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Tomorrow is World Post Day, did you know? It’s celebrated every year, on the 9th of October and it commemorates the founding of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland Capital.

So across the world, post offices will be celebrating this special day in many different ways. This includes: special philatelic exhibitions, free entrance in postal museums, introducing new products and services, special cancellation marks, seminars, workshops and more!

World Post Day LogoActually, in some countries you can even get free goodies (like free postage!) so be sure to check the website for the post offices of your country (hint: if you don’t know the link you can find it in your country page in Postcrossing).

Let us know your findings in the comments of this post, and we’ll keep it updated for others to see!

So, go out, buy some postcards or some nice letter paper and write to all your friends and family; remind them that the post is a very important part of our lives.

Happy World Post Day!

List of events:

Ireland – An Post

An Post Museum will be opened for free to the public on the 9th October 2012. There will be a free guided tour at 11am and 3pm (more info).

Hong Kong – Hong Kong Post
You can send a letter for free, if you mail it from their special Love Post day collection boxes, which are on all their post offices! (more info).


27 comments so far

bodrumlu, Turkey

geminiscp, Portugal
Thnaks for the warning, I'd forgotten already! :)

giacatalan, Philippines
Saw over at PhilPost's site that UPU is hosting a Letter-writing Competition for Young People. Happy World Post Day!

meiadeleite, Portugal
@giacatalan: That is cool - although not related to World Post day. It seems that these competitions run in several countries though, so we'll try to gather more information and write a post about them too. :)

fisherman, Ireland
Nice to see that our Postal Service An Post is celebrating the Day with free tours of the Postal Museum. It is well worth visiting when you are in Dublin - Our last Postcrossing meeting started with a visit to the museum here :

sokakkedisi, Turkey
that's great! Also 9th October is anniversary of my Postcrossing membership :) I am glad to became member of Postcrossing in this day.

DemiGoth, Netherlands
Cool! 'll ask my boss if I can get a day off. As mailman I think I'm obliged for one ;-)

sandersalamander, Netherlands
Happy World Post already!!! ( i will also put a message on here tomorrow ;) )

marica_t, United States of America
How fun! :D I'll remember this when I stop by the post office tomorrow :D

Olga86, Belarus
It's our common holiday as mailers everywhere in the world! Happy Post Day to all the postmen! ;P and senders!

ForAgo34, Russia
I'm going to visit my post office and celebrate them ^__^
Russian Post is slow but we love it!

zachary, Canada
In honor of World Post Day, tomorrow, the first Postcrosser who contacts me will receive a nice postcard from Canada with nice stamps. It may not have a special postmark in honor of the day , but it will indeed be postmarked with tomorrow's date , Oct 09, 2012.

Klayr, United Kingdom
World Post Day, how wonderful. I wish the UK was doing something fun to celebrate, I at least haven't heard of anything, I guess I'll just have to celebrate by sending a postcard tomorrow.

kaatjevliet, Netherlands
Dutch post is not participating either. But I will :-)

YITICH, Taiwan
It sounds so nice:)

krishnaraosridhar, India
Wish everybody a Very Happy World Post Day....

Cirrat, Czech Republic
I didn't even know about this!

But incidentally, it's 4 months since we've started mailing postcards to each other with a group of friends, even before I've found about postcrossing, and I've changed my blog background to a collage made of the postcards I've received through Postcrossing!

I love coincidences :-)

Abfallkorb, Germany
Didn't know, that it is World Post Day, but this morning I sent 7 postcards to 7 different countries. Yehaaaw! :-)

InP, Sweden
I didn't find any mentioning of this in the Finnish post website, so I guess no events here.

sandersalamander, Netherlands
Happy World Post Day again!!!!!!!!!

Lorelai, Germany
German post is not participating either, too. I celebrate the day with a potcrossing-card to China... but in my post-office nobody knows about World Post Day.

Hotaru, Denmark
Happy world post day everybody!!!! :D

ned44440, Ireland
Great to see the Irish Post Office (my employers) celebrate World Post Day in some small way.

swencys, China
Happy world post day!! Really glad to see the British Royal Mail has a new postcard stamp which is a lovely picture of penguin and snowman:D

Jodie05, Australia
Australia Post did not seem to do anything for World Post Day sadly, but coincidently October is Stamp Collecting Month in Australia. The theme of this year's special SCM issue is Australian Zoos. They look great - I'll definitely be stocking up!

bidadari_azzam, Poland
Wherever...Happy World Post day, Happy postcrossing!

zirafka105, Czech Republic
A Czech stamp dedicated to the Prague Postal Museum won the title of the most beautiful stamp of the year :-)

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