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Advent time is here already and the holidays are inching closer by the day… so it’s time to get our yearly campaign with Deutsche Post back online, to make sure your postcards count for a good cause! This will be the fourth year we run this campaign and by now I guess most of you know how it goes, but just in case:

For every postcard sent from Germany through Postcrossing during the month of December, Deutsche Post will make a donation of €0.10 to the non-profit organization Stiftung Lesen (Reading Foundation).

So if you’re in Germany, all you have to do is send postcards, as many as you can! If your December postcards are registered before the end of February 2017, you’ll be contributing to this cause.

Although only postcards sent from Germany count, there’s always a receiver in every postcard exchange — so each time a card from Germany is registered, the recipient will be indirectly contributing to this donation as well!

To make things even more interesting, there will also be some nice prizes for the participants:

Nice, right? The winners will be picked by Paulo's random number generator in early March 2017, at which point we will also announce the value raised by the German postcrossers to Stiftung Lesen here on the blog. Every year, we’ve been raising a little bit more than the previous year, and last year the total was a very impressive €8,857… but can we do even better this year? 😊

Stiftung Lesen

Stiftung Lesen is a German non-profit organization, working to increase literacy in the population, especially among children and adolescents. Their activities include reading clubs and projects to promote the learning of German language by refugee families in the country.

So… what are you waiting for? If you’re in Germany, get your postcards and stamps ready for December! The more cards you send, the more you’ll contribute — and the more chances you’ll have of winning a voucher, stamps or one of those nifty messenger bags! 😍


P.S. – As always, we respect your personal information and will not share it with any company without your explicit permission. The full details of this campaign can be read here (German only).

44 comments so far

huggy41, Australia
great idea good luck with your fund raising come on you great German post crossers get posting
kissyberlin, Germany
Ah great! So I will wait with requesting new addresses until December :-)
Kasimir2007, Germany
i will sent as many postcards as possible. Good to know so I will pick up addresses on thursday and the following days and sent them - possibly - around the world in the hope as many of them as possible will be registered by the end of february.
Bille, Germany
This year we set a new record. Maybe 10000€ ? Yes, we can!
Starsister, Germany
I'm in on it!!! Ich bin dabei!!!
siobhan, Germany
I was hoping the campaing would be on again this year as well. :) So in a way it's a good thing I'm busy now and have to wait until next week to draw new addresses, because then they'll all count towards Stifung Lesen. I'll try to have all my 100 possible cards travelling at the same time again. :D
Geminiscp, Portugal
I wish more post offices do this! Congratulations Germany again!!! :)
Sommersprossen, Germany
Love it!!! Trying to send as many cards as I can!
Nammak, Netherlands
What a nice project!
Broe, Germany
Great! I was hoping that this project is on this year as well - I was waiting with drawing new addresses and now I know that I can send out more postcards soon :)
marica_t, United States of America
Awesome! I can't wait to hopefully get a bunch of German postcards! :D
PilotOne, Portugal
This is really a great project!
Would be nice to see campaigns like this one extended to other Post Offices around the world!
mikeyz1, United States of America
Wonderful idea!!! Germans--step it up even another level! <3
MeggieW, Australia
What a great idea. A shame Australia Post does not get involved in something like this.
paleon, Spain
cekst13, United States of America
So heart warming!

How did this come about? Did the post office contact postcrossing? or did a PC'er reach out the post office? Can we PC'ers reach out to our respective post offices to see if they'd be willing to do something similar?
meiadeleite, Portugal
@cekst13 Deutsche Post came up with the idea some years ago, and worked with Postcrossing to find a suitable format for it. It's been wonderful so far!

Postcrossers can help raise awareness about Postcrossing to their country's postal operator, as many haven't heard about the project yet. Get in touch with them, introduce Postcrossing — and if they reply, ask them to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to discuss these and other partnerships with them! :)
Antje321, Germany
Oh yeah - sittin´ here with new pens, lots of stamps and a big box full of Christmas Postcards waiting for December ;-)
miwi2, Germany
The faster our postcards will get registered the more we will send;-)
gagema, Germany
Yes! I have waited impatiently for this blog! I have saved my requests for a new address just for this project.
MagiaHobbs, Germany
Didn't write much recently to have some open addresses in December.
KONSUE, Germany
I also write and hope they are registered in time , nice project .
01.12.2016 konsue
EngelDD, Germany
Will do my best... ;o)
Linus58, Germany
Hurray! Here we go again!
Nichtsnutz, Germany
Let's do it again!
Lorelai, Germany
Waiting for this project every december... but where is our German Postcrossing-Stamp?
crazyaboutpostcard, Canada
I wish Canada Post has the same program.
barbpl, Germany
Have mailed 6 postcards today! So keep a look out and don't forget to register!
muhmachtdiekuh, Germany
Yeah! I´ll write as many postcards as possible! ♥
Postcrossers, "stay tuned" for German cards and please register them immediately :-)
Wanxin, Taiwan
What a great idea!
royfeehily, China
Great Job! Sadly I'm not in German, hope I can get there two years later.
jeroenvberlo, Netherlands
Good writing German postcrossers. Great project.
Loli-ts, Spain
What a fair idea. (Anyway... the stamp is the photo is from the Bristish Post not Deutsche Post!).
Bille, Germany
Ana, when will we get informations about the quantity of cards that are on the way or that are registered?
Maybe you will give us a little update on and off in this forum thread? :-)
Thank you ♥
kermit, Germany
nice idea!
ladyone, Germany
I really like this. And we do it again but why we don't get a german postcrossing stamp? :(
meiadeleite, Portugal
@-Bille- sure! :)
Cookie4ddict, Germany
Nahh... I want to send postcards but I'm still waiting for the ones from november to finally arrive. That's so frustrating 😖
_samy_, India
im not from germany....
but i appreciate the people for the innovative idea...
too bad we cant help:(
btw is it valid if we send TO germany
if so...i request postcrossing to give germany postcrossers addresses so we can contribute to the cause too:)
meiadeleite, Portugal
@samyuktha I'm afraid that's not how it works...
reiselustig, Germany
Half of december has gone - but I am still writing a lot and happy about every postcard which is registerd soon! I agree with some of the others: Do you from postcrossing know, why we don't have a postcrossing stamp in Germany??? I would love it (especially because there is not much choice with the 90 cent stamps)
Hope we will reach 10000,- € - I will do my best!
meiadeleite, Portugal
@reselustig That's great to hear and we're keeping our fingers crossed for that big milestone! :)

We don't know exactly why there isn't a German Postcrossing stamp... it certainly isn't for lack of trying from both the Postcrossing community and Deutsche Post! Sadly, the German Finance Ministry is known to be quite conservative in their approach to issuing stamps and the current committee seems to prefer castles and flowers themes to featuring an organisation like Postcrossing. :(
Tabatta, Germany
Hello, i found this on the Profile of a german postcrossser: " Please Support our aim to get a german Postcrossing stamp in 2018 and write a postcard with : "Please publish a German Postcrossing stamp in 2018" to:
Bundesministerium der Finanzen
Ref. Briefmarken
Wilhelmstraße 97
10117 Berlin

Maybe it works! Let's send postcards!
Happy New Year!!
Bille, Germany
In 2018 we don't get a postcrossing stamp. but maybe in 2019?

Please read her:



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