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About Lila...

I joined postcrossing because of my love for sending/receiving mail and traveling. I also like to read while having a cup of tea...I am cheerful after a yoga class, and enjoy playing the piano, gardening, chatting in cafes for hours, browsing in bookstores and of course, sending & receiving mail!

My favorite types of cards are:

~ Illustrated or comic depictions of your city/country/culture
~ The four seasons, especially of the same location, shown on 1 card
~ Recipe/food-related cards from your area (although I don't like seafood!)
~ Moomin
~ 'Did you know' postcards
~ Pretty garden/nature scenes
~ The art of drinking tea!
~ Kitschy roadside attractions
~ Before & After/Then & Now city views
~ Cards related to writing letters or mailboxes
~ 'Nerdy' cards - I love random facts and trivia!
~ Any cards similar to those in my 'favorites'

Please if you can avoid sending me:
* photos of people (especially babies)
* self-printed photos
* ad cards
* postcards not sent from their country of origin (so if you live in Asia but send me a card of Europe...)
The best part of a postcard is the message that you write - tell me about your day, what you love (movies, books, songs, places, holidays...), how you would spend the perfect day in your town, interesting customs in your culture, anything you feel like writing that's not already in your profile (I'll read that when I register your card anyway!) - there's nothing more tragic than an impersonal postcard with just the ID and 'happy postcrossing' written on it.

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