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It’s no secret we’re big fans of the behind-the-scenes part of postal delivery (see here, here or here). Russell (aka SonOfBilly) from New Zealand, spotted this love of ours and sent us this video by New Zealand Post:

That put a huge smile on our faces! Samson’s enthusiasm is contagious, and pretty much a mirror of our own delight when we see these videos. Keep them coming! 😊


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bertija, Finland
So lovely story. It makes me smile.
Thank you for this video,

Diane567, United States of America
Enjoyed the video! I was just there for 3 weeks & found their mail system confusing. I was told there's 2 companies, 1 presumably for international & 1 for domestic. But my postcards made it to countries in about 23 days!

PascaleOh, France
Thank you for this nice moment and sharing !

Flippie, Canada
Hi, It gave me tears in my eyes... Thank you for sharing this video about mail!
Our MAIL! Anneke/ Canada

Kereru, New Zealand
Great video of NZ Post Samson. Awesome that our mail passes through some fantastic scenery, but then I'm a bit biased :)

Cellina, Germany
Thank you for sharing. You filmed day and night! Great!

GABoyd, New Zealand
New Zealand Postal services were deregulated in the late 1980s.
NZ Post is still the main carrier, but there a about half a dozen independent carriers. DX mail is a main alternative carrier. They do bulk mail & own deliveries. Independent carriers can use NZ Post boxes & delivery.
NZ Post is a profit making state owned entity. But because of the Internet, they have reduced delivery services /increased stamp prices, to maintain a profit.

JetteLise, Netherlands
Thank you for the the nice video , sharing all those happy faces :) . Watching your happy video I do realise the postal systems are really so different in the world . ( for me , The Netherlands - Europe ) .

jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Great video. Very positive energy. I'm going to request a couple of adresses right away. Keep up the good work and thank you.

LightGrass, Singapore
Wow!! Have just fallen in love with NZ postal services and NZ through this video~~~ Thanks, Samson!!!

Mosshumla, Sweden
Such a wonderful video :) ! Love it!

fisherman, Ireland
Fantastic Video - Long live NZ Post !
Having visited Auckland, Christchurch and Taupo - I loved the journey of your letter to your Dad

mar872, Canada
Wonderful video. I really enjoyed it.

mounten, Italy
Lovely story thank you. Ciao from ITALY!

bra, Austria
Really nice video, thanks for sharing. Greetings from Austria. Cheers

PeggyLoh, Singapore
A great video n thank you to all the post offices in the world for helping to deliver the mails we care to the people we love. Hip Hip Hurray!!! What a great n dedicated job not to mention Passionate one too.

Venia, Norway
Great video. Thank you very much for sharing. :)

Nordbaer, Germany
❤️ ❤️ ❤️

doefje, Netherlands
Nice video!! Greetings from the Netherlands

MiddLin, United States of America
Great video!! And what bright smiles they all had :-)

dershots, Canada
Nice to see New Zealand again. For those visiting NZ, do not buy the tourist stamps available at the tourist sites- they are more expensive and took 2 months to reach Canada and the stamps ended up being covered by a big white label. Buy stamps from a post office. They sold me a stamp that was cheaper and only took 14 days to arrive.

AmitxSahoo, India
Gives us the idea how it works, Its great. Thanks for sharing :)

Jacque53, United States of America
Very nice video! I loved seeing the mail trucks that the mail person uses to deliver the mail to people's homes in New Zealand! Very different from our mail trucks (USA).

iphoto, Australia
WELL DONE❣New Zealand ... You guys rock😎

ripco2, Canada
Really enjoyed watching this.

moniquec, Belgium
FANTASTIC to follow the day/night journey of a birthday card in NZ !
great video !! thanks for sharing ! just lovely to watch ♥

paicontea, Germany
GOOOOOD smiling people!!!
compliments to all who contribute...
thank you!

Braam, Australia
What a wonderful story, & I loved father trying not to show his feelings! We have similar problems in Oz, fewer deliveries & higher stamp prices, especially for overseas mail (just before Christmas!) - to keep profits up. Parcel delivery is proving vital for Australia Post to survive, against other courier services. Ah well, as long as our postcards get through! Thank you to all the people around the world who speed our letters & cards on their way - we appreciate your work!

islander61, Bahamas
I enjoyed that. Thanks! :)

pucky, Netherlands
This is really a marvellous movie, I loved watching this red envelope going on through so many careful hands! Thanks!

ozzelotti, Germany
Thanks for a heart-warming video. :)

Rainlover, Australia
Loved it! Still smiling! :-)

ziminandrew, Russia
Наша Почта мило бы улыбнулась на такой профессионализм.
(It can understand only people, who live in Russia -__-)

kamna, Fiji
love it

CarrieJoJo, United States of America
That was so fun to watch! Love all things mail!

Gemini17, Netherlands
Lovely story!

Kurt15, Austria
Well done NZ! I love travelling around NZ! This video makes me incredibly sentimental!

minako85, Germany
What a wonderful and heartwarming video! ❤️
Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

happydayout, New Zealand
Fabulous video, go NZ Post! ♥ Nice to see my local mail centre here in Christchurch featured!

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