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Never thought about visiting the island nation of Vanuatu? Then here’s a good reason for you to consider: they have the first (and only?) underwater post office in the world! We bet you never thought it was possible to post mail underwater, have you?

vanuatu underwater post office

The Vanuatu Post came up with this idea to increase awareness of the richness and diversity of Vanuatu’s underwater world. And if you never had the chance of finding nemo in real life, then that’s yet another reason to think about Vanuatu for holidays, where you can do snorkeling and see the great aquatic life there is there.

But, don’t think it’s easy to get there! This special post office is 50 meters offshore and is 3 meters deep underwater – you’ll need to scuba dive to actually get there. And make sure to check their schedule, as their are “open” only one hour per day! :)

Since its start in 2003, they have received over 100.000 visitors so it surely seems to be working well. Waterproof postcards are available and they use a special embossed cancellation stamp that can be used underwater. Postcards can be sent anywhere in the world, so it’s perfect!


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37 comments so far

abbyaguas, Philippines
Well, that's so cool. I hope I can get a postcard from that island, dropped in the Underwater Post Office. XD

willemijn, Netherlands
Does it have a P.O.BOX ? :-)

Venia, Norway
wow! nice idea!

Brendon33, Finland
Pretty amazing! Sounds wonderful and funny at the same time. xD

scrutiny, Hong Kong
Does is receive incoming mail? How cool would it be to receive a cars like that... Perfect for those who live in a tropical climate whose postcards are routinely ruined by rain!

Aparna_s24, India
I happened to check more about this country online and I saw that they also have volcano post - post box near the fiery rim of Mt.Yasur's crate! Awesome!

lucymonty, United Kingdom
How cool!!! Would be amazing to receive a waterproof card from there :-D

mor_lefay, Greece
Really cool!!! Now I want to go there and send waterproof postcards to all my friends!! It is really nice idea!!

JulieMary, Canada
:O Amazing!

mattyboy3y, Italy
Oh! Why don't You start a project in Vanuatu like You did with Tuvalu's Schools?

anagahan, North Macedonia
this is soo thrilling!!! lucky people who have received a postcard cancelled here! :)

monadaniela, New Zealand
Oh, I remember visiting is a great place...I would like to go there again someday. That underwater post box is so cool

wwwera, Israel
Hm, Paulo, I think it is worth to brew with this office another project like Tuvalu project. Sure lots of people want to get a waterproof card with a waterproof stamp from far Vanuatu!
Can I help anyhow, perhaps?

eliseliselise3, Australia
What a fantastic blog post topic!!! I am fortunate enough to actually be venturing to Vanuatu later on in the year with my darling family, we're even staying within close proximity to this wondrous submerged nautical postoffice!! :D I'm so excited!!

chankljp, Hong Kong
I will love to receive a postcard from that post office!

magabygc, Venezuela
Really cool!!

dollart, Finland
Now i wish i could do scuba diving...

peridotlake1, United States of America
Interesting idea. I wonder who thought of making it.

heyjude, United States of America
OoooooooH how great! I taught ni-Vanuatu students on another S. Pacific Island but never got to their country. Yes! let's do a special project like with Tuvalu!!!

indianfriendszone, India
i wish i can get such waterproof postcard and stamps ...
it would be gr8 to visit such place too.

Dodd, Taiwan
It's cool. In my country, Taiwan, we only have under water mail box. Although you can post a letter under water, but you cann't buy stamps there. :p

jlk254, United Kingdom
That is mad!

Blogger, United States of America
Great tourist idea! makes me want to learn to scuba dive :)

Cheryll, Suriname
I wonder if the Tuvalu project cards went well,Who received an earth day card from Tuvalu ??
Never received one...........

Kleine_Liebe, Germany
This sounds so cool, really...if I ever go there, I am going to see that post office, for sure...I mean, I am a certified scuba that should be possible, hehe...that is really fun...that should be amazing cards from there, really...something special!

CaresseSurLocean, United States of America
Ha, I would love to receive a postcard from the underwater post office! :-) What an unsual place it must be, it sounds fantastic. Now I know there are people as crazy as me!

FairyFoot, United Kingdom
Sadly, there has been earthquakes today and earlier this week near Port Vila, Vanuatu. One had a magnitude of 7.3 with over a dozen aftershocks (looking at an earthquake page, several states in the US have had mild tremors.... and Greece had a 4.4)

sybones, Singapore
The underwater post office is an amazing idea! Sorry to hear about the quakes though :(

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
I would love to get a postmarked from this underwater post office in Vanuatu. :) Yea, sorry about the earthquakes too. >.< I've heard of this underwater post office years ago in newspaper. Glad to know it is brought up again in Postcrossing. :) Thanks for sharing this great news with all of us! :D

pcbuyer, United Kingdom
What a great idea and a great place. I hope that any damage due to the quakes is minimal and no-one was hurt.
If anyone wants to get one of the cards from Vanuatu, you can purchase the cards from the link in the above article. There is a small selection to choose from and the Post Office will send the card to, with the stamp mentioned.
Great article.

HM, Netherlands
official sent from underwaterpostoffice:

levince, Egypt
we have one underwater post office in Malaysia too..located in sabah

StojakSiblings, Germany
so funky!!!!!!!

Poohmaa, Germany
Wow! That is soo cool! I would love love love to get a waterproof postcard posted at the underwater post office.

SxnY, Taiwan
WOOOOW~~so cool~

icdamoon, United States of America
awesome things happen in this world and this is extra special!

hefelberry, United States of America
Did anybody notice that is said that there were over 100.000 postcards sent? That means only over 100 postcards were sent ;?

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