of America
So Beautiful!!!!
RunnerE, Australia
Didn't see mine, but that's ok. The ones in the video are all so lovely. What a wonderful project!
giorgina80, Italy
Super cute 💕
Jusama, Poland
Tak. Miło widzieć , że coś łączy ludzi. Że nie ma żadnych barier ani granic...To wspaniale, że mam znajomych w każdym zakątku świata... Dziękuję Wam, że tam jesteście...😊
mounten, Italy
Super project and cute video.
isagv, Germany
Great video! Finally took the time to watch!
reiselustig, Germany
So many nice postcards - is there stil time to send one? I could not open the link to the participation conditions so I don't know if there is a "dead line"
Thanks for sharing all these nice postcards in the videaos and the texts on the other side.
socialgadfly, United States of America
Great postcards, I hope that you get the one I sent in a few weeks
Monika2019, Germany
Super video! Beautiful postcards, three of my cards are now on their way and want to celebrate with me. 😊
ellenwuzhere, United States of America
Cool video!
Levin81, Russia
Hope, my card will come in time...

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