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Written postcard The writing prompts are an ongoing experiment that invites postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

We’re big fans of the “Think global, act local” motto, and though we don’t usually read newspapers these days, we still keep an eye on our local news online or through the town’s radio station. While the local headlines are definitely small-scale in the national or global context, the issues covered are interesting and offer a glimpse into the life of the region.

June’s writing prompt comes from Jetske's suggestion on the forum, which resonated with us:

In June, write about a recent interesting subject from your local news.

So let’s see… at the time I’m writing this post, the headlines are focused on the prevention of forest fires before summer starts, a controversial new offshore drill off the coast of Algarve, as well as the local soccer team being promoted to the second tier championship over the weekend. Not terribly exciting stuff, but a mix of environmental concerns and entertainment which seems characteristic of our region. I could easily write a bit more about these topics.

What is concerning the people in your area at the moment? Let’s make the world a little smaller by sharing some of the local stories on our postcards this month!



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Mosshumla, Sweden
That's a great prompt!
Here in Sweden, the risk of fire is a big issue, too, as it has been a very dry spring.
Stockholm is preparing for traffic chaos tomorrow, as there's the Stockholm Marathon.

ned44440, Ireland
Festivals - we have a few festivals coming up in Galway including Seafest 🐋, Galway International Arts Festival 🎭 and the Galway Races 🏇 just to mention a few. 🙋

beesknees, United States of America
Here in the USA it"s all Trump Trump Trump - mostly bad news! Now we're apparently fighting with Canadians 2020 cannot come fast enough! (not a fan in case you havent guessed)

leoll, Germany
As a local journalist, it's easy to find some news :D

booboo_babies, United States of America
Back in 2011, I used to have local news as a suggestion for people sending me cards. I had this on my page for about six months before changing it. I had mixed results with it. Some of the responses were interesting, which was great. Some Postcrossers did not want to comment on their news, they found it too depressing. And that were many that talked about news that I was already well aware of in the United States. Such as Osama bin Laden being killed. This was a huge story, but I wanted to read about things that I did not know about. As beesknees said above, the news is non-stop Trump here in the United States. This is a real pain, especially for people like me who did not vote for him. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who dislikes Trump. Last year, my son went to Ireland and the United Kingdom on his Spring Break. While he was traveling, he saw demonstrations against Trump in Dublin and London.

lilacs-and-figs, United Kingdom
That's a really thoughtful prompt idea :)
I just picked up our local paper and it's a mixed bag - factory closure meaning job losses, but also the small upbeat stories about local athletics or kids abseiling a cathedral tower for charity!

angiegaud, Canada
That is a great prompt, I will have to do so on my next post cards that I send out :)

TheWorldInMyEyes, Germany
Thats a really nice idea. Local news are my daily work as well 😊

Riinka, Finland
I must say I'm a tad political when it comes to current issues and because of such position, I prefer to steer clear from commenting them. Other everyday life is a good subject, as I'm a plant & bird freak, I will always have something interesting to share, especially now during summertime! :)

Heepy, United States of America
Our local news:
1. Shootings
2. Shootings
3. Shootings
4. Trump complaining about the Chicago shootings while saying everyone needs a gun.

I don't think I want to write about that.
Cynicism aside, a user recently did request some headlines. As it happened, we had subtropical storm Alberto come our way (which ended up missing us), so I wrote about that. I also threw in the Hawaiian volcano eruption for good measure as it was a card to an international user.

I still think it's a good prompt because now I am going to be more ears about positive stuff. It's there, wedged in among the shootings, but one really has to search for it.

silverrose, United States of America
Weather is a neutral news story. Local news is more about what's happening where you live, not the whole country. Think of the local festivals annd such. would love to hear about a hot air balloon festival from another postcrosser.

kissyberlin, Germany
Such an interesting topic. I will address it to my writing suggestions, I think this will be fun!

kristinperry_, United States of America
I think it's a great prompt, so I looked up my local news thinking I'd come across some fun summer activities being planned. Instead, here is what I found:
-One life lost in fatal HWY (highway) crash
-Convicted sex offender caught trying to re-enter US illegally
-Two structures lost in fires Sunday
-Obituaries of the week
-Skeletal remains found are from missing camper

So... maybe I shouldn't write about those on a postcard. *sigh*
I'm sure I can find //something// positive...

Dancing_Sun, Thailand
From Thailand's general local news today... Department of Disease Control inspects more patients from eating poisonous mushrooms during rainy season, warning to be careful to eat mushrooms. -_-

Amos_1, United States of America
A lot of stories about President Trump winning winning winning as he works to Make America Great Again! 👍

meiadeleite, Portugal
@Amos_1 Go more local! What is happening in your town or community?

alison41, South Africa
A great idea, but a difficult topic if you live in South Africa: daily news is saturated with news on crime, violence, corruption and politics. Sigh. I'm going to have to work extra hard on this one!

Flippie, Canada
Hi, our local news is about the biggest cruise-ship what arrived last Friday in our harbor on Vancouver Island, Victoria BC . It was HUGE. He comes every Friday now!

RULeon, Russia
Thursday, may 31, 2018, employees gorodishchensky district library held an action "Not procure your health", dedicated to world no tobacco Day.

The purpose of the event: to inform the population about the dangers and dangers to the health of addiction.

Facella, Austria
Honestly, I wouldn't mind if somebody told me about sad/serious news. It still teaches you something about the other person's daily life.

Here in Vienna, they had to close the park of the famous Schönbrunn Castle because there are too many dangerous caterpillars running wild. O.o They're covered in hair and if they touch you, you get an itchy rash and might even have trouble breathing. I had no idea we had poisonous caterpillars!!! That's so gross. DX
Putin will visit Vienna tomorrow. Wherever he goes, the public isn't allowed, so a few places are off-limits tomorrow. Safety measures. *shrugs*
And then there was something about the city of Vienna going to court about the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars. Vienna wants the ban, the old government promised we'd have it by the beginngin of May, the new government decided they don't want that ban because it's bad for business. Many people are for the ban due to health reasons. Personally, I couldn't care less.
So, a mixed bag. Will probably write about the catterpillar on my next two cards, though. That seems like the most interesting thing to have happened. Even if I find insects utterly disgusting. *shudders*

Knerq, United States of America
Alexandria, Virginia will have Democratic and Republican Primary Elections on June 12. Registered voters may vote in either primary, but not both. The Democratic Party Primary is to nominate candidates for Alexandria Mayor and Alexandria City Council. The Republican Party Primary is to nominate a candidate for U.S. Senate.

WattlePark, Australia
Local news here has either doom and gloom, politicians behaving badly or weird such as "Online gamers have been called out by the head of the National Broadband Network as a major cause of congestion on the fixed wireless network."
So if the bakery runs out of bread will the baker blame the customers? Reminds me of the librarian who complained that borrowers messed up her neat shelves.
Wonder if those caterpillars are related to the centipedes that got on the railway track in the Adelaide Hills so they had to cancel the Overland train to Melbourne?

TheBattlefront2, United States of America
I always use the writing prompt and tell others about it in my postcards.

Hamburg127, Germany
The main theme in our local newspapers were the blackout at the airport Hamburg on Sunday morning (until Monday morning) and the typical stupid whitewash of the management. More then 30.000 passengers were stranded.

luar64, Spain
In the local news the information of "sanfermines" predominates, They are the festival locals start in July 6. we see the information of acts, bullfighters.... In Pamplona, Spain

PackerBacker2, United States of America
Upon viewing the comments, I noticed that some users - namely Americans- have been focusing excessively on three things: doom, gloom, and Trump. While Channel 4 may not be the most uplifting news source, I am certain that there is more interesting, positive local news to share with Postcrossers across the globe - like festivals, sporting events, a crazy phenomenon, an act of kindness, and more. Negativity gets old pretty quick...

ezbub, Canada
I live in Ontario, and tomorrow we go to the polls to elect a new provincial government. It seems to be a difficult choice for many people because they don't like any of the leaders of the parties and/or the platforms of the parties.

dictaudrey, Indonesia
Currently Indonesian news are all about terrorists; ex-terrorist are giving testimonies, some organizations in colleges are suspected involved in terrorist acts, a handmade bomb was found in college, etc. Another news are about politics; we're going to vote new president next year but all the chaos about it is already starting since early 2018. So nope I guess I won't write about this on my postcards :/

I'll do this prompt if there's another interesting news...

NerdBird, United Kingdom
My very local headline about a man proposing to his girlfriend in a police car (she said yes)

Spryte808, United States of America
My local news is all about the volcano eruptions and the many people displaced by the lava flows. Kilauea doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Even though I am 200 miles away the eruptions affect tourism, homes, businesses, and even the weather. Kilauea is just making the island bigger.

SuitcaseDonna, United States of America
Where you are AT???? Grammar check, please.

Catlady78, United States of America
Five whale sharks were spotted on Saturday off the coast of Anna Maria Island, Florida - a rarity in this area. Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, and they can grow up to 40 feet!

readg4fun, United States of America
Here in Southern California, it is the recent fires and potential for more fires with summer coming up. I don’t get upset about political news; I wasn’t a fan of the past president nor the current one.
It would be neat to read about events, the World Cup, olympics, marathons and such.

meiadeleite, Portugal
@dictaudrey Go more local, if you can! What's happening in your town or region?

plomp, United Kingdom
I wish this was the suggestion last month when an ostrich escaped from my local wildlife park and started chasing cars down the country roads. XD

Space_Serenade, Germany
Oh well, the latest news in Germany are very depressing... I'm not sure I would want to ruin someone's day with it :/ Local news are not good either, there is a huuuge corruption scandal going on in my little city.

meiadeleite, Portugal
@plomp What a fantastic piece of news! I think you should still write about it :)

mormori, Korea (South)
Studying Dutch language! and what you want to buy everyday! haha

KarenID, United States of America
In the city where I live (pop. 200,000) our drinking water has become contaminated with cyanotoxins from an algae bloom at the reservoir. At-risk populations are encouraged to only drink water that has been trucked in. Many of us who are not in the sensitive categories (children under 6, adults over 70, pregnant or nursing mothers) are also using safe water for cooking and drinking. This situation is expected to continue for at least two more weeks.

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