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About Mei-Li...

Hi, my name is Mei-Li, and I live in Honolulu, Hawaii. While you may think of it as palm trees and grass huts, it is far from that. Honolulu happens to be very urban, chic, and an expensive city to live.

I love getting mail.. I have relatives all over the world, but everyone tends to communicate via email. My parents met as pen pals, so I like the idea of a random postcard.

I used to show them to my High School students as I'm an Educational Assistant, but the days are so short and we are cramming their little minds with so much information that the postcards especially for my group wasn't really worth it this year.

I'm not picky about the postcards I receive, so send what you like. I don't mind if it's from another country or state but maybe explain WHY you have it or what is at this place. I know many people don't want postcards from places other than their senders own countries, but I understand people travel and pick up a postcard or two along the way.

I am interested in sign language as I am deaf. If you have any alphabet signs from your country that you could share with me it would tickle me pink. Or even a booklet of real basic signs from your area?

Most always my postcards will have a Hawaii theme. What's not to love? Beautiful beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls, the highest mountain in the world from the sea floor, Pearl Harbor, sun, surf, Iolani Palace, and hula. Unless you have a request that I can happily fulfill. I do have Pokemon postcards, and misc other countries.

On a random month, i would be willing to send a care package to a random postcrosser filled with things from Hawaii - macadamia nuts, lotions, postcards, magnets, Hawaii jelly, tea, shot glasses, spoons, or even Japanese things - we have a big Japanese community in Hawaii. green tea, Neko cats, chopsticks etc. I do take people with allergies into consideration so PLEASE let me know.

It would be a trade though, I send one box and you send me one too. If you got my postcard and you're reading this - you are welcome to ask for a care package. If you got my profile picked and you're sending me a postcard, or even a direct swap for a care package is more than welcome.

The next surprise care package receiver can either be a direct swap or come via postcrossing postcard. If you ask and give a reason WHY you want my care package I will consider you. It's cheaper to mail packages within the US, but gets more expensive internationally. First come, first serve.

If you really want a care package and want to pay for shipping, message me and we can work out something via PayPal.

If I have not received your postcard, please, please let me know, I will register it and if you want, you can send me a replacement postcard. I understand the mail loses postcards here and there.

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