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About Telenn...

Nice to meet you! You are probably looking at my page because my address popped up in your send list. I am happy to help you choose with some suggestions for cards I'd love to receive.

First, a little about me:
I live in a lovely small village called Kortgene, in Zeeland, The Netherlands. It is located on an island, surrounded by Veerse Meer, Oosterschelde and the North Sea.
I work as a medical chiropodist, I have 5 cats, and I love to travel, visit metal festivals and concerts, take photos and enjoy long walks.

Though I like the hokidays, I do not collect Christmas/easter/other holiday cards. Please save them for someone else.

My preferences are
Workrelated: Feet, shoes, hands, wellness related cards
Cause of all the water here, Nautical theme: think ships, anchors, compass, lighthouses, maps
A historical interest: World war 1/2, civil war, vintage views
Favorite animals: Rosina Wachtmeister cats, Frogs, birds of prey, (big) cats
Dreaming away: Dragons, fairies, elves, unicorns, angels and other fantastical cards
Travel wishes: Bretagne, Berlin, India, Iceland
Photography goals: Weather phenomenons like thunderstorms

No inspiration?
Tell me about your job, your travel wishes, interests or hobbies!

Collections (not up to date):

Thank you for checking out my profile and I hope I have given you some inspiration.

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