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This week’s spotlight interviewee is lapoussine35, from France! Erin has 2 daughters, is a tea and chocolate addict, and loves to read in her bathtub on rainy days. :) Here is what she had to say:

How did you come across Postcrossing? What got you hooked?

Like many other people here, I came to Postcrossing via penpalling. A friend mentioned Postcrossing to me in a letter and several weeks later, I decided to try it out myself. I love writing and receiving mail but, with two little girls, I find it hard to write long letters anymore. Postcrossing lets me reach out to the world and other people through a wonderful mix of words and pictures.

You could also look at it as armchair travel at its best!

Do you have any other interesting hobbies?

Traveling, science fiction and reading are definite stock answers and truths for me. In addition, I enjoying cross-stitching and making things with my hands. I recently cross-stitched an official card here to a postcrosser who mentioned liking handmade cards (/postcards/FR-144488). It’s my second one and I’m already working on another to send as a RAS.

I’ve also started running again and am dreaming of doing a half-marathon this fall. We’ll see…

Show us your mailbox, your mailman/mailwoman, your postoffice or the place where you post or keep your postcards!

This is our local post office, conveniently located next to the bakery! Since I started postcrossing, I go there regularly to mail my cards and buy stamps. I’m very lucky to have several great postal workers—they go out of their way to show me the latest stamps, always have a smile and even play with my girls sometimes.

post office and bakery
Show and tell us about your favorite received postcard to date, and what makes it special.

I had the worst time trying to pick out only a couple of cards for this interview. Normally I store my cards in boxes and photo albums so that I can easily flip through them and enjoy looking at them. I decided to start pulling out potential cards to highlight here and gave up when my bed started to be completely covered (and my daughters showed up to look through too)!

mix of received cards

Not a postcard at all but one of the “unsung” heroes of Postcrossing—a stamp! I’m not a serious stamp collector but I do love neat stamps on my cards and this is one of my all-time favorites. I even received a 3D hologram stamp on an official card from Finland once on an official card!

cards 010

Postcrossing has brought smiles not only to me but to my entire family! Ticker from Australia sent this great RAS card to my daughter Laura. She wouldn’t put it down for days! (below on the left)

cards 011 cards 012

Another RAS but from my friend evitayueh this time. Evita knows about my fascination for Japan and sent me this great spring greeting to brighten my day; needless to say, she succeeded! (above on the right)

What is it your favorite part of the Postcrossing process?

I love the excitement of choosing the perfect card and stamp for people. Since I started postcrossing, I’ve gotten to know the local post office staff rather well and they are very good about showing me the neatest new stamps. I think I get as much, if not more pleasure, out of sending than receiving. I’ve gotten to know several great people here through both the Main Site and the Forum and sending RAS cards is a great way to turn a dreary day into a better one. (Receiving them is also a wonderful part of postcrossing and proof of the community we’re building here.)

Is there anything that you are passionate about?

I’m passionate about languages and living abroad. I believe that everyone should take the chance to live abroad at least once in their life. The saying goes that “travel broadens the mind” but living in a different country does so even more by forcing you to reconsider all the little assumptions that you didn’t even know you had! I’m a strong advocate of programs like ERASMUS in the European Union or US-style Junior Year Abroad programs. I was lucky enough to study in Switzerland as part of my education and I treasure that time.

Language acquisition is also a bonus and I find it fascinating how it unlocks your brain from even the earliest of ages. It’s also interesting to look at how the connotations of different words change in different languages. I often ask postcrossers to write a few words or a favourite quote in their language on my cards. The combination of a foreign language, education and living abroad is a real gift!

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29 comments so far

honeybee, Austria
Thank you very much for this nice and interesting spostlight. What a cute little post office you have.
sekar, Indonesia
I like the building of your local post office. It looks beautiful :) Anyway, it's nice to see your big red souvenir sheet stamp from Indonesia.. :)
Geminiscp, Portugal
Lovely post office, lovely bakery and lovely cards!!! :)
las424, United Arab Emirates
Hi Erin, nice to see you here :) Your post office looks lovely!
volvomom, United States of America
So happy to see you here, Erin! Look forward to meeting you one day! :)
zasa, Switzerland
what a nice spotlight! AND i'm looking forward to visit france again! I love those little post office, they are always really nice and the bakeries in france... omg! once a year i have to visit france... :)
thanks for sharing so many interesting thoughts!
Franziska62, Germany
Hi Erin,
I only can say the same as the other members before- nice post office, nice cards you`ve got.....always HAPPY POSTCROSSING
Au revoir
Franziska from Germany
Telenn, Netherlands
I can hardly wait until my vacation starts! Hopefully I'll get the chance to buy some cards&stamps (and snacks) when I'm there! I hope you're around, so we can get a drink in that cafe along La Rance :D
Bluma, United States of America
Congratulations on being spotlighted- You are very deserving Erin :) Lori
MissMaple, Netherlands
Erin! wonderful to see you in the spotlight :) You deserve being there :)
Marcie08, Austria
What a lovely spotlight :) And I am so envious about your wonderful post office staff. I wish I had as nice a postal workers in my postoffice as you have :)
Christa, Germany
Wau would oove to have such a nice lookin postoffice !
BraveJ, Serbia
Erin, it's so great to see you in the spotlight! :) I love the interview and your post office looks so nice! :)
viridian61, United States of America
Erin was one of the first Postcrossers I sent a card to - and she sent one back - hello Lapoussine and thank you from Viridian in Ohio.
adriennegarry, New Zealand
Hi Erin, great to see you starring here
sinta, Indonesia
Dear Erin, you're right, sending gives equal--if not more--pleasure than receiving.
Hugs to you and your lovely daughters,
CamJP, Australia
Awesome profile - on you Eric!! (that's Aussie for 'nice one!')
nhigh, United States of America
Hi Erin,

Nice looking post office and probably dangerous with a bakery next door if I had to mail from there. I enjoyed reading your interview and enjoy our correspondence. Have a great vacation and eat lots of lobster ;)

lucymonty, United Kingdom
I'm a chocoholic too :-D The cross-stitch card is brilliant!
isagvproject, Germany
Great spotlight! Enjoyed reading it. :)
nisnoopy3, Malaysia
lapoussine35 is such a nice person! :D She sent the first RAS card to my brother! XD Thank you so much! XD XD
Your post office is so pretty! @.@
florencen, Australia
bakery first or do you post first then go to the bakery.I worked at a post office like that and gained lots of weight.
I love reading the spolights because I am always fascinated by what motivates people to postcross.
lapoussine35, France
Thank you for all the lovely comments :-) I'm smiling from head-to-toe here! As for the eternal bakery vs post office question (LOL), I have to admit that it can go either way. I have a big sweet tooth and sometimes the stamps lose out to the Paris-Brest (very, very yummy dessert--if you ever come to France, I recommend trying one...).
octabis, France
heppy to see you there Erin !
And i can only agree with everyone, you're such a great postcrosser !
FloridaGirl, United States of America
You interview is so interesting. I like your thoughts about language. I love your crosstitch card. A good read!
I_am_from_hanover, Germany
hi, we met us several times in different accounts and it's nice to see you now as a spotlight!!
jamie1972, Switzerland
Hi Erin
So nice to see you here and read a bit more about you! One day we manage to meet - either in France or inSwitzerland!
scrutiny, Hong Kong
I'm so happy to finally read your spotlight, Erin. It's lovely! I am thankful to postcrossing for allowing me to get to know you, and I really appreciate your friendship! Big hugs from me - thank you for the fascinating read!
Gaspara, Italy
I too I like so much to choose cards for postcrosser friends!

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