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About Saskia...

Wow! It is great that you are going to send me a card :-D

I would love to receive postcards with books or people reading, naughty cards or weird cards, cats, black and white, but in general everything that has a picture on the front and a message on the back is fine by me :D

Ok, it is time to adjust this latest statement... Yes, everything that has a picture in front is fine by me, but I would really appreciate it if the card you picked shows that at least you took some time picking the card... Please do not grab the first ad-card or view card that you can find, just because my profile is not demanding... I am taking an effort when sending cards, and it would be great if it shows that you did the same...

If you happen to have a card featuring Barbie or her friends... I'd love to receive it :-D

I also started collecting PHQ cards :-D

I discovered the wonderful Tushita-postcards, and I decided to start collecting them. If you have one of those in your postcard-box and you are willing to part with it, I would be ever so grateful :)
Honesty demands me to say I am really not too fond of touristy viewcards (single view and multiview)... I prefer a bit more unusual cards.

If you still don't know what to send me: take the worst book you ever read, rip it up, cut it up, tear it up, glue the bits and pieces to some cardboard and mail it to me :D

Concerning the message on the back of the card:

I love words, not for the meaning, but for how they are constructed. My favorite Dutch word is "angstschreeuw" because it has 8 consonants in a row. I like the sentence: "a man, a plan, a canal: Panama" because it is the same if you read it backwards, and the only vowel in this sentence is "a".

Is there a word or sentence in your language that you particularly like, not because of the meaning but because of the way the letters are arranged? I would love it if you would tell me something about it :)

I prefer my cards written and stamped.

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