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About Lærke...

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, wherever you are!

***Covid-19: I'm a so-called key worker, helping to keep the railways running. This means I'm not home in isolation but spending many hours a day in the office; as a consequence I'm currently not able to register cards more than once a week.

I'm a 46 years old, female IT-geek, working in the railway industry. European, born in Denmark, living in the UK (dual citizenship and all that), ancestors from DK/UK/SE/NL/DE and more... I live in Swindon with my boyfriend Tony and our two spoiled house rabbits (rescue rabbits), Sir Norman Wigglytuff and Brunhilde; both in my avatar. They are "free roam" (not caged) in our house. For the Jasper Fforde readers: We don't have any dodos here, but there's a Thursday Street just around the corner.

If you play Pokemon Go, feel free to write your friend code on the card, and I'll add you :-)

I like mail, books, vegetarian cooking, travelling (I've been to DK/SE/NO/LT/CZ/GB/JE/GG/IM/DE/BE/FR/MC/IT/VA/ES/GR/CH/IN/SG/MY/MZ/TZ/ZA/US), Pokémon Go, history, learning Welsh, animals (I'm an RSPCA volunteer) & much more. I studied earth sciences at university and love the colour blue...

Some people are worried that I may not like their card because I already have 14000+ cards. Don't worry! I'm easy to please... my lists below are for guidance only!

**If you are from South or Meso-America, Africa or any rare country, please send me a tourist card from *your own* country!**

My *wishlist* (not an order list - be creative!):
-Doctor Who – esp. Daleks
-your favourite museum
-snow - flakes/crystals, landscapes...
-rabbits/hares, owls, penguins, beautiful/weird fish/corals/squid/octopuses/jelly fish and other underwater life (no dolphins and whales, pls.)
-volcanoes, tornadoes, lightning, icebergs, glaciers, rock formations, caves, minerals and stones
-UNESCO sites
-food, especially fruit, vegetables & spices, local markets
-seasonal cards for non-Christian/non-Western holidays, e.g. Diwali, Eid or Chinese New Year
-Roman & Islamic empires
-dandelions/sunflowers/leaves/trees/cacti/ferns/botanical gardens
-science, fractals, the Women in Science cards
-time/calendars/clocks/everything steampunk
-Bugs Bunny, Thumper, Totoro, "it's happy bunny" (no matter how insulting the card!)
-A nice tourist card from a place in *your* country

I do *not* like:
-Christmas/Valentine/Halloween cards or Bible cards
-folded cards (Liever geen wenskaarten/dubbele kaarten in een envelop)
-pieces of flimsy paper and no card
-animals dressed up
-indecent/erotic cards
-ad cards (unless they fit one of my likes above!)

*Please no requests for private swaps - I don't do them
*Sorry, I won't register cards I haven't received; it's also against Postcrossing rules

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