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About Inka...


I'm a Finn living now in Sweden for a while. I have a degree in biology and like observing nature and birdwatching. I work in an organisation for nature protection.


Short version:

My theme is NATURE! I love to see the native nature of your country on the cards. That includes wild animals, wild plants, natural landscapes etc, as long as they are native to your country. And please, tell me what the card shows (what animal, plant or landscape it is). Thanks!


Full version:

I want to learn about the nature in your country. Therefore, I love to receive cards showing any of the following, especially if you can tell me what it is:

► Native wild animals (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, insects, spiders, snails, worms, sea-life, corals, etc.)
► Native wild plants, algae and fungi, also microscopical
► Natural landscapes and habitats (national parks, forests, meadows, mountains, lakes, rivers, wetlands, underwater, etc.)
► Formations (geology, paleontology, fossils, rock formations, geysirs, glaciers etc.)

If you can't find a nature-card, I'm also interested in:

► weather, auroras, space, astronomy (please no astrology = horoscopes)
► science (biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics etc.), including the lovely series of female scientists (I have received J. Goodall, M. Stoneman Douglas, M. A. Chase and C. Payne-Gaposchkin)
► scientific illustrations, also old ones
► magic eye, fractals
► prehistoric archeology
► indigenous people
► natural history museums and botanical gardens (I love visiting them)
► board games (not computer games)
► an aerial view of your city or country
► postallove's series "Greetings from...." infocards

I do not like:
- touristic city views
- buildings (except very old and traditional, and natural history museums)
- pet animals, house animals, garden plants, foreign animals in zoos
- cartoons (including cartoon animals)
- season's greetings (such as Christmas cards),


What to write? Tell me what the card shows! I want to learn from it :) Or why did you choose the card? Please don't cover the possible printed infotext with stickers etc, so I can try to translate the text.

Thank you so much for the card! I really appreciate every one.

Dear Chinese Postcrossers: I like giant pandas a lot, but I have already so many cards with them. Perhaps some other Chinese wildlife is also available in postcards? If not, pandas are of course welcome!

Dear Belarussian Postcrossers: I like the lovely postcard series "Fauna of Belarus" and "Flora of Belarus". If you can find them, I would be happy if you can check my received cards (to avoid duplicates) and send more of those series.

Thank you!

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