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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

This month’s writing prompt is a classic: imagine you’re about to be stuck on a desert island. If you could choose three objects to keep with you, what would they be?

In June, write about the three personal items you’d want with you on a desert island.
A desert island

I’m personally inclined to cheat and say a motorboat, along with an umbrella to keep off the sun and a way to store fresh water… but if I’m taking it seriously, and thinking about if I had to live on a desert island, the first object would have to be Helen Hippo, because we’ve not been separated since I was two days old.

After that… assuming that all the basic needs of food, water, etc, are already taken care of, the other two objects would probably have to be books. Unless there’s internet or electricity on that island, and then I’ll just take my laptop and my ereader!

But if you’re really twisting my arm and I have to choose two books, I’d choose Katherine Addison’s The Goblin Emperor, and the illustrated edition of Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea books.

Alright, that’s enough of me—it’s your turn! What three objects would you take with you to a desert island? Feel free to be as practical or as wishful as you like. You can answer in the comments here, or use this prompt to guide what you write on your postcards this month. We look forward to hearing from you!



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ned44440, Ireland
My kindle 😀. I couldn't do without something to read.

beer-boy18, Germany
a football, a diaryand a lot
ice cream i would take with me
on au island
Konrad (beer-boy18)

monarja, India
When you say a desert island, means you are in a place where there is heat, sand and scarcity of water, so my survival kit would include a white headgear, a water tracking device and good pair of shoes.

einzigartig0611, Austria
My dream island would have to be lonely, but not deserted. So that I can satisfy my basic needs (food, water).

Then all I need is my reading glasses, a suitcase full of books and a comfortable beach chair!

ezredax, United States of America
HI, I would take lots of books; sunscreen and bathing suit. NO one said how long a stay would be. :) Demaris

ruthkepler, United States of America
A beach chair is a great idea. I'll add a big, sturdy umbrella, a table for my laptop, my laptop (with magical internet connections), a hammock, and some easy-going companions. I guess I'd use the desert island food delivery service, arriving by boat each day at cocktail hour!

dutchgranny, Netherlands
in that case
I would like to take with me
my spectacles (bad eyes),
hat (white skin) ánd my drawingarticles
( I like to make some impressions as souvenir) ...
at the beach I will write in the sand very big
you can recognise "my" island
and after a great fishlunch
you may "rescue" me haha :-)

Tanya_Epritsky, Russia
Hello everybody! I would take with me the well-known book by Defoe, a rifle, a bowler hat.

lindeclark, United States of America
I am an artist and writer so I would take an art journal, pens, and all my watercolor art supplies, plus a picture of my son, and grand baby.

okostenevich, Belarus
Hello everyone. I would take books with me to a desert island (perhaps it's banal), I just love to read. I would also take a blanket, since I am a cold person and I need it even in warm weather. Most likely , the third thing I will take is knitting threads , I love to create something with my own hands . Thank you to everyone who read to the end, with love Olya!

MagicMarie, Germany
The most important question is: does this Island have a Post Box? 😀
Otherwise I might just take my hammer and some nails to build one out of some flotsam on the beach.
My second idea is to take pen, paper and a bottle with me to create a message in a bottle and sent it out into the wide ocean. That's exciting!

cheshire42, United States of America
My wife isn't going to read this is she? Well then I would take our Dog ! Lots of his favorite food. For me a well stocked source of Food. How long is this going to be? I would Not take any device to connect to the outside world,. I know somewhere there is a Hermit live a happy Blissful life, not knowing the constant terrible news caused by stupid people !!! Come on Dog you can be off lease and run to you hearts content.

Flippie, Canada
I need Sun protection, a lough chair and a radio. Then I'm OK.
I will find food and something to drink. I can swim naked because no-one is there...hihi. I'm gonna be in "heaven" for a while.

Goldberry59, Netherlands
Assuming food and water are provided, I would take with me: a very comfortable (beach) chair, Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and an unholy amount of yarn and a crochethook (to me, that's one item!)

Vozmojnosti_Iriski, Russia
Wow! Earthsea is very good idea!
And Tolkien too!

1. Flint for fire
2. Knife
We agreed to be honest, right?
3. Bible

unbijou, United States of America
I would take a tent, flint and a pan to boil water and cook any food I could get ! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Honestly I hope it never happens as when I watch survivor I don’t know how they do it. And they aren’t alone ( oh so maybe I would take my family)

Barbiesoup, United States of America
BIG BRIMMED HAT and hand held water sprayer a dried ice machine.

A knife, something to dig and matches, all for the primitive life on a (deserted) island ..

nm_rockhound, United States of America
Tough decisions, three items huh?
- 1949 Ohio license plate
- a glass jar of assorted buttons
- a toothpick

lilliebean, United States of America
A blanket , a knife, and a filter water straw.

Sochi, United States of America
I would take Babesushka (a toy that I've had since i was 2 yo, Bible and my best friend :)

alaska4ever, United States of America
I am assuming there will be water, some kind of food and ways to make shelter with that said:
I would have to first take my dogs, I have decided I never want to be with out them by my side.
Some way to have music all kinds of music, folk, classic, blue grass, pop, swing and so on.
and books.

Jauho, Finland
Magicwand and two wishes.

laura64, United Kingdom
A diary a dog and my ipod

WindyDesign, United States of America
I would bring my iPad so I could keep posting regularly to my POD Postcard blog.

Bayazit, Russia
I'll take my favorite concert grand piano with me ;)

paulinha_amazonas, Brazil
I'm a survival expert after watching every episode of the TV show Naked and Afraid (it's a joke haha). These are my survival items to use on a desert island (uninhabited and without electricity):
1. Camping tent to protect me from the heat and cold. Trying to sleep a little more comfortable haha
2. A knife for: chopping firewood, hunting, preparing food, etc.
3. A flint to make fire. With that I could boil water, cook and heat myself. It makes the days I would spend in this place a lot easier.

pcbuyer, United Kingdom
I would take Bear Grylls with me,,,he’ll keep me alive...his expertise to build shelter, source food and drinkable water, his survival skills will keep us safe until rescued. 🤔😉

DeeJade, United States of America
I don't know if it's considered cheating, but I have what I call my "GO-BAG," which is like my emergency bag that has all my essentials. I have one at home and one in my car. So either one will be my #1 choice to bring.

mdmsamm, Canada
Love all of your choices, ok some more than others 😆
I am an UNHIDE lover, so my blanket would have to come with me, it is thick enough to sleep on and warm enough for those cool nights, second thing, sunscreen, I wear it all year round, I am so light skin, i used to be called Casper. ( need a few cases of this) and third, well that is easy, a how to survive on a desert island book….

You so make my ❤️ smile…some of you are darn funny

Rovena_Maria, India
Nice to read all the comments, my survival kit would be a knife , a boat and some food .

Demmi, Romania
A Bible, a cap and a knife! :)

Jesterday, Netherlands
A warm blanket, lipbalm and Raoul Bova

ScarletRain, Germany
a spade to dig for water
a tent
a fishing rod

evg335, Russia
big knife, magnifying glass, sturdy shoes

ROMAandPAUL, United States of America
my husband...he's a modern "MacGyver," a big blank art journal, and a canvas bag full of artistic supplies

Trenker, Germany
My favorite pottery mug, a small painting showing a gothic brick house from my home town and a cosy blanket..

giraffesbox, Canada
I think I would choose more practical things like a knife, notebook (for taking notes about the experience and, overall, not losing the mind) and flint.

OxalisMontana, United States of America
Sunblock , tent , camera , water, books. And more sunblock. :)

HM, Netherlands
Cellphone and connection
Postcrossing things, postcards pen stamps washitape
Return ticket to leave

Norway_girl, Norway
Snorkeling equipment would be nice. And a knife; assuming there's trees there and I could try to make items out of wood, only using that knife. Not that I've tried that before, except making a stick to stick the hot dogs on when heating them on the fire....
Not sure what else to bring. It should be something that I could use everyday, which could help me "kill some time".

orange_memo, United States of America
I would take a hat, sunglasses and my cellphone :-)

ceoramalho, Brazil
Some great books I have'nt read yet...
A confortable tent...
A camera.

Blissbee, Australia
A lifetime supply of SPF- and because I can't leave them behind, my 2 crazy kittens... XD

clutsche, Germany
What are all the books and stuff worth, if you don`t have some big bags of coffee with you ?!

owdchorlean, United Kingdom
I would take a solar powered generator to charge my iPad. In addition I would the bits and peices of a model railway I have collected over the years and hopefully complete it!

beesknees, United States of America
A homing beacon for when I get sick of living on the island, a knife and a huge box of matches

Jenny57, United Kingdom
I would take my woman's survival kit better known as my handbag!! It has everything in it.
The complete set of Harry Potter books.
Biscuits. As long as I have biscuits I can survive anything.

bhuney05, United States of America
My three things would be my bible my hubby and grandson. No matter how many times I read it there is always something new to learn in it. My hubby is there for companionship and he's a great helper. My grandson because I couldn't imagine being there without him! With him our imaginations combined there is unlimited potential in having fun. Not just sand castles to be built but forts and imaginary animals to defend.

Poste, United States of America
I would take my fishing equipment, my awesome wife and a hammock made for two!

Sunshineisachoice, United States of America
First my huge grateful smile! :) Well that one is a freebie... the objects would be a yacht which would give me a choose to leave if I needed to, my dog since he is seriously wonderful. No America he is not a purebred he is a marvelous, smart, mongrel! Water tracking device.

A_Ein, Taiwan
Assuming that all basic needs such as food, water, electricity are met,
I'll bring my dog, my family's picture and my camera
I don't need internet because I want to enjoy life alone.
I need electricity because I want to charge my camera, I want to use it to record my life, like sunrise and sunset, every meal, every day changes and how I'm getting old~😆
I want to take my dog, he can walk with me and listen to me~~ I am worried about losing my language skills🤔

ad7yn, United States of America
I love the previous answer of a photograph. I would bring a photograph of all those I love, good chocolate and the Bible.

relvita, United Kingdom
For anyone who enjoyed this topic, you might enjoy the programme "Desert Island Discs" of the BBC - the person has to select 7 songs from their life, pick which one they'd save if they could only save 1 and also choose a luxury object and a book to take with them. This programme is still on and has an archive dating back decades, some very famous people and some less famous people - most really interesting to listen!

chowjanya, United States of America
Notebook, pen/pencil kit, and camera

Veronika-b, Belarus
Hello,as for me I would take the sun buttery, phone and equipment for getting normal water from salty!

Anto61, Italy
Wonderful ! On a desert island ? situation a- Water, food and Mosquito net/Fly Screen. Island with distant human presence Mosquito net/ Fly screen, much paper..very much and pens or pencils... good life all you

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