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Oh happy day! The new Czech Postcrossing stamp is now out and about, and we’re beyond excited to finally be able to hold it in our hands!

Czech Postcrossing stamp sheet

A small event was held at the beautiful central Post Office in Prague for all the stamps which were launched today, and it gathered an excited crowd of philatelists as well as stamp authors and engravers.

Czech Postcrossing stamp launch

To celebrate the stamp in a more relaxed setting, a Postcrossing meeting is planned for the coming Saturday at Sberatel/Collector’s fair. So, if you’re in the area, do join us there for a chat and some postcard writing! :)

Czech Postcrossing stamp closeup

And if you’re not in the area, keep an eye on your mailbox just in case — your next postcard might feature this lovely new Postcrossing stamp! :)

56 comments so far

werewegian, United Kingdom

Can't wait to get one! :)

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Congrats! Enjoy your meeting and the pleasure/priviledge to stick this stamp on your mail!!!

ned44440, Ireland

Looking forward to receiving one of these stamps. I hope the Irish Post Office will issue one sometime.

storingmouse, United Kingdom

Wouldn't this lovely design make a great postcard?

Bestgirl, Austria

What a cute stamp, hope to get one soon

Constance98, China

Oh,it's really cute,longing to get one:P

mallidg, India

Wonderful... Waiting for Czech card with postcrossing stamp..

nisnoopy3, Malaysia

So colourful and cute! I wish someday I'll get this stamp on my postcard! Thank you for having this stamp! :D

Heidimunz, Australia

What an exiting piece of news!! I recently got a postcard from Czech Republic with a round stamp, an unusual shape. I'm hoping one day to get another postcard from such country with the Postcrossing stamp.

MeggieW, Australia

How lovely. I cannot wait to get one.

Blogger, United States of America

I am always so happy for the countries that get to do this! Just two days ago I received my latest message from the USA post office saying they received my request. They can not have stamps based on organizations like Postcrossing, I was already told that, but they can do a 'postcard' related stamp. I figure we could start there.

If anyone else would like to suggest something to the USPS about a postcard / Postcrossing design you can write it here:

U.S. Stamp Development
Attn: Stamp Design
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 3300
Washington, DC 20260-3501

Maybe if enough of us send them a postcard with the suggestion they might listen. :D

As for the Chez stamp - I LOVE IT!!! I think it is one of my favorite Postcrossing stamps. Brilliant!

Bonnes, Netherlands

Wish the Netherlands have a special stamp to!

Topas, Germany

Beautiful stamp. Love it.
Scenery brings the process of postcrossing to the point.
Congratulations to Czech Post.

honeybee, Austria

Wonderful! I love it.

msteblovnik88, Slovenia

Please I will be glad to receive one!!!
Contact me:).

chrissybaby, Ireland

Looking forward receiving a card with this new great stamp :)

nelly_zhou, China


PeifangYu, China

Beautiful stamp!! Hope will receive it :D 👍👍

Prakashchandra, India

Beautiful....I anticipate czech stamp from postcrosser from that nation...I hope so.

Delta_Dawn, Switzerland

So awesome! Congrats on your new stamp! I hope to find one in my mailbox someday soon.

viswanath, India

Really want one sheet of this stamp. It would be nice if any postcrosser from Czech Republic would swap. I will send a stamp sheet from my place.

Shabicht, Slovenia

I would like to swamp new Slovenian Postcrossing stamp for new Czech one. If you are interested, please contact me!

BOOGIE_PIPPIN, United Kingdom

A truly beautiful stamp, I can't wait to receive a card from the Czech Republic and hopefully see this amazing stamp on it.

Axolotl_, Germany

Very nice stamp! I love how more and more post companies issue Postcrossing stamps. Feels like Postcrossing has a growing influence in the world. :)

Rohtola, Finland

So lovely! <3

neuf_vies, France

So cool ! I'd like to receive one of these !! **

edo, Spain

Congrats to the Czech Postcrossers!! Love to have this new Stamp!!!

kbdessai, India

Can't wait to get hold of one.

cvcrossing, Philippines

that is so beautiful! i love it! hope to get one! :) happy post crossing!

loops, Belgium

I love it ! And I'd love to get one on a card :-)

AnOr, Germany

Great news! I hope the German Post makes it finally too!

kugusch, Germany

Awesome!!! I wonder how many more tries it will take us in Germany until we finally succeed.... Congrats to the CZ Postcrossers!

Snake_Gagarin, Belarus

It's so nice and beautiful! Congratulations to Czech postcrossers :) Hope it will be popular :)

Geminiscp, Portugal

P*E*R*F*E*C*T!!!! Awesome stamp for Postrossing, I wish I'll be lucky enough to get one stamp!!!! :)

amit19, India

Lovely stamp!!! Hope I'll receive it some day :)...


Baš lijepo.

GoCubbies, United States of America

I want a WHOLE SHEET ! Though one would be great as well , especially on the back of a Czech Flag Postcard !

Mlee, Hong Kong

Would be awesome if one day I get a card from Prague, one of my favourite cities, with such a wonderful stamp on it! ;-)

rosenbusch, Germany

Lovely stamp....
I hope, I receive one with the next Czech postcard.

WolkFolk, Russia

I accept a Russian stamp "I love postcrossing" in Czech or Belarusian. forward to address

Vinyl156, Germany

Every country should have one of these theme stamps :)

mounten, Italy

Fantastic stamp I' m waiting to get one too!! Great idea.

Kampenwandgucker, Germany

That's so great! Congratulations!!!!

I hope we will get one in Germany too...

Nyrak, Australia

Well done guys!!! Lovely design! Now one can only wish and have fingers crossed to get one! 😊

Roadrunner73, Germany

Wow, really beautiful. Can´t wait for my next card from Czech Republic (hopefully with one of these).

Jperlot, United States of America

Very nice for a country to honor Postcrossing.
I will have to get my Czech
pal to use one..

Budgied, Czech Republic

I guess that most of the Czech people cannot be satisfied simply by anything :-) Since this stamp is designed to carry the mail at least Europe-wide and the feedback therein is prevalently positive I think it IS a success. Use of the accusedly "British" pillar box design is okay since it is a well understood symbol worldwide. By the way there are no "iconic" orange postboxes as they only appeared in the mid-1960s, and yet in an orange-blue combination. Before they used to be blue for many decades.

nugget, United States of America

Very cool! I hope to receive one someday.

honeybee, Austria

Today I received the wonderful Czech postcrossing stamp together with a card in the same design. Thank you so much, Vladina and to all who signed it.

Vivian827, China

Very meaningful!

kroete68, Germany

I'm in love with this beautiful stamp. <3

Orenlawyer, Russia

Congratulations! =)
P.S. I need one meant stamp for my collection! I have russian PC stamp for swap!=)

ladybug513, United States of America

Nice stamp. Hope to receive one!

Robin67, Austria

I find it sweet and hope to get one too (who doesn't?). :-)

Braam, Australia

Wonderful to see another country has recognized PostCrossing with a special stamp! Australia Post has given a big write-up to PostCrossing in the September issue of the Stamp Bulletin, & has produced lots of interesting postcards & stamps recently. They are on the right track, eh? Good Luck to all!

eric69, France

hi everyone !
I've just spoken about the recent Czech Postcrossing stamp on my philatelic blog :

Would be great to know what you think about it, many thanks !
Eric, from France.


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