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The Indonesian Postcrossing stamp was issued last week, and a few meetups took place around the country to celebrate both their new stamps and Postcrossing’s birthday. We have pictures to share with you!

Here are the local postcrossers in Bandung

Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup

…in Jakarta

Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup

…in Semarang

Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup

…in Surabaya

Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup

… and in Yogyakarta!

Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup Indonesian Postcrossing stamp launch meetup

Looks like a great day was had by all, and there was even geplak and gethuk, some typical Indonesian treats! 😍 Pretty stamps, postcards and “cake”… sounds like the recipe for a perfect birthday celebration!


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36 comments so far

Mosshumla, Sweden
Seems like you had a lot of fun, all of you!

juttertje, Netherlands
Lovely pictures and great to see you all!

KoJep, Indonesia
Thanks and im happy can be a part of this project. Greetings from Yogyakarta

Restu_Amalia, Indonesia
Yay, thanks for posting our meet up pics thru Postcrossing blog! Always happy to be part of this community :)

Knerq, United States of America
How cool!

jarezien, France
Wow, so many Indonesian Postcrossers, so many nice pictures ! I hope that I will receive one of these postcards !!
By the way, I will travel to Indonesia next year (March 2018) and I can not wait for visiting the country BUT also buying cards and stamps there !! ;-)

viverivvv, Indonesia
Can I join Postcrosser Indonesia Regional Bandung ?

mounten, Italy
Fantastic pictures, it seems you had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. All the best wishes from Italy.

Hasip, Belgium
:) ................ ❤️ ............... :) ....... great !! ... with love from Belgium !!

CathyFay, United States of America
Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

loving6thgrade, United States of America
Thank you for the warm smiles from across the world - WOW what a great meet-up. Thanks for sharing:)

Aladeral, Peru
Excellent!!! Greetings from Perú!!!

teamug, Germany
Thank you for the lovely pictures. Postcrossing is the best community ever.
Many greetings from Germany.

zomertje, Netherlands
Looks like a lot of fun, hope to get a card with a postcrossing stamp soon.
Thanks for sharing Greetings from the Netherlands

emmahyuk, China
congrats! would like to receive one if I have the luck~wish you all the best!

fisherman, Ireland
Great to see all those happy faces. I hope I am lucky enough to receive one of your new stamps soon !

jess-cee, Netherlands
can't wait to see one of your cards in my mailbox soon ;-) It looks like you had loads of fun writing all those!

Flippie, Canada
Congratulations with the post-stamp and meet up. I hope to find one of those cards with the stamp, someday in my mailbox. Thanks.

courtmm11, United States of America
I woud luv to see an American Postcrossing stamp

_samy_, India
great pics!! hope someone will send me that stamp soon in one of my cards!!

forget_me_not, Russia
Wow! So many cheerful smiles to match the awesome stamps!=) My congratulations to all Indonesian postcrossers! From Russia with love!=)

Levin81, Russia
Great! Wating impatiently for a postcard from Indonesia :)

asiantraveler11, Taiwan
It's just wonderful to see how postcards and stamps can unite all of us and get us to sit down and write to one another. So happy.

JonathanChua, Singapore
Thank you Restu Amalia for the PostCrossing cards n complete Postcrossing Stamps. I got both cards today n the 1st Asian PostCrossing Stamps........ribuan terima kasih......The cards n stamps were very well designed.

SittaAzurea, United Kingdom
Indonesian in Scotland here, just know that there's Indonesian Postcrossing communities. So cool. Selamaat ulang tahun :)

Scarlet43232, United States of America
I can't wait to have a meet up in Columbus, Ohio, USA. I am shooting for September...It looks like everyone had an amazing time! Wish I could have joined them! Happy postcrossing, everyone!!!

ned44440, Ireland
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. It so looks everyone had a spectacular time. I wish I could have been a part of it.

stalkersha, Russia

Olddutch, Spain
Looks like you all had such a good time! I'm happy to see so many Postcrossers there in Indonesia, all smiling and enjoying each other's company.
Congratulations on the new stamp. I look forward to seeing one on one of my cards from Indonesia.
Greetings from Spain.

punsinyan, Indonesia

Jacque53, United States of America
I love seeing everybody's happy smiling faces at the different Indonesian meet-ups! The new Indonesian Postcrossing stamps are gorgeous! Happy Postcrossing to everyone!!

chammy, Japan
Wow, Everyone looks so happy! Congratulations!!

dogfan, United States of America

DorotheeB, Germany
Today I found a meeting card in my mailbox - I am so happy!!!Thank you!!!

Raymond68, Netherlands
Our congrats to the Indonesian Postcrossers with their PC stamps!

jelikweyh, Malaysia
pasti seruuu !
selamat ya postcrossing indonesia !

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