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I haven't lost interest, I now use the HofVliet account.

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Yes I passed my motor driving exam!

For cards I love surprises. Forget the traditional tourist card, I think they are boring! I want colour - humour - funny - politics - the environment - original cards - food - Dragons - Cards on Books/Book covers - Card with recipes! - Panorama’s - Local food/drink stuff - Map cards - UNESCO sites - camping - travelling - wildlife - humour - coffee - sushi - lasagne - chemistry - biology - film - TV - crafts

Cooking is a hobby so cards on food or recipes make me happy. http://www.postcrossing.com/postcards/CA-257750 is also a card I love to get. Is there something special to see or to know about where you live, I want to know. Do send me an Ad-card if it’s funny/original and tell me why you like it. And translate if it’s not in English/German/Dutch.
So far I received four handmade cards and they were lovely. Recently I discovered postcard books. They are a lot cheaper than single postcards and you get several cards on a favourite theme or artist.
I also like to send seasonal cards. Valentine cards in February, X-mas cards in December, and holiday cards I bought while on holiday etc. etc.

Please no envelopes.

I was a secretary, but now I am out of a job. I met Adrian on a dating site 11 years ago. When we got together we each had three sons, so together we have 6 sons. Only the youngest one, aged 15 still lives with us, the other sons are 29-26-26-24-22 years old and have moved out. Our first grandson has arrived january 2013 so now I am a proud grandmother.
Hobbies are photography, cooking, blogging, travelling. Scotland is our favourite destination! England, Ireland, Belgium and Germany come second.
In the days before the Internet era I used to write with friends. I loved the sound of a (thick) letter on the doormat. However, the possibility of sending and receiving six e-mails from my friend in the South of France on the same day has it charm. I live in Zwolle, a small medieval town in the North of the Netherlands. Please note that I am not from Holland. Only two provinces in the west are called Holland. The correct name of my country is The Netherlands. My husband is from Holland so he’s not bothered.

I love any card, but if you can afford to choose;
Please NO 'cute' dogs & kitties, cute kiddies, Royals and Disney.

But if you want to surprise me with something, please do.

I will not make a list of expired cards. I think it's silly and useless.

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