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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcards’ messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

This month, we’ve chosen a prompt that Tomoe (aka Sleep) suggested in our writing prompts thread on the forum. If anyone is a fan of comics, you’ve probably thought about this one already, but it’s a fun question to ask anyone—and trickier than you might think to decide!

In July, write about what two superpowers you would choose to have.

I am a comics fan, so I have a head start in thinking about this: I love Captain America, Captain Marvel, Wiccan, Hulkling, Spider-Woman and her fellow spiders, America Chavez… But would I want those powers for myself? Flight is cool, and I’d certainly feel better about my impact on the environment if I could just fly myself to the library… but it might not be much faster than walking, and it seems like it must be tiring!

In the end, I know what I’d choose. The first one would be self-healing abilities, so I can heal up quickly from any bangs and bruises (not to mention my persistent eczema) and work with infectious diseases in the future without fear. And the second would be time manipulation. Imagine if I could just stop time for everyone else and read a book? Imagine how much I could get read with an extra hour in the day…

I’d love shapeshifting too, of course, and more flippantly, I’d definitely love the superpower of making a cape look cool… but I can only choose two, and my heart is set on self-healing and the ability to stop time. What about you, fellow Postcrossers? Tell us about the two powers you’d choose in the comments, or write about it on your cards this month!

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-alterecho-, Finland
I would choose “selective hearing” because I am neurodivergent and often suffer from over sensory issues, mainly due to noises. The other one… I would love to be able to tele-transport, I mean, imagine how many cards I could send in travel mode! Not to mention that it would be nice to not always be exhausted from moving around and I could meet up with people important to me that are gar away. :)
Stone_Mover23, United Kingdom
Time travel definitely - in either direction.
ValentinaFromYakutia, Russia
Hi everyone! I often dream of superpowers! Of course I would like to teleport! that would be very exciting! breakfast in France, lunch in Italy, dinner in Japan! But at the same time, I would like to teleport not alone, but with close people. Also, I would like to have the ability to save people from diseases and ailments.
Nique, Canada
Excellent post!
wifetoalineman, United States of America
If I will have a superpower, I want to be invisible and fly all over the world and help bully victims, abused wives/husbands and animals to fight back.
abqslp, United States of America
I already have one superpower: I can avoid ANYTHING to write or shop for postcards instead! If I could choose two others, I would travel through time so I could visit historical figures, events, and places; I imagine slipping into the Tower the night before Anne Boleyn's execution to tell her how magnificently her daughter would someday reign. I envision Anne laughing at the irony and crying with joy. I would also choose the ability to communicate with animals and inanimate objects so I could hear their stories. Paired with time traveling, I would have so many things to write about on my postcards!
NerdBird, United Kingdom
The ability to function well with only a few hours' sleep each night.
The ability to communicate with animals.
jezergirl, Italy
If I could choose more than one I will choose:
teleporting - so I can go everywhere I want in a blink of the eye
healing - so I could get rid of diabetes
shapeshift in a cat - why? they are cute, smart, and I could sleep on a chair when I feel sleepy at work (in my lunchtime). ;D
LorenLee, United States of America
I would choose the ability to read, write, understand and speak ALL languages- even dead ones. And teleportation. I'd be visiting every library, bookstore and museum in the world...
Siniara, Finland
I choose possibulity to travel in time. From past to futere and see different kind of countries in different decades.
GigiJordanHunter, United States of America
I would like to be able to memorize and share what I have read with others. Then I would like to time travel to the time and place where the story, verses, documents, etc. were originally written. Imagine meeting the actual person who wrote a world-changing document!
betslets, United States of America
I'm a Mother -- blessed with all the Super Powers I deserve to make it through a day of highs, lows, and inbetween. Sometimes I wish I could have a little more "Me" time. . .maybe having the Power to add at least one more hour to the traditional 24-hour day?
BTW, I actually went to highschool with a young lady who became t.v.'s Wonder Woman!
Poste, United States of America
I would like Superman power and the power to heal people.
DrHyde, United Kingdom
As I am a "gentleman of a certain age" I would like my first superpower to be the ability to bend over and pick things up off the floor without my back hurting.

For my second superpower I would like to be able to grow huge bushy eyebrows to go with my huge bushy beard.
lindeclark, United States of America
My two super powers would be: 1) to heal everyone with cancer and painful diseases. And 2) to change peoples mental state from depressed and helpless to happy and able to do anything they want.
jodywood2, United States of America
I would like the ability to heal peoe and fly.
atehena, India
Definitely the "invisibility cloak" .. ;)
And power to read another persons mind and thoughts.. :)
Norway_girl, Norway
I'd like to learn a language fluently in a second whenever needed. Let's say I'm trying to help a refugee with their homework and they don't understand the task. Then I could translate the task into their language and help them learn the words they need to answer the task. Or if I travel to another country and I need to communicate with someone who doesn't know English.
Secondly I'd like to be able to travel in time. But then it would be nice to be invisible as well and maybe be able to walk through walls as well. Imagine visiting an old factory or school without being seen, and be able to walk through walls to take shortcuts or avoid opening doors.
Pemasagirls, France
I would like to teleport myself and why to to other worlds. That would be my first one.
The second one would be the power to change things I would touch : make a seed grow, a flower bloom, a broken glass repared...
Pachaontas, Portugal
Hi everyone,
I would like the ability to destroy all weapons, especially those of mass destruction.
Flippie, Canada
I wish that I had the Super power to talk to my parents and grandparents again. They're unfortunately passed away...but I miss my talks with them....
nm_rockhound, United States of America
The only "superpower" I would want is to be invisible so no one could bother me.
mdmsamm, Canada
Oh my -as my favourite saying is “ask the universe”, Would it not be wonderful if we could talk to the animals ( I do actually ) now they don’t listen but I think it’s because they are cats….heal the world…oh yes…, if I had a superpower it would most certainly be that I could make the world HAPPY…because if I could that, there would be no wars, no sadness, no hunger….yep that is what I want as a superpower…a HAPPY wand…you will be happy,and you and you and you…
mariellitacanepa, United States of America
My super power would be to remove evil from this world and instill kindness.
Anto61, Italy
Maybe I wih ..I had a super-power Invisibility but also to grow Plants...bushes.. three would nice good life all you
kathilo, United States of America
I'd like to speak and understand any language in the world.
I'd like to have the ability to instantly cure illness.
memo_baghdad, Iraq
My two superpowers would be: 1) Time Travel to the past & future ;
2) Super speed like the Flash!
orange_memo, United States of America
My two superpowers would be: 1) Time Travel to the past & future ;
2) Super speed like the Flash!
Domonic, United States of America
(1) Jedi mind trick, (2) mind reading
chowjanya, United States of America
Enhanced perception and eidetic memory
ceoramalho, Brazil
I would love to be able to be invisible...
A second one would be to fly!
kennethmiller, United States of America
I want them all. I want all super powers! a non super power would be okay too.... like the ability to play an instrument or speak another language.
surfclub66, United States of America
I would like to have immortality and flight. 😸
greatlakers, United States of America
This is a tough one! There are so many great superpowers to choose from! If I had to pick only two then I would go with teleportation and the ability to fight like a Jedi! :)
tetsu70, Japan
I am rather a concrete thinker so for a super-power, I would want to be able to think more broadly and not miss verbal and non-verbal cues.
breeze2902, United States of America
Since I love to travel, I would love to be able to teleport and to quickly learn other languages.
A superpower that scares me...
I frequently have dreams that I am able to move things with my mind. However, actually having that ability scares me because there are a lot of thinks we just think about but don't actually do. So, would I be able to control this power like I do with my actions?
chilliez, Czech Republic
I would choose the super power that would allow me to turn anyone into a loving and positive person, this way, no one would fight and I wouldn't need any other super power to keep people away from wanting to do bad to others. No wars, no fights...
KiraF, Russia
I think it's cool to understand the language of animals. Teleportation is also cool.
beesknees, United States of America
I would like to be able to talk to animals - can you imagine - I wonder what they really think of humans, and be able to print money cos - stuff! and it wouldnt be stealing.
romashkovs, Ukraine
I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. Therefore, I would really like to have the ability to stop or turn back time, as well as the power to teleport to stop everyone in russia who brings evil to my country.
Jenny57, United Kingdom
As a short, mature lady my super powers
would be to be able to stretch my limbs like Elastic Girl. so I could each things on high shelves. I would then go around supermarkets helping fellow shorties!
I would also like to make anyone who harms or abuses children and those who subject their partners and families to domestic violence just disappear.
mgoddette, United States of America
I would choose to teleport and to convince people to do things with my mind.
Sochi, United States of America
would love to be able to to fly. In my sleep, i sometimes dream that I am flying through the air as if I'm swimming in water. That would be very amazing!! And id want to travel through time — in each direction.

Ad for being able to communicate with animals, I think we already can. But id like to SPEAK with them...but then, sometimes comunicating with the heart 💜 is best:) " The eyes are blind. One must look woth the heart." By watching our pets, we can tell through body language what they want, and they understand us. The world is fool of magic,.we just font always realize it ).
Demmi, Romania
Hard to choose :)
So if I have to choose it will be space & time travelling!
The world is so big and beautiful and we have only one life!
Believe in magic and superpowers!
Happy Postcrossing and happy readings!
:) :D
duncanpjames, United Kingdom
Love the idea but as many what is super power. I think the original WOW is where we should rest. Do not complicate the topic.
sendinglove, United States of America
I love the self healing power. I am very interested in natural healing that I apply so this would be perfect.
Gertarud, Germany
I would like to apparate / teleport myself too. This way I could be with my family more often - no more travels of 8 hours on the train....!
And I would like to be able to remember what I read or learned, e.g. having a photographic memory.
Dyny, Germany
If not peace to the world and stopping climate catastrophy:

Speaking all languages of the world and talking with animals.
AlenaBelikova, Russia
It would be great to have a super healing ability. I could cure myself and from now on cope without medication. And I could help good people get rid of cancer in their lives.
As well as the superpower to understand the language of animals and be able to communicate with them, it's wonderful.
mayjay, Germany
I'd love to be able to fly aswell and as my second superpower I guess I'd want my body to be 'okay' with me flying (e.g. so that when I fly high up I don't freeze or when I fly quickly I don't get motionsick)
It would suck to be able to fly and then realize that I can't use it properly without me feeling sick, cold or nauseous
Dustybee, United Kingdom
To take everybody else's super powers away and have them for myself.
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