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kristinperry_, United States of America


(or Kristin) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 1 year (522 days).
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About Kristin...

Hi there! My name is Kristin. I am 26 years old and I currently live in Franklin, Tennessee, USA. I love nature, tending to my plants, PC gaming, kawaii/cute themed things, listening to creepy podcasts/audiobooks, watching unsolved mystery shows, writing and receiving snailmail with my penpals all over the world, and just being creative and happy. I've opened my own Etsy shop selling adorable letter writing paper. Check it out if you would like!

I have a friendly, thoughtful personality and I am interested in learning all about other cultures and people!

Here are some things I like:
-nature (forests, wildlife, scenic views, fields, flowers, ocean, desert, etc.)
-space/science (constellations, galaxy, planets, etc.)
-Studio Ghibli
-old buildings with a story
-your town or city
-traditional/native people and dress
-art reproductions, especially watercolor
-First Nations/Native American
-map cards
-conservation cards
-cards about your hobbies

Any type of card is fine, except ad cards. I would love to learn a bit about you, what you are doing today, what's on your mind, your home or what the card is about and why it is special to you - something like that. Write as much as you like! :)

No envelopes please, unless you would like to add a few stamps, coins or a small banknote from your country - that would be really cool and I would be happy to return the favor! I am collecting currencies from around the world!

On my end, I will be registering every card as soon as it arrives, and I will be checking out every profile before I send a card so that I have an idea of what you would like to receive! Please understand that I can only send what is available to me :)

Take care and Happy Postcrossing!

December 2017 Update!
I am a member of The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team! We are a group of people from all over the world who have come together to raise funds, awareness and support for this school project because we believe every child should have access to quality education. The school is currently under construction, but in order to continue our progress, we need your help. Any contribution makes a difference, and we truly appreciate it.

The project website is where you can find tons of info, regular updates, and even videos showing the construction!
The donation page is
NEW: You can help us out by purchasing postcards from who has partnered with us to help raise funding for materials.

Project team page: PPAPTeam
If you have an expired card to me, please let me know so we can work something out!