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Earlier this year, the Little Mail Carrier’s cousin was invited to attend some Postcrossing meetings in Indonesia. He begged us to go, so we packed him on a comfy envelope and off he went, towards the Java sea! Yanita (aka YanitaDC) kindly hosted the little man and showed him around her home country. Here’s his report of the trip:

Hello from Indonesia!

Halo, Apa Kabar?

I just visited Indonesia, the biggest archipelago country in the Equator. I came here to attend the Postcrossing meetup In Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia… and stayed a bit longer with my host Yanita, to see the sights.

But first things first! The meetup was held in early March in Jakarta, at the Kantor Filateli Jakarta (Jakarta Philatelic Office), where a postcard exhibition of member’s collections was also taking place.

Look at these beautiful cards! Must get busy signing them! Soooo many people!

People came from all over Indonesia for this meeting, so I got to meet lots of new friends… I felt like a movie star having a fans meeting! They thought of everything and even made special postcards for everyone to sign!

My new friends! Say cheeeese!

That was really exciting! Can you believe how many people were there? There was even a news report made about the Indonesian Postcrossing community at this meetup, which was later played on the bigger post offices of Indonesia for a month! Have a look:

In a word… awesome! :D

Next on my tour of Indonesia, I visited Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (which means 'Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park’). It was brilliant! I could see as much of Indonesia as I wanted… all in one place!

A Padang (Sumatra) house on the left and a Betawi house on the right Typical costumes and Bali architecture Karapan Sapi (traditional bull racing festival) and Toraja Sulawesi

Aaaah, so many things to see… Indonesia is huge! After so much sightseeing, I was feeling a bit hungry, so Yanita gave me some kerak telor. It’s a sort of spicy omelet with sticky rice inside, topped with fried shredded coconut, fried shallots and dried shrimp. That was amazing and really hit the spot!

Yummy kerak telor

While I was in Jakarta, another meetup was being planned, this time in Yogyakarta, about 500km west from Indonesia’s capital. The organizing committee kindly invited me to join them, so I eagerly hopped on my envelope and took the plane over!

Let me ride this to go around Indonesia!

Stay tuned for my next update – there’s a lot more I want to show you from this lovely country scattered in the sea! :)


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47 comments so far

GoCindy, United States of America
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your country with us.

dollart, Finland
so cool news clip about postcrossing. I hope everyone at the meetup enjoyed the meetup :)

Luziaceleste, Brazil
Great to see big simles in all faces!

wulandani, Australia
i missed this meet up :-(

Restu_Amalia, Indonesia

rosenbusch, Germany
A great meet up, so many happy people....

DessyElfiana, Indonesia
hope someday i can join a meet up as great as jakarta meet up.. :-)

riinsomnia, Indonesia
awwieee i missed this meet up :'(

Sophie54, Netherlands
Just this week I received one of the postcards of this meeting as an official and I put t on the Facebook page of Dutch postcrossers because I was very pleased with this card. Thank you again an great to see the faces of the ones that signed the postcard.

Yelyzaveta, Ukraine
Such an interesting story!Hope one day I will visit he meeting too:)

nisnoopy3, Malaysia
Great meet-up in Jakarta! It is interesting to see the Youtube video! Terima kasih! :D

ThePOSTCARDPerfect, United States of America
I'm one of those lucky one who received one of the meet up cards.
Thank you,Indonesian Postcrossers. :)

bornokyo, Philippines
Nice if only we have something like this in the Philippines. :'(

ned44440, Ireland
What a wonderful meeting and a lovely story. Oh to have been lucky enough to receive one of these postcards - ah well, maybe next time.

nugget, United States of America
Looks like fun!

BxlPoster, United Arab Emirates
Wow, the video clip is excellent! Well done!

chrissybaby, Ireland
What a great meet up you had :)

danielc, United Kingdom
Thanks for sharing this meetup with us. Hopefully more people in Indonesia will join and we will receive more beautiful postcards from there!

fisherman, Ireland
Looks like you all had a really wonderful meeting - A special thanks to Jennifer for sending me one of those lovely postcards.

Geminiscp, Portugal
Wonderful photos! :)

GuyT, Canada
Just watched the entire video. Well done !!! Beautiful smiles.

omnduut, Indonesia
So proud with all friends in Indonesian Postcrossing Community. :)

ElisaJ, Netherlands
Wow! Great! I will go there in a few weeks..

andrac, Indonesia
aha i was there..

moosje73, Netherlands
yeah!! I was one of the lucky one who may received this card!

Saintois, Belgium
want to taste that omelet

honeybee, Austria
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful impressions of the postcrossing meeting with us. The movie is great.

YanitaDC, Indonesia
Dear everyone thank you so much for the comment, it's nice to spread these happiness to postcrosser all over the world. Just for your information, for the video with English subtitle u can go to this link and click the caption for it. Happy Postcrossing \(^_^)/

YiliLoh, Malaysia
Thanx for sharing!!! :)

dandilion, Netherlands
Lovely to see so much joy for postcrossing!!

sabescan, Malaysia
Terima kasih for sharing the 'little' trip! Nice event of a meet up, well done.

jjetsam, United States of America
What fun! I love the photos of the trip and meetup. Thank you for sharing.

Hayaa, Madagascar
Jakarta and Jogjakarta are two cities in Java, to see the whole Indonesia you have to visit Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park well enough to represent all regions.
Thanks for sharing the fun meetup.

abbyaguas, Philippines
Great Meet-up!

I remember hosting my first travelling toy years ago.

deffanyc, Malaysia
wow so happening meetup, congrats:)

cchia, Malaysia
what a great meetup with so many participants! :)

parkhomych, Russia
Very interesting! Thank you for this post))

Miselka81, Canada
This was a great post! Loved the video. Hopefully I'll receive a postcard from Indonesia soon! :)

teamug, Germany
Dear German users,
if GEMA prevents you to see the video (sorry Yanita, your link in the message did not work for me either) - this one (but also from you) did:
Thank you so much for sharing.
Hopefully I will receive such a nice card...

Leledumbo, Indonesia
Waaaa.....when the meet up was held, I just joined the postcrossing community for a few days. So I just knew the meet up from the article on Kompas Newspapers. I really hope there will be another meet up in Jakarta someday.

JerryC1023, Hong Kong
Looking forward to the next report!

londonpolly, Canada
Thanks for the tour,Meiadeleite. Thanks too to YanitaDC for the link and instructions for english captions on the Utube video. Great video. Happy Postcrossing!

YanitaDC, Indonesia
Teamug : i've heard if those link doesn't work in Germany, i'm so sorry for that.
JeeryC1023 : Here us the link for the next report
Thank you :)

bungaalangalang, Indonesia
Looking forward to the next meet up :p

ipuenktchen, Iran
wow, what a great adventure, even to visit jakarta and to join a meeting in the same time!!!!!?!?!

FemkeDorien, Netherlands
nice thanks for shareing this.

YungNing, Taiwan
Stamps are super beautiful !!!!

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