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About Caroline...

Mom, Wife, Social Worker, LARPer, Sparkly Human. Love to garden and crochet and wear costumes.

Greetings! I live in Mission, Kansas very close to Kansas City. "Luminarium" means "House of Light" in latin and it's a word we chose to name our home.

I would love to hear about:
Your favorite things about where you live
What a normal day looks like for you.
If there is an important myth, legend or folk tale, superstition or belief from where you live, I'm very interested in hearing about it!

I enjoy it when people write me as if we have always know each other.

Images I would love to receive:
Star Wars (especially BB-8 and Han/Leia),
Gods and Goddesses,
seasonal nature images,
the colors copper and grey together,
medieval costumes,
Marvel movies,
Wonder Woman,
orange and blue together,
close up photos of flowers,
early morning sunshine,
“Cozy” Hygge inspired images,
The Celtic goddess Brigid,
The Roman goddess Minerva,
Wizard of Oz,
and all things to do with bees and honey!
Or - choose something YOU love and tell me about it!

I DO like handmade cards. So if you like to paint/draw/decorate your cards please feel free to send a personally made/decorated card to me!

If you are an artist or musician and have professional postcards from your work, I would be happy to receive one of these cards especially if you can tell me about the show/presentation.

I work with seniors and their families to make sure needs are being met.

My husband and I also produce a Live Action Role Play (LARP) based on the tales of King Arthur.

We have two sons, 12 and 13!

I look forward to your post card!

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