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About Kathrin/カトリン...


My favorite color is black, I love Japan and to receive snail mail. I also like to collect stamps. I have no postcard preferences, it just makes me happy to open the mailbox and find a postcard or letter in it.
But I wonder if it possible to receive cards with one of the following themes. Are you up for the challenge?

*aurora borealis (I hope to see it one day myself)
*bamboo (yes, I love this kind of grass)
*cherry blossom
*winter/snow themes
*asian art and anything related to Japan
*tombstones and cemeteries
*cards with unusual shapes, sizes or materials
*Kendo (I practiced it for about 10 years)

As I said, every postcard is welcome. Please show me how beautiful your part of the world is.

I'm also looking for stamp swappers. If you are interested in exchanging stamps with me, please send me a message or just enclose some with your postcard (together with your address). Then I can send you some in return. I have loads of special German stamps, but also many from other countries to swap.





Dear FINNISH Postcrossers:
usually I do not mention such specific requests, but I just found out that there is a 2015 stamp series from your country with bands. To find these stamps on your cards would make me super happy. I have Children of Bodom, HIM, Nightwish, Apocalypica and Hanoi Rocks already. Only Rasmus is still missing. Thank you very much in advance and to all those kind members who helped to get so far with this stamp series!