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Remember Postcrossing’s tiny forest, which a group of postcrossers planted last year?

Earlier this year, way before all the social distancing came into place, we got together once again with a few enthusiastic postcrossers to plant some more pine trees and expand the forest a little! :) The location was more or less the same as last year, in the historical Pinhal de Leiria, a 13th century pine forest that burned down almost completely three years ago. Driving through the forest and its chopped down burnt trees is still heartbreaking… but knowing that over half of it has now been reforested and that we’re doing something to help makes up for it.

The day started out cloudy, but luckily the forecasted rain held off, and everyone ended up having a good time planting hundreds of trees. This year, there were quite a few children in attendance and it really warmed our hearts seeing them snuggle those tree roots in the sand with their small hands! Have a look:

Paulo marked last year’s plantation with GPS coordinates, and so we were able to visit it again to have a look — the trees are growing well, mostly under the cover of other local plants. Being by the coast, the location is super sandy and windy, and the local vegetation helps protect the fragile trees in their first few years. They’re still very small (pine will take a loooong time to grow), but it was a relief to see them going strong and gaining new branches!


We are proud of this initiative and look forward to doing more for the planet. For ideas of what you can do too, check our Towards a greener planet page! 🌲

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PauloTopa-Topas, Portugal

How nice! Hugs to all, hoping you are well and see you soon!

Que bom! Abraço para todos, esperando que estejam bem e que nos vejamos em breve!

Geminiscp, Portugal

Tiny now but super forest again in some years! 2021, here we go again! :)

pocztowkiwidokowki, Poland

Mother Earth is most important!!

victionarium, Germany

This video is a warm massage for my heart ... thanks for your inspiration! .-)

Annabella13, Finland

Wonderful ❤

Demmi, Romania

BRAVO! Earth is the most important!!!

Gummu, India

It takes much heart and determination to reforest a space that may look and feel very harsh at this time. What an effort this is, and it's warming to see kids join in :). The music is lovely too, reminds me of Xavier Rudd, who's made so much music about our environment and the need to not destroy it.

RRT, United States of America

My daughter, now 37, brought home a tiny tree on Earth Day when she was in elementary school. (I don't recall the kind of tree, it is not an evergreen, though.) We planted it and protected it until it could hold its own! We no longer live in that house but we still drive by several times a year to see the tree! It is huge now and it always makes us smile.
"I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree."

beesknees, United States of America


Gen24, United States of America

So great! Thanks for sharing! Hope this forest grows nicely. :)

harrickson, United States of America

Kudos! Best wishes for the reforestation!

mysweetlife63, United States of America

Thank you for the update & for your hard work.

zomertje, Netherlands


greenskull, Russia

I ❤❤❤ Postcrossing!

maribo, Italy

Wonderful!!! Tiny forest...but a great initiative...Bravi

ave, United States of America

Wow! Bravo for the amazing effort to restore an ancient forest, in care for our Earth.

at61, Italy

Sincere congratulations, a truly wonderful initiative!
I remember that I, too, as a boy, collected pine nuts to grow them in tiny forests, to then see them grow in tall and majestic umbrella pines, very common here, around Rome: the pines have a remarkable germination capacity, but it is necessary to have constancy and patience ...
Well done, really!

Eels, China

Wow, awesome!

Starfishgalaxy, United States of America

So Sweet-starting a new forest! Many hopes for beautiful, strong trees in the future!

Flippie, Canada

Hi, Thank you sharing this video, it's great. I'm so blessed to live on Vancouver Island, living in down town Victoria and still see beautiful green trees from my window. Thank you for the Green tips on there website, I follow a couple already.

mountzzz, United States of America

Fun. Thanks for sharing.

Yevheni, Netherlands

This warms a heart. Thank you, so sweet news :)

MerlinM, Germany

Thank you for sharing. It keeps me full of hope while doing guerilla gardenig or planting trees. Take good care of you.

kellstarrz, Australia

Keep it up

NIDUSKA, Finland

Really great work

Chenoah, Germany

You are amazing! I am so grateful for you, putting your hand's work in, for the forest to recover. I've loved pine trees, since I got to know them as a child. I always wondered how they manage to grow on this sandy ground. Thanks for educating me. I love trees!

Luziaceleste, Brazil

So proud of Postcrossing, so happy to join this project!

ricefc, United Kingdom


ricefc, United Kingdom

POSTCROSSING IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

teamug, Germany

Great job. I am proud of you!
I also want to do more for the environment.
I only have a little garden but many trees. I try to encourage the neighbours too, because gardens in cities can help to cool cities down as well.
But many complain about big trees, the leaves they discard in autumn etc.
Whoever has the chance, the space... plant trees...

mounten, Italy

Good job our Planet neeed such projects too. I've plant a tree in my garden this Spring aswell :) :)

Cyrano_, Germany


Luminarium, United States of America

Wonderful! Thank you for the update. Such a wonderful initiative.

alison41, South Africa

good for you. Every little bit helps.

ShadesOfFlame, United States of America

What a perfect project for Postcrossing! I'm so glad you got to connect with each other and create new life where a little help is needed. With little steps, much gets done. Thank you for sharing!

juliakay, United States of America

This is excellent, and I'll look forward to more updates in the future! What fun, to grow a forest.


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