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LupusCrossing - Butterflies are crossing the World

Every single day Postcrossing lights up thousands of smiles across the world, literally making it a happier place. We are very proud of that and so should you! And today, Postcrossing brings to you an initiative that allows you to create even more smiles through your postcards. Interested? Read on.

On the 10th of May it's International World Lupus Day, which has the goal of bringing more awareness over this chronic disease that affects over 5 million people worldwide. If you don't know what Lupus is, here's a quick summary:

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). Chronic means that the signs and symptoms tend to last longer than six weeks and often for many years. In lupus, something goes wrong with your immune system, which is the part of the body that fights off viruses, bacteria, and germs ("foreign invaders," like the flu). Normally our immune system produces proteins called antibodies that protect the body from these invaders. Autoimmune means your immune system cannot tell the difference between these foreign invaders and your body’s healthy tissues ("auto" means "self") and creates autoantibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. These autoantibodies cause inflammation, pain, and damage in various parts of the body.

Lupus occurs nine times more often in women than in men, especially between the ages of 15 and 50, but it can also affect men, children, and teenagers develop it too. To learn more about Lupus, check Wikipedia or the Lupus Foundation of America.

So, how is this related with postcards? The German Lupus Association and Postcrossing have joined efforts around the World Lupus Day, and you can participate too! We call it LupusCrossing - Butterflies are crossing the world and all you have to do is to send a butterfly postcard (butterflies are the Lupus symbol) to the address below to express your support towards Lupus patients on this special day. The goal is to bring worldwide awareness to this problem while at the same time bring smiles to those affected by the disease. You can write on the postcard whatever you want, and you can ask questions about Lupus too.

All received postcards will reach the hands of Lupus patients. In return, the German Lupus Association will send thank you postcards to 3 randomly chosen Postcrossers of each country they receive postcards from so don't forget to write your address on the card! A photo of the postcards received will appear on their website. Moreover, the German Lupus Association plans to design a roll-up display out of these cards that will be shown throughout the 80 regional groups.

Ready to spark some smiles? Then grab a postcard with a butterfly and send it to:

Simone Müller-Pretis
Secretary to German Lupus Association
Weg zum Sportplatz 4
97076 Würzburg

And don't forget to check the German Lupus Association website for the progress.

Happy LupusCrossing!

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Posted by on 11 Apr, 2009
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69 comments so far

Dorthe, Denmark
Great idea, and we just got new stamps with a butterfly here in Denmark, perfect. A card is on the way.
Posted by Dorthe on 11 Apr, 2009

gabis, Germany
I've never heard of this desease so far. I will send a card because it's a very good idea!
Posted by gabis on 12 Apr, 2009

jellybean, Australia
I think my daughters teacher has theis disease so I am grateful for the chance to learn a little more. Just trying to track down a card with a butterfly now!
Posted by jellybean on 12 Apr, 2009

isagv, Germany
I will send a card too. I know of at least one Postcrosser with this disease. Maybe our cards can put a little smile on peoples faces. :-)
Posted by isagv on 12 Apr, 2009

phuleshouse, Canada
I am sending a card. What a great idea to lift someone's spirit.
Posted by phuleshouse on 12 Apr, 2009

zitatseng, Taiwan
Great idea. I will send a card. Hope to increase their smile.
Posted by zitatseng on 12 Apr, 2009

flo2008, United States of America
I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2005, after having symptoms for most of my life and having doctors tell me it was either stress or all in my head. I am so grateful to postcrossing and the German Lupus Foundation for doing this! This makes me very excited, that this community is getting the word out about Lupus! I will definately participate! THANK YOU!!
Posted by flo2008 on 13 Apr, 2009

solarts66, United States of America
What a great idea. I think there ought to be a special postcard month every month.
Posted by solarts66 on 13 Apr, 2009

convivia, United States of America
A friend of mine with lupus died because she couldn't fight off an infection. Even paper cuts while taking things out of the file could cause infectious reactions. Immune deficiency illnesses generally are a huge challenge to those afflicted. Lupus affects the joints so that patients have chronic pain. Thank you! I will seek out a butterfly card as soon as possible.
Posted by convivia on 13 Apr, 2009

Helga_Ni, Germany
This is a wonderful idea . I hope many people will learn more about this disease , like I did .
I`ll send a card and I`m sure my son Daniel, who also is a postcrosser, will do the same :o).
Posted by Helga_Ni on 13 Apr, 2009

Lori45P, Canada
This is a fantastic idea! The selection of postcards in my area is very limited (mostly tourist cards), but I have an order from Pomegranate due to arrive any day. Hopefully there will be a nice butterfly card in that package that I can send off.

I also agree with solarts66 to make this idea a monthly thing - a different charity each month. I have MS and it is similar to Lupus in many respects. It would be great to see this idea continued onto the International MS Society among other great charities. :-)

Posted by Lori45P on 13 Apr, 2009

pers-liza, South Africa
WOW - Sounds like a wonderful idea and I'm sure there will be a lot of Smiling going around:-D
I will send a few Butterfly cards, just to add the smiles total!!
Posted by pers-liza on 13 Apr, 2009

Acco-3, Japan
I didn't know very much about lupus but I think it's important to notice it as a woman. I'll find butterfly postcard (or maybe handmade one) and fly it to the great project.
Posted by Acco-3 on 14 Apr, 2009

Isabel90, Germany
A handmade postcard is flying to Würzburg right now...
Posted by Isabel90 on 14 Apr, 2009

veer, Belgium
Great idea! I'll think I'll make my own butterfly cards, 'cause I don't have any of them 'in stock'.
Posted by veer on 14 Apr, 2009

HermioneGinny, Italy
This is a fantastic idea, I know many people with this disease, I'll tell them about this project. Thanks a lot ^^ !
Posted by HermioneGinny on 15 Apr, 2009

Marcie08, Austria
Being a lupus patient myself, I will certainly send a postcard! It's a great opportunity to raise lupus awareness, especially in Europe- we don't have such a big organization as the Lupus Foundation of America here and therefore not enough people know about the desease.
Posted by Marcie08 on 15 Apr, 2009

kazinhabueno, Brazil
Amazing idea! I'll search a postcard to send :)
Posted by kazinhabueno on 15 Apr, 2009

Sjak, Netherlands
Great idea! My grandmother had lupus, she was always in pain.
Posted by Sjak on 15 Apr, 2009

Omieszz, Netherlands
Great idea! Me and my friends are currently busy planning an event for Backstreet Boys fans to raise money for lupus as well. Backstreet Boy Howie lost his sister Caroline, to this terrible disease.
We've raised quite some money now, which we're going to donate to the Dorough Lupus Foundation, Howie's foundation.

Posted by Omieszz on 15 Apr, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
LupusCrossing is a wonderful idea to connect lupus patients who suffer enormously from this rare disease, and people around the globe who have probably never heard about lupus.

As a lupus patient, I am overwhelmed by your replies.
Each card will contribute to more awareness on lupus, and will be a ray of sunshine for lupus patients all over the world who don't have much sunshine in their life.

Of course I will definitely participate in LupusCrossing ;-)

The first card arrived today from Denmark;
have a look:

Thank you, Dorthe, for the first LupusCrossing card!
And a big hug to all postcrossers sending a card!

Happy LupusCrossing!
Posted by Hexentrio on 15 Apr, 2009

Amoretta21, United States of America
Reading each and every persons response has put me in tears. It is beautiful that the people who don't know about this aweful disease want to learn and that everyone here wants to be part of the group to spread awareness.

We have no butterfly postcards here but myself and my six y.o. son (who also has an account on here) will do anything we can to find or make them. You can count 2 more smiles in.
Posted by Amoretta21 on 16 Apr, 2009

kela79, Finland
This is such a wonderful idea and a very good information about Lupus!Thank you!I will for sure send a card and I hope it will bring atleast a smile!:)
Posted by kela79 on 16 Apr, 2009

SandrjOOs, Lithuania
It's an amaizing idea. I'm definely going to send one. Hope it will bring a smile to someones face :)
Posted by SandrjOOs on 16 Apr, 2009

Tarya, Finland
It takes so little from one person (especially it you're a postcrosser..) and brings joy to so many! The next task is to find a suitable card :)
Posted by Tarya on 16 Apr, 2009

Jekyll, China
i do
Posted by Jekyll on 16 Apr, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
Deeply moved, I look at the butterflies received and read the cards with tears in my eyes ...
Posted by Hexentrio on 16 Apr, 2009

Huppu68, Finland
This is a wonderful idea! I'll sure send a card or maybe even some cards :)
Posted by Huppu68 on 16 Apr, 2009

Willi, Germany
What a great idea! Thank you Simone and Paulo ! I will send a card tomorrow 8->)
Posted by Willi on 16 Apr, 2009

Mundoo, Australia
I like this idea and have sent a postcard off today. I had a friend who suffered from this disease and I used to ring her in USA just to brighten her day.
Posted by Mundoo on 17 Apr, 2009

SLinnea, United States of America
On behalf of my beautiful daughter, Lisa, and I who both have lupus, I thank every one of you for responding. It brightens my day just to know that people do care. What a special way of showing it. Thank you. Danke! Susan
Posted by SLinnea on 17 Apr, 2009

Kalee, China
Years ago, I know something about lupus from a novel . Hope the postcards from afar can warm greetings the patients heart.
Posted by Kalee on 17 Apr, 2009

ammy, Singapore
Lupus is more common (and getting more common) than people think, but not many people know about it. My friend's aunt died from Lupus, and one of my students has Lupus. I hope this project can spread more awareness about the disease, and yes, it's strange that women get it much more than men - more research is definitely needed to find out why, and if it can be treated through means other than present-day conventional Western medicine.
Posted by ammy on 17 Apr, 2009

keyne, Malaysia
I am also a Lupus patient. May I make a handmade postcard and send?
Posted by keyne on 17 Apr, 2009

Selphie10, Italy
Great!! I will serch a postcard!
Posted by Selphie10 on 17 Apr, 2009

thereshegoes, Sweden
I think this is such a great project and support it as well :) It's a brilliant and fun way to raise awareness and support. Lupus has always been a medical mystery for me because I've heard about it but never really grasped the concept of it. As soon as I go to town, I shall hunt down a nice butterfly card and send it as well :)
Posted by thereshegoes on 17 Apr, 2009

jp33, Brazil
Very nice idea, i will be send a postcard...i will try to make a beauty handmade...
Posted by jp33 on 17 Apr, 2009

Lotty, Belgium
I have sent a postcard today. I hope they get lots of postcards.
Posted by Lotty on 19 Apr, 2009

dythefly, Canada
I sent my homemade butterfly card across the world, and sent another one to the next town over to our family friend who has lupus. I know it will brighten her day and I hope it will brighten a strangers day too! =)
Posted by dythefly on 20 Apr, 2009

Lorna, Brazil
Great idea! I'm sending one now. It was in my collection. It's a postcard with an image from a painting that Renato Ranazzi made for Spoleto.
Posted by Lorna on 20 Apr, 2009

Lorna, Brazil
Great idea! I'm sending one now. It was in my collection. It's a postcard with an image from a painting that Renato Ranazzi made for Spoleto.
Posted by Lorna on 20 Apr, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
In the meantime, 48 cards from 15 countries arrived.
Lupus patients around the world are moved about the support and wishes you all give to them.
Keep on LupusCrossing! :-)

Next cards will be published tonight on:
Posted by Hexentrio on 20 Apr, 2009

Ikun, Spain
I want to send some postcards but I have a question, do I have to write only the message and leave the name and address field blank, and send the postcard inside an envelope, so they can be re-sent to lupus patients? Or I just send them as regular postcards to the address given?
Posted by Ikun on 21 Apr, 2009

phlogiston, Australia
As someone who was recently diagnosed with this disease, I will definitely be sending a postcard.
Posted by phlogiston on 22 Apr, 2009

yvi-1, United States of America
Have you all seen how many postcards have already been sent to the project? They are lovely. There is also a bio of Paulo and postcrossing. So far -- and
Posted by yvi-1 on 22 Apr, 2009

jp33, Brazil
Simone , today i sent the postcard!!

Posted by jp33 on 22 Apr, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
@ lkun: Just a postcard would be fine - it will reach lupus patients in any case.

Today, the 102nd card arrived! The support you are giving is overwhelming! A big butterfly HUG to all of you!

LupusCrossing is now online on (see activities around the globe).

Keep on LupusCrossing!
Posted by Hexentrio on 23 Apr, 2009

Skron, United States of America
My butterfly will be flying to Germany tomorrow.
Posted by Skron on 25 Apr, 2009

shui, Taiwan
Just found two butterfly postcards today and will send them out! :)
Posted by shui on 27 Apr, 2009

azzucoloto, Brazil
Great! My little sister and I will send two! ;D
Posted by azzucoloto on 28 Apr, 2009

sundyzhang, China
Good idea..I will send card too..
Posted by sundyzhang on 28 Apr, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
In the meantime, 161 cards have arrived from 34 countries around the world! The words on these cards and the support given to Lupus patients are so touching. Thanks to LupusCrossing, patients around the globe are aware that they are not alone in their fight against this disease.
You are amazing! Keep on LupusCrossing!
Posted by Hexentrio on 29 Apr, 2009

SKA1, Finland
I hade never heard of this disease before, so this is a great way to increase awareness... :-) I'm definitely going to send a card.
Posted by SKA1 on 29 Apr, 2009

kazinhabueno, Brazil
Am I too late??? Only now I found a butterfly postcard... I'll send it, in any case ;)
Posted by kazinhabueno on 4 May, 2009

Hexentrio, Germany
@ kazinhabueno
You are not too late ;-)
Solidarity to lupus patients is always welcome and never too late.

Today the 208th card from 37 countries arrived.
Your support is incredible! Thank you!

The cards will be shown (for the first time) in public on Saturday (May 9) when we will have an information desk in Würzburg city centre.

Keep on LupusCrossing!
Posted by Hexentrio on 4 May, 2009

Anita1982, Netherlands
This was such a great idea, I have also sent a nice postcard.
Posted by Anita1982 on 6 May, 2009

Fedow, Italy
I just found a butterfly card today, I hope I'm not too late! =)
Posted by Fedow on 7 May, 2009

ville69, Denmark
Thank you for the postcard with all the butterflies. When I saw, that so many people as 251 people have sent a postcard I was happy. It was a great idea with Lupuscrossing. I think that many now knows what it is. Danish TV showed a program about it 4 or 5 months ago.
In few days you can see the postcard here:

Posted by ville69 on 23 May, 2009

perodaktil, Croatia
Thank you Simone on card for my friend (lupus patient). She was very surprised and happy.
This is really great project.
Posted by perodaktil on 27 May, 2009

Virpi258, Finland
Thank You Simone for the LUPUSCROSSING card!What a nice surprise :)
My card was 250th postcard on this project :)
Posted by Virpi258 on 28 May, 2009

AllSerene, United Kingdom
Thank you Simone for the card you sent me - I was really touched by your kindness.
Posted by AllSerene on 29 May, 2009

ultimate-canary7, Turkey
Thanks a lot Simone. This is a wonderful project and I m looking forward to next one =)
Posted by ultimate-canary7 on 30 May, 2009

pers-liza, South Africa
Thank you Simone for my nice Butterfly surprise was nice to see my 2 cards on the 2 Photo's that was published here!!
Posted by pers-liza on 30 May, 2009

Skron, United States of America
I too want to thank Simone for the return card from her Lupus Crossing event. It is quite lovely.
Posted by Skron on 31 May, 2009

livory, China
I've got a thank you card from Simone. It's very special. I'm happy to be involed in this program. Thank you.
Posted by livory on 1 Jun, 2009

littleki, Taiwan
Dear Simone, Thank you for the beautiful butterfly card.
Posted by littleki on 2 Jun, 2009

Julysunshine, China
I would like to participate! Activities still continue?
Posted by Julysunshine on 2 Jun, 2009

sealedenvelope, United Kingdom
I too got a Thank you card from Simone. Thank you
Posted by sealedenvelope on 6 Jun, 2009

jcluc, France
I receive today a postcard of Simone and a very kind message . Thank you very much et bon courage et mes félicitations à votre association .J'encourage les participants à se manifester plus nombreux .
Posted by jcluc on 12 Jun, 2009

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