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The Bridegroom's Oak

We love unusual post offices and mailboxes and have featured a few on the blog over the years, from Galapagos to South Africa to the underwater Post Office of Vanuatu. Today’s special postbox comes from somewhere a bit closer to us here in Europe, and is said to have magical matchmaking powers…

The Bridegroom’s Oak is a 500 year old tree in the Dodauer Forst forest in northern Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. It is a special tree, which has its own postal address! Why would it need its own postal address, you might ask? Well, hundreds of people write to the tree every year, in search of a love partner, someone to share their lives with. The tradition is said to have started from this story:

“The name of the tree derives from an incident in the late 19th century. The daughter of the head forester, Ohrt, and the son of a Leipzig chocolate maker, Schütte-Felsche, were in love but her father disapproved of the relationship, so they secretly exchanged letters by leaving them in the hole in the tree’s trunk. When Herr Ohrt gave in and granted his permission, they were married under the tree on 2 June 1891.”

And the rest is history, as they say! As their love bloomed and the story spread, many people started to write to the tree and visit it to read each other’s letters in the the hopes of finding love. So many people came that in 1927 Deutsche Post put up a ladder and gave the tree its own address. A postman was assigned to deliver these letters in a hole on the tree, and this continues to this day.

Many weddings have happened as a result of these letters and encounters, including the one from Karl-Heinz Martens, the postman who for years delivered mail to it. His wife wrote to him through the tree’s address after seeing a report about his special “tree-postman duties” on a TV channel, and they ended up meeting and falling in love. How sweet is that?

Interested in giving it a try, perhaps? :) The Bridegroom Oak’s address is:

Dodauer Forst
23701 Eutin

Let us know how it goes!

PS – A big thanks to Nhung (aka tthn235), who did the research for this post.

46 comments so far

ned44440, Ireland

Lovely story 💖

MerlinM, Germany

Wow, what a sweet story. Thank you for sharing!

floosieQ, United Kingdom

How lovely!

moonlessnite, Canada

How romantic. thank you for this article. I might try this.

Luziaceleste, Brazil

Sooooooo cute mailbox.
Sooooooo romantic love story.

alter3ch0, Finland

So cute! It's like a natural tinder - and definitely better! :D

guyt, Canada

Lucky me, I don't need it.

mapa, Belgium

cute! Great story !

postcrossing-girl, Poland

Sounds great! I will try it! Thank you!

bstb, Germany

I used to live close by and sometimes rode my bike there just to have a look into the hole where all the letters are...

Gen24, United States of America

Aww, really romantic and sweet! Thank for sharing with us, guys! ( and also, thanks a bunch, tthn235!!!)

Gen24, United States of America

Sweet video too! >_<

Abzilla, United States of America

I love this story!

betslets, United States of America

I wish we had a wonderful such tree close to us for the same purpose. The story of Karl-Heinz Martens might make for a romantic movie.

Garuna696, Russia

Thank you for the story, romantic and beautiful.

Demmi, Romania

Really romantic!
Happy 128 years to the Bridegroom's Oak!
Long Live The Tree of Love!

NextMailDay, Spain

The world is better when this stories happen!

Nana805, France

Lovely story ! 😃💕

giorgina80, Italy

Romantic story
Sweet 😍

Geminiscp, Portugal

Wonderful story!!! :D

fairytale89, Finland

How nice and interesting article. Perhaps I'll write to the free too. Thanks for sharing the story :) ❤

ljbeelady, United Kingdom

Great story. Perhaps I will write to it. After all by the tree's standards I'm quite young.

EugeneOnegin, Russia

It's so cute and amazing T_T 💖

reiselustig, Germany

Although German, I never heard of this place and the special tree - and I must admit I am surprised that the German post still delivers to it - great to hear! Thank you for sharing this amazing story with us!

kr68, Germany

The tree is also mentioned on a postcard

nicetry, Germany

I once had a female friend from Eutin – I fancied her, but as she didn't tell me about the oak she obviously wasn't interested. Ok, it was obvious for another reasons, too.^^


Where have you been before ?! )))

saikat_das, India

Fascinating story!

tiger-tiger, Germany

And since 25 April 2009 this tree in Eutin is "married" with our tree in Düsseldorf/Germany.

Our "Himmelgeister Kastanie" has its own address too:

Himmelgeister Kastanie,
Kölner Weg,
40589 Düsseldorf,

and all letters will be answered by "Jüchtwind", the tree ghost !

flora-nova, United States of America

What a sweet, magical story! Thank you so much, Nhung, for sharing this.

leiyijing, China

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!!!
I will send one in the future.

Banauson, Germany

Thats funny... I live about one kilometre away from that tree and saw today that postcrossing has made a blog post about it.

Wishing everybody good luck when sending to our bridegrooms oak.

alison41, South Africa

How romantic! thanks for telling us the story.

Frogletisima, Netherlands

Aahhhh I really love this story. It's so sweet.

Nordbaer, Germany

28 years ago I put a a letter to my former girlfriend into this tree, it was found by a couple from Lithuania and sent to her some weeks later...

RunnerE, Australia

Are you kidding me?! That is the cutest thing ever. I have never tried Tinder, so this may be my answer. Can't wait to have my letter delivered in a tree. :)

Bibimagblumen, Germany

I remember that we went there in school with our class and took a letter. the whole class had sent letters to some eldery woman, who answered every single one. it was amazing cute...

prisspot, United States of America

Beautiful tree. I come from Kansas in USA where trees are rare.

Braam, Australia

It just goes to show that Nature is better than technology. Trees are living creatures, as we are. Good Luck to all searchers!

irina_zakozhurnikova, Russia

Beautiful legend!

NIDUSKA, Finland


MicahMoonKitten, United States of America

I love this ❤️ thanks for posting about it!

Ally1987, Chile

Que linda historia... me encanta que aun haya personas que les guste plasmar sus sentimientos en papel, a mi me encanta escribirle cartas y notitas a mi marido y siempre se las doy en su bolsa de almuerzo :)

eteach, Russia

An incredible story! Thank you for sharing!

sunnygirl1423, Germany

I´m sorry, I can´t write a positive comment about the oak =((
I read about in a travel guide because my boyfriend and me planned to go to Eutin and I wrote a love-letter to him. Not an offer-of-marriage, but a nice envelope, new stamps (he is a philatelist) and just meant as a lovely gesture after beeing 6 years together. But unfortunately someone else took his letter out of the hole and I was so disappointed and sad!

So you must exept your letter maybe will not reach the recipient......

Good luck for YOUR letters!

emoffdayz, United States of America

That's a beautiful and sweet


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