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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

On the forum topic with writing prompt suggestions, Gwen (aka GJG) asks about everyone’s grocery list, which we think is a fun and quirky topic. So, let’s do that this month!

In November, write about what is on grocery list.
A mix of green leafy vegetables on a market stall

Around here, we always have a grocery lists running, usually on an app that is shared with the household. This way, we can all add items to it on the go, and anyone can get things from the market if they happen to be out and about.

At the moment, our list includes almond flour, eggs, cabbage, decaf, cheese, envelopes to mail some prizes and Sugru to fix a few cables. Oh, and I must not forget some chocolate! Yesterday’s cheeky trick-or-treaters took the last of it… 😅

It sounds rather eclectic when I look at it written down like this, and I wonder if you’re imagining what I’ll do with those ingredients… Now’s your turn — what is currently on your grocery shopping list? We invite you to share it with us on the comments below, and on the postcards you send out this month!

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skolya, United States of America
I keep separate lists for food groceries and household items. Common food items are onions, butternut squash, oat milk, and rice flour (gluten-free and dairy-free household).
yurix, China
The photo looks like vegetable market in China. There're so many napa cabbages. In old days, people in northern China often bought a mount of cabbages at the beginning of winter as vegetable storage till next spring. And for Korean people, napa cabbage is also very important to make kimchi.
Verabrady, United States of America
Birdseed- always on my list. I also ask for 40 pound bags of it as gifts. I put the pastry “snowballs “ on it too, but rarely indulge. I’ve loved those “Hostess snowballs “ since I was a child. Olives and feta and Greek yogurt for my Greek husband are expensive enough that snowballs are forgone.
emoryh29, United States of America
Topo Chico (or other carbonated water), milk, apples, cheese, butter and eggs. And of course food and treats for the furry children.
Postenkartenfan, Germany
I was shopping today. Fresh German sausage, German cheese, French cheese, Norwegian salmon, fresh herring salad, mineral water, Italian grapes, Peruvian blueberries, yoghurt, aluminum foil, household foil, condensed milk, cranberries in a jar --- from the supermarket.
Fresh German apples and German potatoes---directly from the fruit farmer in the company shop. Fresh German mixed bread and fresh German rolls---directly from the company shop of the large bakery.
One advantage in Germany is the large number of supermarkets and farmer's shops in a small area. Shopping can be done on foot if you can carry the groceries, but many also take the tram or bus. By car anyway.
Starfevre, United States of America
The thing that usually triggers a shopping trip for me is organic skim milk (dairy, cow). I use it for cereal, tea, other things. I've got a weird type of lactose intolerance where the reaction scales exponentially with milkfat content so skim (fat-free) is best. After that, chocolate almond milk (thinking of switching to oat milk due to water concerns), and then everything else depending on what I've used in that time.
AyumSulaiman, Singapore
Combination of greens like Spinach, Chye Sim and Broccolis.

I will alternate chicken and fish every two days.

Then some snacks, chocolates and biscuits too
franbobcat, United Kingdom
Love these international shopping lists! On mine last week: parma ham, salted ricotta, pecorino cheese, olives, strong white flour (to make foccacia). Yes, I'm going through an Italian food phase, thanks to Stanley Tucci.
nm_rockhound, United States of America
Milk, eggs, ramen noodles, Coke, Oreo cookies

Just the essentials
soufiamsellek, Morocco
Red Yalow and red Pepper, rice, carrots, cabbage, cream, chicken

And Lemon pie
shey21, United States of America
This is a great topic! I want to use the prompt with cultural foods I get in NYC. My parents are from Dominican Republic and I was born in Venezuela. However, my partner and I are always in Flushing at the Asian supermarkets.
heatherlynn21, United States of America
Bell peppers
Smoked oysters
Pumpkin pie
Whipped cream
loving6thgrade, United States of America
I plan my meals around store sales, so this week : grapes, blueberries, gala apples, bananas, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, hamburger, and my husband’s diet Dr. Pepper. Usually I’m buying cat food for our seven cats, but I stocked up last week.
Jacque53, United States of America
Always on my list: plain yogurt, fresh blueberries and strawberries.
Also usually on my list: fresh vegetables and cream for my morning coffee.
lindeclark, United States of America
My shopping list consists of fish, rice, veggies, fruit and yogurt.
My list includes lots of leaves.. coriander.....spinach....onion...garlic....
tomatoes....cheese & paneer with wheat flour.
Easy & fast to prepare a dish out of these that goes well with chapati ( made from wheat flour).
Asyarrd, Russia
My shopping list is constantly changing — usually it depends on what I want to buy for dinner that day (and money). But it always includes pet food, energy drink or chocolate.
TankerYanker, Canada
Mixed Vegtables , Potatos, Peas, Radish . If I go shopping hungry Iw ill end up buying more . Happens everytime .
allaboutcats, United States of America
My brief shopping list:

Sour Cream
Tortilla Chips
Fran12, Canada
Visiting a friend, we deceided to splurge on oysters and salmon! Miam Miam what a luxury and pleasure! Bon appétit!
JoMarie, France
I made shopping during my lunch break today, as often (easier to me rather than going after work). And my fridge was empty because I was in my partner's house last days. Well, never mind, I often buy frozen food because it's practical. The supermarket of frozen food has got almost everything you need ! So, for example, today I bought fish, some vegetables, ground meat and my lunch for my lunchtime. There are raw products, but also convenience food such as salmon and leek paupiettes (bought today also). I also like to buy fresh food, almost for vegetables and fruits ! Have a nice day postcrossers !
adventures_with_liz, United States of America
My staples are eggs, Greek yogurt, lean ground beef or turkey, seasonal fruit, berries, sourdough bread, avocado, sliced deli meat, broccoli, cabbage, spinach/arugula mix. And for the love of all that is holy, COFFEE.
silverrose, United States of America
With Thanksgiving coming later in November for us in the USA, my list will be a festive one.
jolii, Finland
Today was shopping day. Shopping day is not my favourite day :( shopping list includes: Apples, creek yougurt, gouda cheese, ham, cucumber, prepared food to the work (includes noodels, sesame seede, fresh vegetable and chicken -easy to cook, add only hot water and wait 3 min) and some treats for the dog. I forgot to buy bread, coffee and
washing up need to go to grocery tomorrow.

Have a nice day!
D2M2, United States of America
organic wherever possible:
maple-flavored oat milk
plain goat yogurt
gala apples
flax seed meal
miyoko's vegan butter (no substitute comes close) -goes on everything
20lbs sunflower seeds -for birds
niger seeds for the gold finches
just ordered 5 lbs of baby white rice popcorn from Wisconsin- state secret!
natashaportman1, United States of America
My grocery shopping list for this week: olive oil, mayonnaise, bagels, English muffins, sliced cheese, lunch meat, eggs, 1% milk, oat milk, orange juice, salmon, bananas. Most of our fruits and vegetables I bought on Saturday.
Lucy831, United States of America
Currently, elbow macaroni, 16oz block of sharp cheddar cheese, 8oz block of Gouda, half and half, possibly panko bread crumbs, fruits to make smoothies, candied ginger,
Fiji apples, honey crisp apples, pink lady apples, dark brown sugar (trying a new baked Mac and cheese recipe, and it's the prefect season for a Dutch apple pie!) and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. (I just finished treating about 15 Hoyas for a couple of months of mealy bug outbreaks, thank baby godzilla thats over with.) I'm sure I'll have more to add to the list tomorrow before grocery shopping
Grace1927, United States of America
I don't do the grocery shopping husband does! Always on his list: eggs, milk, bread, cheese, fresh fruit.
AnniMaa, Finland
I usually buy:
Oat bread
Plain yoghurt
Cottage cheese
Fresh vegetables
GayeDoreen, United States of America
Having recently had jaw surgery, my grocery list is pathetic. Everything is soft and boring. But Ice Cream is always on that list! Thank goodness! 😃
Flowerchild7070, Canada
It’s a cool fall day here today in Canada. My list has: a cabbage, rice and tomato sauce. Sounds like a great weekend for cabbage rolls.
Piquita, United States of America
I make a big soup every week in the winter. I use the peels and cuttings from last week’s soup to put in the freezer to make the next week’s stock. This week we had butternut squash, pinto bean and corn stew. I bought fresh tortillas to have with it.

In the pandemic under more-or-less lockdown I was going crazy, having to think of meals for lunch AND dinner. Now we plan our meals for the week before our weekly trip to the local food co-op. Much less stress and makes shopping fast and efficient!
Goldberry59, Netherlands
Usually on my grocery list: food for our 3 cats (they eat a lot), cheese for us (we eat a lot of cheese), buttermilk, herbal tea, whatever vegetables are available and not too expensive, meat, veggie meatballs and other veggie 'meat' (we like meat, our daughter is vegetarian), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cookies. I seldom buy chocolate, because we all are chocolate-addicts ... if it's available we might eat our weight in chocolate ... best to avoid temptation!
Always on stock: rice, macaroni, jars of preserved vegetables.
I always buy organic bread, potatoes, carrots and apples. And organic detergent, shampoo and shower gel, because all of us are allergic to the generic stuff.
And always always always: coffee!!!
Flippie, Canada
On my list;...laughter, smiles, encouragement,positivity and much more...
On my real list; food, clothing and random things.
Jenny57, United Kingdom
I use my slocooker a lot now its getting colder so mixed vegetables, mushrooms and onions are regularly on my list.
Also seeded bread, mature cheese and bagels. Chocolate coins are back in the shops. I love them. And a good bottle of Rose Wine.
PaiviM, Finland
I am used to have always a small paper with me in the shop with all the items written on it. I reuse paper this way. The list is written in that order I go around my local shop. I like fruit and they are always on my list. I pay attention to the origin of the products and try to buy food produced close to me but only apples are Finnish in November. Then I buy grapes and plums and tangarines produced in European countries. The same with vegetables.
tozorunt, United States of America
Big shopping trip today, (the big stores and the co-op with local foods are a 2 hour drive one way). I'm jealous of those that have markets close by:) Organic turkey, zucchinis, mushrooms, organic chicken and beef (for lasagna), Cumin seeds, cheese from Ireland (sold at Costco), Feta, Kalamata olives, mangos when I can get them, lettuce, colored bell peppers, cabbage, kale, ... Yirgecheffe coffee beans, & I did buy Newman's mint Oreos- a treat for the long drive home.
Katiakakao, Australia
My most recent shopping list:
Milo, Vegemite, cheese, crackers, white rice, vegetables, mushrooms, bread, milk, coconut milk, black tea and mandarins. In our neighbourhood we often exchange what we grow in the garden with neighbours so our fruit basket is often full with lemons and passion fruit
Other special items you might find on Aussie shopping lists:
Chicken salt, meat pies and Weet-Bix :))
Bookworm72, United States of America
Just went shopping but always seem to forget a few items!

Sour cream
Apple cider
Romaine lettuce
MariaGaleta, Spain
Good afternoon everybody!
on the list I have written: leeks, zucchini, long rice, cockles, lemons, oranges and tangerines
Ah! and most importantly C rate stamps
MariaGaleta, Spain
Hi Katia, Katiakakao ! I find the Weet-Bix very interesting, it really looks like the national breakfast 😊
Katariina_Finland, Finland
hello everyone sharing their shopping lists!
here´s mine, student´s shopping list:
Mine includes:
egg, cheese (vegan or non-vegan), yogurt (sometimes vegan), tofu, veggies (often frozen, since they last longer and faster to cook) like peas, green peas, wok mix...onions, garlic, cucumber, tomatoes, salad, juice, lemon, bread, cream, fruits (currently love mandarins and persimon), Biscuits/cookies, rice or pasta.

I always try not to waste food, I don´t buy too much at once or cook big portions. I don´t cook often, since it´s cheaper and easier to eat at university. So my list contains most items for breakfast and dinner.
Katariina_Finland, Finland
I'm a weetabix lover -katiakakao
Luborges, Brazil
I always have cereal, seasonal fruits and bananas on my shopping list! Banana is the only fruit that is always on my list, because it is my favorite fruit! But my list for today has beans, raisins, rice flakes and plant-based milk.
Thanks for sharing your lists!
AnnJewel_Chyi, China
yesterday I bought bean sprout, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, chicken wings, frozen fish-dumplings, lake salt and sugar. I often buy fruits and seafood.
einzigartig0611, Austria
I like to buy fresh fruit - grapes are almost always on the list - vegetables, especially red cabbage and sprouts, chicken and dark bread, napkins and ginger must not be forgotten!
alison41, South Africa
Mondays are pensioner discount day, so this week I bought:
spring onions
baby spinach
Portuguese rolls
Cream cheese
I go to a nearby Food Lovers Market for most of my fruit & veg. Last week's specials were blueberries, strawberries, avos and paw-paws
Fascinating to read other people / nationalities lists. Salmon is a luxury for us, but a routine item for those in Nordic countries.
Joy_n, India
Potatoes, onions, and tomatoes are an inseparable part of Indian food and I go at least thrice in a month to refill these. Thankfully in my city Dehradun(India) we get fresh vegetables in the market. We don't like veggies packed in plastic. We have many vegetable markets here called 'Sabjee Mandi'.
tonykpyee, Hong Kong
To me, grocery means food. Food on my list: orange , egg, pork chop, lamb chop, spring chicken, fish fillet, tofu, mixed salad vegetable, shredded mozzarella cheese, cherry tomato, bell peper, bok choy, gai lan, ginger, garlic, ramen in pack, English muffin, sliced loaf, canned tuna.
moonlessnite, Canada
Groceries: fresh garlic, fresh parsley, lemons, salted butter, earl grey tea, MAGI liquid seasoning (large bottle), HALVA, radish sprouts, avocado oil, balsamic vinigar, cooking wine, NUTELLA. German sour Rye bread (uncut).
pravka, Canada
Today's grocery list:
canola oil , bok choy, kohlrabi, chicken breast, honey, potatoes, rye bread, apples, grapes, sliced smoked gouda, french bread, milk.
doryfera, Canada
My shopping list is generally quite boring with the usual staples (eggs, dairy, veggies, etc.), but I do regularly buy shelled unsalted peanuts for the neighbourhood crows, who are real characters! We've had a cold snap recently, so they're eager for food with high fat and protein content.

Also, today I put pie on our list specially. It's the 314th day in the year, and a friend on the forum suggested I should regard it as Pi[e] Approximation Day. So tonight we celebrated pi with pie, Lemon pie and strawberry-rhubarb pie, in fact :)
Anto61, Italy
My list...Apple and salmone, broccoli and mackerel, radish and sardinias, ...polpo and potatoes, ... but... I've neve tasted <herring>
harleyq2btrue, United States of America
oh my goodness i cant help but laugh so many wonderful/ delicious/ healthy things on peoples lists
our list this week looked something like
junk food
junk food for hubby's car ( he travels a lot for work so we try to keep snacks in there as a just in case for him)

hope everyone has a great night (and a good laugh) enjoying my very short postcard message
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