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The writing prompts invite postcrossers to write about a different topic on their postcard’s messages every month. These are just suggestions though — if you already know what you want to write about, or the recipient gives you some pointers, that’s great too!

January is often a time for resolutions and figuring out what we want to focus on in the year ahead, so this month we decided to prompt you all to write about a skill you plan to learn!

In January, write about a skill you’d like to learn.
Miffy cross-stitch

I’m one of those people who really enjoy learning, so I’m fired up about this prompt! I’m studying pretty intensively at the moment, so my main commitment is learning to apply and interpret statistical tests… I know, I know, I’m yawning too about this idea! But it’s really important for complex biological systems, so I’m going to give it 100%.

I do enjoy doing crafts in my spare time, so I might try my hand at designing really small cross-stitch patterns! I’ve already done a few small ones, like the one pictured… but that one is 1.5 inches (less than 4 cm) in diameter, and I have a couple of even smaller frames that are just 1 inch (3 cm) wide. I’d love to design something tiny but recognisable, and make it into a necklace!

So now it’s your turns! What skills are you hoping to learn or improve on in the year ahead? We’d love to hear from you in the comments to this post, but you can also turn to this prompt if you’re stuck for what to write on a postcard!



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NerdBird, United Kingdom
Not a New Years thing, but during the first lockdown I started learning Welsh using Duolingo, and I'm going to continue with that!

Liudmyla_Kh, Ukraine
I want to learn how to create amigurumi much neater and more beautiful. And it would not hurt to seriously start learning English. Happy New Year to all postcrossers!

Liudmyla_Kh, Ukraine
Oh, I forgot to write ... The photo has a very beautiful embroidery. Good luck creating your new artworks!

Iltarsia, Russia
I hope to draw more often. I have graphic tablet but I didn't use it in last year. I hope that I do it more and I will increase my skills.

shanaqui, United Kingdom
NerdBird: Ooh, yaaay! Cymru am byth -- I need to practice more Welsh myself. (Also, yay rabbits! Hulk, Biscuit and Eclair say hello.)

georgiagram, United States of America
I plan to learn to play the ukulele. Have already purchased a Luna from an online auction.

Talal90Ahmed, Iraq

joy2020, Germany
I've cut hairs of my son (14)for the very first time, and...unexspcted...he loved it. So, I would like to get more practice.

Indreni, United States of America
The tiny cross-stitch is so cute!! I'd like to get reiki certified in 2021. Wishing everyone a happy new year and all the best of luck with your new skills!

marydewlee, United States of America
I’d like to learn to embroider! One of my daughters gave me an embroidery kit for Christmas so that will be a nice start!

rsbellon, United States of America
Happy New Year, and Best Wishes To All. This year, I want to learn how to play chess!!!!!! I also want to completely learn French, to become more fluent, and finally to learn how to create my "own" blog about Postcrossings and Travel, Thoughts, etc.

ardanmakarim, Indonesia
I'm trying to sharpen my reading skill to be able to read faster but still accurate since there are a lot of books that I wanto read! I hope I can be an avid reader soon :D

SantaElie, France
Happy new year !
During 2021, I'm going to learn how to make music with Ableton :D !!!

AnnaE22, Canada
After being quite Zoom-adverse throughout 2020... I now find myself having to "zoom" through learning how to teach on Zoom in the next 9 days! EEK. Nothing like a pilot project contract to get you going. Happy New Year everybody.

Fluidity, United States of America
I would like to learn an unusual language, but have not found the right one yet ! I definitely want another pen pal because I bought 54 rolls of washi tape and before that 80 metallic rolls online. I also have 4 dogs to practice hair cutting on, lol.(they see the scissors and run) Next year in 2022 I might try quilling paper😊

Suwire, Germany
Happy New Year to all of you!
I would like to improve my French and my Norwegian. (In case there are any native speakers reading this: I’m very grateful for any kind of support!)
And - being able to use my hands again after an op - I would like to relearn playing my flutes and guitars.

Roha, United States of America
I would love to learn some lettering. I want to relearn to play chess. Wishing everyone in the group a healthy, happy 2021.

clyo4, Spain
I would love to make nice bullet journals and photo notebooks to offer my friends as presents, remembering the times we spent together and hoping to write new ones soon

prisat3pru, Germany
firstly, much success and great fun learning all the interesting things, this year. my wish this year is to become a german speaker. I moved to Berlin two years ago, hopefully, this year, I can have a proper conversation in german. and I blog about the books I am reading this year.

SunflowerLover, United States of America
I bought a ukulele 2 years ago to learn while my husband was at work. I wanted to surprise him with my new skill. He has been working from home since March 2020 so I have not been able to do this. I have to be more creative in my approach. I would LOVE to be able to learn a Grateful Dead song (I bought a GD music book) and play it for him for his birthday in October!

heycole, United States of America
your sleeping bunny is soooooo cute ❤️ i'd love to sign up for archery and swimming classes once all is safe again. happy and healthy 2021 everyone!

ezredax, United States of America
I would like to learn to play the piano, however, I don't own one. :)
Love the bunny.

reneg78, United States of America
Great job with the Stich design. I would love to learn another language. Improve my photography skills as well. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

J-Lee, United States of America
This year I'd love to learn how to make miniature pottery and do lots of Box Theatre kits, along with learning watercolor and lettering.

helloitsmaria, United States of America
I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano. I started to learn when I was a child, but my mother could not afford the lessons for very long. One day I’d like to pick it up again, but not until I learn Spanish!

Kotofeya7, Russia
Hello!! I want to learn to play guitar!

Marjie, United Kingdom
This year I want to keep in touch more with my many penpals from all over the world and illustrate my letters and envelopes with colourful designs. I also want to promote my Penpal Club RAINBOWS in more countries and gain more members.

Jirakova, Czech Republic
Happy New Year 2021 to all postcrosser.
I like learning foreign languages. I have been learning Japanese for several years.I want to improve even more.
I'm learning watercolor it's my wish, I like to draw.
Everyone has a lot of patience and perseverance in the activity you have decided to learn.

Pamis, Brazil
I've learned some languages and I want to dedicate more to Irish language. I also want to learn crochet. :)

jaleen, Malaysia
I'm currently learning watercolour painting, and I wish to have improvement on it.

RoseRebeccaAnn, United States of America
I started taking ukulele lessons in November (via Zoom) and I’m loving that! Plan to continue and keep getting better.

Demmi, Romania
Cheers to the New Year 2021 to all Postcrossing members!
I want to learn to drive a car so after that to have driver licenses!

orange_memo, United States of America
I would love to learn Español & Deutsche, I started with a book and some online lessons plus doing short conversations every now and then, also started writing a few verses and thoughts in English .

Mia_Bona, Slovakia
I want to learn pool dance, it 's my big dream to do it ;-)

Barkley540, United States of America
I am a constant learner especially now that I am retired. My current interests are making postcards using vectors, beading and jewelry, and fused glass. Last year I tried weaving and discovered it was not for me. I am also reading about religions and the history of religion.

Flippie, Canada
First off all, I love the Bunny.
I love to improve my coloring projects and I love to improve my writing, it's a good reflection skill.

Maijvabole, Latvia
That tiny bunny is perfect! Very good job!
For this year I would like to improve my English, maybe Russian too. And I will level up my knitting and crocheting skills. There's a lots of work to do.
I wish that New Year will be very happy, very healthy and very successful year to everyone! Salutes!

Tera_Ecau, Germany
I started to learn Korean last year, but due to my master's thesis I had to write for my university degree in the 2nd half of 2020 i did not put much effort into learning Korean. Hence, for this year I would love to spend more of my free time on the Korean language but also study a bit of Lithuanian.

Katheorea, Austria
I'm also learning a new language - the letters mainly for starters - arabic! It's hard! But I love it. I am a bit confused though, becaue MSA (modern standard arabic) seems to be a language that no one really speaks, apart from newsagents - but spoken dialects are not set down in scripture and thus hard to learn...well I'm still stuck with the letters anyways ;-)

loving6thgrade, United States of America
I’d like to learn how to do plein air painting and how to create a watercolor painting without muddying my background. I’d also like to learn how to blog and how to better my computer skills. It will be a busy year!

roseheart, United States of America
I am making the effort to learn reflexology - pressure to the points in the feet that help healing. Along with aromatherapy, as those 2 go hand in hand toward healing.

cheller7, United States of America
For a long time I kept saying I *should* learn Spanish. I finally started lessons via the Duolingo app in April. I have done at least one lesson a day for 257 days in a row and plan to keep that going in 2021!

sangaria88, United States of America
I'd like to continue to practice my French lessons. I do enjoy them:)

pinkpokadot, United States of America
I would like to bend the 2 draw on a diatonic harmonica. I can do a half step and full step bend on the 4 draw but the 2 draw has been such a stinker. But I will Win!

ceoramalho, Brazil
Well, I would love to improve my Spanish and learn Italian... also I feel like I should learn with my mother how to have a garden... I love flowers, live at the countryside and don't know much about it!

gaukhara, Kazakhstan
I have long wanted to learn how to sew. Recently completed a sewing course. I learned to sew on a sewing machine. Now I am engaged in sewing napkins, tablecloths. But my napkins, tablecloths are not 100% perfect as I thought. In my free time, I buy fabric and sew to train my arms. I think that in the near future I will be sewing wonderful napkins, tablecloths, it seems to me. I also make napkin rings. I really enjoy spending my free time doing needlework.

Samuraiko, Germany
This year I want to learn how to play darts. 🎯

Constance1, Austria
Happy New Year!
Everyone has such wonderful, original ideas; good luck to all of you!
I'd like to learn how to do lettering, that is, practice it more and consistantly.
Stay well and happy postcrossing!

leaflets, China
I'd like to try practising ski.
It makes me feel like a bird and forget the gravity for seconds.

_samy_, India
happy new year!!
i started making digital art and worked more on my watercolour painting and calligraphy. I even made a few original digital art printed postcards! all the best for whatever you plan to do and have fun! ❤️

beesknees, United States of America
How to put a stamp on straight the first time :). Now thats a skill!

Cathygg, United States of America
Happy New Year! So very cute bunny, (Reminds me of Felix Doolittle tiny pictures) I have decent penmanship BUT would love to learn to flourish even more and make it more beautiful. I know calligraphy but more along the lines of Spencerian flourishing. I know this sounds hokey but I love getting pretty mail in the mail box!

BigApplePenPal, United States of America
I will start Italian with Duolingo, hoping to polish my skills by this summer!

JoanFuster, Spain
I'll try to play piano. Best wishes to everyone.

jaguargirl, United States of America
I started Spanish on Duolingo, and I've started acting. Also that bunny is soo cute!! I have two rats.

jaguargirl, United States of America
Also Happy New Year and Best of Wishes to everyone for their goals!!
Stay healthy!

insomniac4ever, United States of America
I wanted to learn how to play at least one song with my guitar. That would be fun!

Kunterbunter, Germany
Cute tiny artwork 👍❣️
I will learn the skills from procreate for digital art and general I will make more art this year.

Paulimmy, China
I'm planning to learn a new foreign language. Japanese seems a good choice!That will be interesting. こんにちは!

mounten, Italy
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021 to all of you. I started to knit socks again after I've learned it 40 years ago at school. The lockdown made me creativ I've started to do some mail art too and will continue this year to improve my skills ciao

I_dont_know, Russia
I plan to start learning Japanese and improve my drawing skills! Have a nice day, everyone!

alison41, South Africa
I'm awed by the range of challenges. I'd like to start painting on rocks - its very popular in Cape Town - you choose small smooth rocks, decorate & varnish them, and then hide them in outdoor locations for others to find and enjoy, or re-hide. There's a FB page: Cape Town Rocks. Some brilliant designs to be seen.

DawnP, United Kingdom
Having studied this in the past I intend following up on Mindfulness. It is a wonderful tool to help not only with relaxation but heightened awareness too. For those of you who may now participate in this I wish you joy and a helpful and hopeful journey. Take care all and keep smiling. Love Dawn x

E_Elena, Ukraine
Hello all! I also like cross-stich, and more miniatures. I wish to have more time for this hobby in 2021 and also for reading. I also want to complete my favorite postcards in beautiful frames.

And what do you do with the received postcards?
📢 Send me your ideas via private message, if you want to.❤

Dedaltons81, Netherlands
I want to run fast for at least 3 km. Started a course of 6 weeks/twice a week in order to be able to run 3km in the end.

candyflosscurls, United Kingdom
Cross-stitch is a lot of fun! I rediscovered it last year during lockdown, working on a really big piece which I'm still working on 9 months later! I'm trying to commit to learning Spanish which I'm doing slowly via Duolingo at the moment. Also got back into jigsaw puzzles too!

-Katie, United Kingdom
That cross-stitch is lovely!
Erm for me I would like to improve my hula-hoop skills.

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