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About Telenn...

Glad to see you found my profile! Perhaps this means you're about to pick and write a card that needs to finds its way to me.
Maybe I can help you choose.

Ofcourse I have my preferences in cards, but there are so many wonderful cards out there that these are mere hints of what I like, rather than obligations.
I also feel that the back is as important as the front, a lovely message will enlighten my day.
I also don't care if you send the card enveloped or not, just send the card the way that is easiest for you!

Some suggestions for writings:
♥ Share with me your hobbies (I love to read, draw and click photos. Any favorite books I should read? Or are you creative in a way aswell? Do share!)
♥ Tell me some interesting facts about the place where you live (I love travelling and discovering, maybe you know some historical things or must-sees)
♥ Does your name has a special meaning? (My name is a Breton harp!)
♥ Favorite animals of critters that scare you? (I love frogs! And I really do not like wasps because I am allergic to their stings)
♥ Perhaps you have a spare coin or stamp you could send along (I collect them aswell!)

Some suggestions for cards:
♥ Do check out my favorites and my collections ( )
♥ I like most animals but I am most fond of frogs, birds of prey, cats (also Jetoy) and felines, jellyfish and turtles.
♥ I love to read fantasy books and draw fantasy items, I love art like Victoria Francess and Nene Thomas amongst other illustrators. I also like magical and mythological creatures (hint: Australian fantasy maxicards, I am looking for the dragon). I love the tv shows The Walking Dead and Dr Who! I collect Stormtroopers for my boyfriend :)
♥ I have a thing for Bretagne/France, India, Berlin, lighthouses and maps/globes (I do collect US state maps!). I also love the vintage views of cities!
♥ Anything related to WW1 and WW2 is welcome. I visit bunkers and musems regularly. Cards about American Civil War are welcome too
♥ I love to bake (cupcakes!), take macro photos, have an interest in zodiac and space.
♥ Some cardbrands are amazing, like Kontraste, Aquarupella, Breton cartes de légendes et l'imaginaire, National Geographic, Correspondance, Blue Art, International-Graphics, Cartes D'Art, Inkognito, Postcardstore and so many more

Want to know how a postcard can spark great friendships? Read the postcrossing blog I am featured on:

Thank you for checking out my profile and I hope I have given you some inspiration.

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